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Foundation help!

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shrumps Mon 02-Dec-19 08:36:35

I was not be blessed with good skin - spots as a teen and now in my 40s, rosacea (more red than bumpy so far) with very dry cheeks.

I use Dermalogica cleanser and toner, and simple moisturiser, all of which help a bit , but I have yet to find a foundation that covers, but isn't like paste, and just makes me look a bit dull and flakey.

Currently using Bare Minerals, having moved from Double Wear because it just looked caked on for me.

Anyone got any recommendations? Don't mind price as long as it looks good! TIA.

LimaOscarLima Mon 02-Dec-19 09:27:50

I get dry skin and now use boots no7 hydraluminous foundation, I've tried so many different foundations which all end up looking dry and cakey but the hydraluminous foundation is amazing.

MrsPerfect12 Mon 02-Dec-19 12:38:59

Have you tried double wear light? Maybe get a sample to see what you think.

shrumps Mon 02-Dec-19 16:44:18

Haven't heard of hydroluminous, I'll go and get samples and try them -thanks both!

Badtasteflump Mon 02-Dec-19 16:47:27

I also use double wear light. I had to go down a shade (ie slightly darker) than my usual double wear shade as apparently the shades come up a bit lighter. Really nice formulation though.

MustardScreams Mon 02-Dec-19 16:51:51

Another No7 Hydraluminous fan here! It really is the best foundation I’ve ever used. Dewy, but can be set with powder alto not be shiny, moisturises, looks great all day. I don’t think I’ll ever use another foundation.

HumousWhereTheHeartIs Mon 02-Dec-19 16:55:55

My mum had roseacea and she swears by Bare Minerals or Clinique Even Better make up

Aquamarine1029 Mon 02-Dec-19 16:57:58

I love The Ordinary foundation. They have a Serum formula which is lighter, and a full coverage formula called Coverage. I use the Serum formula the most, but I will use the Coverage formula as well if certain areas need a bit more help. The price is amazing which is another bonus.

DementedO1 Mon 02-Dec-19 17:00:42

Came on to recommend the No7 hydraluminous but can see a couple have beaten me to it. It's wonderful, medium to full coverage, nice and brightening, and a dewy glow. They also do a lovely under eye concealer in the range.

soloula Mon 02-Dec-19 17:04:05

I love Armani luxurious silk foundation. Great coverage but not cakey.

Beautifullymixed Mon 02-Dec-19 17:57:36

Another rosacea sufferer that loves no7 hydraluminous foundation. smile
It covers redness beautifully, but blends over the dry areas like a dream. No flaky areas remain, and can be set with powder too.
If I'm really dry and sore, I use an oil under it, or if I need it to be long lasting, a primer.
The concealer is fantastic too, especially for dryer areas, and does not dry out my under eyes.
My skin looks plump, smooth and hydrated.
I also love L'oreal pro glo, and Maybelline fit me dewy and smooth foundations for the same reasons, although I think the hydraluminous gives better coverage and is not so yellow as the others. I often mix these together.
It also builds wonderfully, so I can add more to my pigmentation and red areas without it ever going cakey.
Lastly - no spots or clogged pores. Yay!
I really do love this great buy, and stock up when it's on offer.
A tad overpriced would be my only gripe, but it's definitely a great foundation.

shrumps Tue 03-Dec-19 06:51:44

Thanks so much tor replies - hydroluminous is getting great reviews so definitely worth a trip to Boots at lunchtime.

CleanAndPaidFor Tue 03-Dec-19 06:54:32

Hello- another lover of No7 here too but also have you tried Soolantra cream for your rosacea? I got it from an online pharmacy and honestly it was a miracle.

professionalnomad Tue 03-Dec-19 13:56:57

Another vote for hydroluminous

I have dry skin too and it is gorgeous

shrumps Tue 03-Dec-19 17:44:10

Got some! Can't wait to try it! Many thanks

shrumps Tue 03-Dec-19 17:45:26

Cleanandpaidfor no, I haven't - thanks for the recommendation.

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