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Liberty Advent calendar 2019 Daily Thread

(221 Posts)
LEELULUMPKIN Sun 01-Dec-19 01:12:10

Hi All,
Apologies if there is another thread about this, but I couldn't find it. So I thought I would start one.
Happy to get it deleted if there is one already, if not - happy unboxing, let's hear what you think smile

TightPants Sun 01-Dec-19 01:30:35

I’ve had M&S for the past two years but have the Liberty one this year.
Can’t wait!

BloodyCats Sun 01-Dec-19 08:06:34

Are we allowed to post spoilers?
Opened mine, smells delicious and looking forward to using it later!

TerpsichoreanMuse Sun 01-Dec-19 08:20:07

Looking forward to using this one!

Chickydoo Sun 01-Dec-19 08:24:36

Does smell lovely, might save for a weekend away though.
Nice to get both in one drawer.

Pomegranatepompom Sun 01-Dec-19 08:35:13

Pleased, looking forward to trying.

LEELULUMPKIN Sun 01-Dec-19 08:52:36

With regards to spoilers, the thought seems to be on the M&S thread that anything after 07am is fine.

Ponks Sun 01-Dec-19 09:18:51

Please say what you've got so that those of us who didn't get the calendar can enjoy hearing about the products!

BloodyCats Sun 01-Dec-19 09:21:44

Looking forward to smelling like a cake grin

Not sure how long they will last on my thick hair but a nice treat all the same.

Doubleraspberry Sun 01-Dec-19 09:26:14

I open mine with the kids and they were very excited to get two things in one drawer! I like Aveda but am trying not to use shampoo (curly hair) so will wait till I travel to use these.

Writersblock2 Sun 01-Dec-19 09:40:55

I don’t have this calendar but I am interested. Great first day!

LEELULUMPKIN Sun 01-Dec-19 09:56:17

Mmmmm... I am going to smell like A bakewell Tart!

KeithPartridge Sun 01-Dec-19 10:31:19

Me too Writer. Going to follow along although I don't have it,

GinandGingerBeer Sun 01-Dec-19 10:57:48

I wasn't sure if I was getting one this year as we're tightening the purse strings but I did! gringringrin
Very pleased with the Aveda, I've always wanted to try it.
What do you all do with your empty liberty calendars?I must have about 5 up in the loft. A couple have Xmas baubles in, can't think of a use for the rest. They're too beautiful to get rid of and I'd like to keep them and use them.

GinandGingerBeer Sun 01-Dec-19 11:11:05

Also, I'm making a solemn pledge....
I GinandgingerBeer will not be saving for best/saving for holiday/saving for overnight trip/saving until I can justify using it...... etc.
I always save stuff then it just ends up in a miniatures basket along with other freebies and doesn't get used or I'm not sure how to use it as the cards in the calendar still!
So there it is in writing!
It's gonna kill me using that aveda instead of saving for a weekend away where I'll forget to take it anyway grin

LEELULUMPKIN Sun 01-Dec-19 11:13:25

If you could bear to part with them and want to make a bit of extra cash Gina, you could sell them on Ebay.

eatsleepmoverepeat Sun 01-Dec-19 11:38:33

I don’t have this one but I really wanted it so will be living vicariously through you lot.

I have the body wash from today’s range and it’s gorgeous!

Wolfcub Sun 01-Dec-19 11:41:25

Very pleased with my day one l'occitane calendar (the bigger one). I'm away for a couple of days so I think I might save tomorrow's to open on Tuesday and have double-bubble

Wolfcub Sun 01-Dec-19 11:42:41

Totally posted on the wrong thread there

GinandGingerBeer Sun 01-Dec-19 11:53:20

Yes, could sell, but that would involve being organised! grin
Probably missed the boat for that one this year, might sell them next November!

BloodyCats Sun 01-Dec-19 13:16:15

I’ve got 4 sat up in my wardrobe, every year I think I must sell them and then completely forget.

I’ve made a point of not snooping on the contents this year so looking forward to surprises. I hope Votary makes an appearance.

BloodyCats Sun 01-Dec-19 13:17:20

Good point Gin. I will do the same! No point getting such a lovely treat for it to sit gathering dust.

LEELULUMPKIN Sun 01-Dec-19 13:28:29

Empty boxes were selling a while ago for £25-30. Also if you re-filled it with products you won't use you would get even more for them.

That is what I am planning on doing next year. Even if they don't sell I will use them as Christmas Gifts, thus saving that way.

Keepsmiling1 Sun 01-Dec-19 14:25:24

I will also be following this thread! Couldn't afford the price tag but may consider next year if it's good!

AesopsMables Sun 01-Dec-19 16:46:45

Marking place, v happy with Aveda shampoo/conditioner today. Smells divine

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