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ok older mners. ( late 30's/40) ... where do you go to buy your clothes

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littleboo Mon 20-Aug-07 15:12:30

is it just me or does anyone else have a real dilema when chosing clothes. Some shops are a definate no no .... too young, others ok with a mix of styles, but I just don't feel i'm ready to go down the crimplene suit route yet.....???

Fimbo Mon 20-Aug-07 15:16:02

Gap, Zara, Kew, basic jeans from Next.

I don't do place like Jane Norman, Dorothy Perkins or <<<<shudders>>> New Look (although a lot of people like their shoes!).

tracyk Mon 20-Aug-07 15:17:35

Dilemma here too.
Can't wait for the autumn stuff to appear - seems high waists are back - thank god. Holds tummies in so much better.

AttilaTheMum Mon 20-Aug-07 15:19:59

Love your definition of 'older MNer'
What does that make me? (51 this month, and believe me, I will never be 'going down the crimpelene suit route'

mumblechum Mon 20-Aug-07 15:25:01

Next, Karen Millen, East, Monsoon and M&S.

I just got fed up of teenage stuff in horrible fabrics in places like Top Shop, Miss Selfridge etc.

mosschops30 Mon 20-Aug-07 15:26:19

Love Next for jeans
Oasis/TopShop etc for basic vests and stuff (some nice trousers in Oasis)
New Look for shoes, lovely
Warehouse (not so slutty)

PigeonPie Mon 20-Aug-07 15:36:20

You should try being late 30s, pg and just under 5 foot! I've got a real dilemma as to where to find stuff atm!

florenceuk Mon 20-Aug-07 15:50:14

Err I'm 41 - does this make me a senior citizen? I shop at Gap, Zara, Hennes, Jigsaw, Kew, Topshop, Boden, and the occasional thing from Oasis, Monsoon, LK Bennett (one suit - on recommendation of Mumsnetters). Have lately found some nice work clothes in Cos and Massimo Dutti but I ithink they're a bit specfic to London. The main thing that links these shops is that they're either local to me or near work (or available online) - the thing that restricts me is time to shop. And they're not too expensive, but they're not Primark either. I don't really fit Next and never find anything in my size in M&S. Occasionally look in New Look/DP/French Connection/Bennetton. Have never bought anything from River Island! I think the trick is not to go too young (some things only look good on those slim of thigh and flat of tummy). I'm also a sucker for a nice cardy (have far too many cardies and never the right one to wear with anything so am always on the look out).

There have been a few articles in the papers on this of late urging us to avoid cheap shops and dress in investment clothing (I think this is meant to mean something from netaporter - rather than my budget). But obviously there is a middle ground.

For the record I did buy a few too many smocks this year, but will offload them come winter very lightly worn (maybe this should go on the giveaway thread).

OhNo40 Mon 20-Aug-07 15:57:12

I was out looking for trousers to wear to work on Saturday and looked in M&S, Principles and Debenhams having already tried Next a few weeks ago. I've decided I won't be buying any this year because I hate bootleg cut and can't find anything else, except in jeans which I already have plenty of.
I'm not trendy enough for most shops (though will never go the crimplene/nylon route) and I also expect clothes to last more than one season so there is no point in buying this year's high fashion as I will stand out a mile next year when I'm still wearing this year's clothes.

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:00:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:01:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cardy Mon 20-Aug-07 16:02:43

oasis, topshop, warehouse, french connection (although usually in the sale), M&S limited collection, occasionally next and Kew (for work). For casual days - fat face, gap, white stuff. I have bought shoes from New Look and the occasional smock from primark.

never boden (only dds).

cardy Mon 20-Aug-07 16:04:21

Oh, forgot lots from H&M and some Zara. Never found much in Mango

margoandjerry Mon 20-Aug-07 16:05:03

Hobbs, M&S Limited Collection, Monsoon, Jiggy,

Also Debenhams and House of Fraser. Like the latter for Coast, Fenn Wright Manson, Great Plains, Nougat.

And the late lamented Dickens and Jones

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:06:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Isababel Mon 20-Aug-07 16:09:44

Older mumsneter at 30-40s????

I would have thought that some of the most prolific posters in the style topic were within that age range. Before then, you can hardly afford good clothes

mslucy Mon 20-Aug-07 16:15:04

I'm 37 and today I am wearing

shirt from river Island (2 years ago)
vest from charity shop
skirt from charity shop
leggings from ebay

favourites include New Look, Peacocks, Monsoon (for posh), Warehouse and any small quirky shops where they sell fun stuff.

Too mean to buy expensive clothes and see nothing wrong in wearing stuff aimed for the young - as long as you don't go for crop tops/minis.


Isababel Mon 20-Aug-07 16:17:31

Happy Bithday!

Dior Mon 20-Aug-07 16:18:37

Message withdrawn

Dior Mon 20-Aug-07 16:19:56

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Mon 20-Aug-07 16:23:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tups Mon 20-Aug-07 16:24:08

I'm 35 - doe sthat count as an older mother?
Although I feel 15!

Next - armarni (no I'm not a designer snob!) - shoes, Patrick Cox (gorgeous, bit different)... urm, can't think of any more at the moment.
My other half reckons I'm trying to cling on to my youth - I wouldn't mind but I think I onlt bought a hooded body warmer thingy last year as I couldn't find a decent coat that didn't make me look 60!

scattyspice Mon 20-Aug-07 16:25:38

Next mainly.
Also Oasis.

Discovered whitestuff on holiday in Keswick (v nice).

Matalan is good if you choose carefully (as is TKMax).

Clary Mon 20-Aug-07 16:26:18

Oh yes ok
Today I am 43 (heck!) and am wearing
Charles Tywhirt ladies stripey shirt (bright colours, in sale)
pale fawn tailored trews (M&S discouted at school fashion show)
Sole pair of smart shoes - high heeled and point toed from local indie shoe shop sale
(theme emerges here...)
Undies - M&S knicks and Fantasie expensive bra.

Think you got me on a good day!

collision Mon 20-Aug-07 16:26:25

I am 36 and today I am wearing

M&S underwear
Next navy jeans
Bright blue NEXT stripey top with white vest underneath
Black NEXT flat shoes

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