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What can I do 48-year-old puffy under eyes?

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AnuvvaMuvva Mon 02-Dec-19 16:57:36

They just look so old! They're not big bags, just the puffiness under the middle of each eye that you notice when you turn your head. I never had bags before, so I don't know what to do.

Any products that actually work?! Thanks.

AnuvvaMuvva Tue 03-Dec-19 08:47:08


I've just woken up and they're awful. I get loads of sleep, and I've never had eye bags before, so is this just an age thing? ☹️

RonaldMcDonald Tue 03-Dec-19 08:58:22

Cold teaspoons, cold eye packs from fridge
Make sure you aren’t using products that migrate and cause puffiness
Can do a drainage type massage

MoltonSilver Tue 03-Dec-19 10:14:36

Look at where you could improve your diet and see if it makes a difference. Wine and sugary foods cause puffy eyes for me. Some people say salt.

MoltonSilver Tue 03-Dec-19 10:15:53

Or you could have a sinus infection brewing.

SpamChaudFroid Tue 03-Dec-19 10:22:16

Do you drink alcohol? I found cutting that out completely and drinking lots of water makes a big difference to puffy eyes.

Sadly it's also the effects of gravity, they once would have been little fat pads filling out the under-eye area and they slip downwards.

AnuvvaMuvva Tue 03-Dec-19 10:30:43

Thank you everyone!

I don't drink alcohol at all. But I also don't drink much water... I will drink more of that and see if it helps.

I tried the cold spoons - nothing. I do wonder if other products are leaking into the area as I do use more moisturiser now I'm older. I'll only use eye cream now, not slap everything everywhere. 😆

The gravity thing makes sense. ☹️

Karmatime Thu 05-Dec-19 06:32:14

The Inkey List Caffeine eye cream is good for puffiness. Mine puff up occasionally and this takes it down overnight. I don’t know if it would work as well if you’re permanently puffy but it’s pretty reasonable, about 8 quid so worth a try?

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