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variations in sizes

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cookiesandcream Thu 23-Aug-07 10:08:29

What shops have you noticed have bigger/smaller sizes iykwim.
For example I fit into Next size 12 jeans and combats but struggle to get into size 12 stuff other places.

littleboo Thu 23-Aug-07 11:19:08

This drives me mad as well.
The thing is, even the sizes from the same shops seem to differ sometimes, you can even try on 2 of the same things and only fit in one despite them supposedly being the same size.
River island and topshop are all small, so are zara,H'M and warehouse.
Places like next, m&s, are all more generous.
I really wish it was all standardized so you could just go in and pick it up.

Nbg Thu 23-Aug-07 11:22:05

I know its maternity wear but I have 2 pairs of jeans from Next, both size 10. One pair I have to wear a belt with, the others fit perfectly!

Nymphadora Thu 23-Aug-07 11:25:01

Monsoon dresses the other day, size 12 wouldn't fasten and size 14 fell off

Jeans are a nightmare for me atm as am between some size 14s all falling off and some won't fasten.I am having to try everything I buy on and I hate trying clothes on in the shop

cardy Thu 23-Aug-07 11:25:44

Isn't there some new legislation coming in which aims to standardize a sizes using the european system i.e. 34, 36, 38.

I think it's a marketing ploy - if you fit into a smaller size you're more likely to but it.

Mercy Thu 23-Aug-07 11:42:30

This annoys me too. One recent example I came across was a link to Great Plains which someone did here.

Their size 8 clothes have a 36" inch hip measurement

maximummummy Fri 24-Aug-07 00:49:11

NEXT MONSOON and DOROTHY PERKINS seem to be more generously sized

KerryJ Thu 30-Aug-07 21:09:35

Agree with that - have to buy size 6 trousers in Next now, whereas in most other shops I'm a 10!! Go figure.

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