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These M&S boots?

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MrsHoneybadger Wed 13-Nov-19 19:46:36

I can't decide if these are stylish or not? I am a pretty young looking 39 year old, and want something I can wear with skinny jeans and skirts for smart casual at work and at the weekend. I am specifically looking for non-leather boots so these got a tick.

Itsashame Wed 13-Nov-19 19:48:34

I don’t think so, sorry. They look very safe and don’t really commit to a look if you know what I mean

HeronLanyon Wed 13-Nov-19 19:51:33

They are pretty bland but most of us need plenty of bland things in our wardrobe. Not objectionable (although I personally do not like the heel one little bit). Wouldn’t even notice the heel if someone was wearing them though.

Bluntness100 Wed 13-Nov-19 19:51:35

I think they are quite nice, would work well with skinny jeans, I'd not wear them with skirts though, Would be a bit frumpy.

SpinySue Wed 13-Nov-19 19:59:14

I think the are quite 'fashionable' at the moment, asos is full of similar ones. But also they do look a bit frumpy but that's because frumpy and clunky is 'in' just now.

My mum has referred o a few people recently as 'a poor looking soul' not realising that they are on the cutting edge of trend, their clothes are band new and they have spent a lot to look to look that way!

NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 Wed 13-Nov-19 20:09:51

Both classic and stylish although not with skirts.

MrsHoneybadger Wed 13-Nov-19 20:28:38

Hmmmm... maybe I will keep looking! grin

OldGrinch Wed 13-Nov-19 20:33:27

I think they are quite frumpy looking but can't quite work out why, maybe the heel. I think you could find something similar but more stylish.

Chefwifelife Wed 13-Nov-19 20:35:59

I'm torn. I think others are right it's the heel. Maybe something a little higher up the ankle. Mind you, go with what you like. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks wink

MrsHoneybadger Wed 13-Nov-19 20:48:26

I am after black boots, preferably non-leather (I prefer the look and feel of leather but am trying to stay true to my vegan ethics), need to come in a 4.5 size, and comfortable enough to wear all day. I want to wear them with skinnies and knee length swing dresses and midi dresses. Not sure where to begin confused if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears!

MrsHoneybadger Wed 13-Nov-19 21:11:30

How about these New Look ones? Not in a half size but I can use insoles if need be:

fantasmasgoria1 Wed 13-Nov-19 21:20:10

Smart for work but sorry to say boring and bland for out of work. But then again I wear outlandish footwear so what do I know!!!

MrsHoneybadger Wed 13-Nov-19 21:22:39

I've definitely discounted the M&S ones and am tempted by the chunkier New Look ones.

Ineedanamechange79 Wed 13-Nov-19 21:24:40

Tesco might be worth a look. I got some fab ones in there last year.

New look shoes are terrible quality in my experience.

Widowodiw Wed 13-Nov-19 21:25:15

I’m sorry but these are boring as hell. A safe choice but perhaps that what you want. If you want to wear with skirts though I’d consider something with more panache.

Anoisagusaris Wed 13-Nov-19 21:29:10

New Look ones are rotten. M&S ones are fine, perfectly functional and inoffensive for every day wear.

Anoisagusaris Wed 13-Nov-19 21:35:19

I got a pair of flat black suede boots in New Look last year and they were so comfy.

Ugzbugz Thu 14-Nov-19 08:18:43

Try asos, I'm not overly keen on these, it's the toe bit and stitch down the front

raspberryk Thu 14-Nov-19 08:44:48

Heavenly feet have some IMO cool boots, they are also vegan.

MikeUniformMike Thu 14-Nov-19 08:45:01


Zaphodsotherhead Thu 14-Nov-19 08:46:15

I wear ordinary jodphur boots with everything. They are comfortable, go with dresses or jeans and I can ride a horse in them.

Win win.

oldmum22 Thu 14-Nov-19 08:47:28

My Mum in her 80s would wear the M&s ones , I just don't like the style ,some would say classic others would say frumpy . Sorry

IWantADifferentName Thu 14-Nov-19 08:48:07

1. The heel is a bit splayed and ‘off’.
2. Boycott M&S because they have no respect for their core customers.

Catsandchardonnay Thu 14-Nov-19 09:01:01

Umm if you like them what does anyone else’s opinion matter? Come on OP, you’re a big girl now, you can decide on your own style! (I like them by the way but that’s irrelevant)

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 14-Nov-19 09:01:40

The New Look ones are nicer. I’m boycotting M&S anyway and you were right to discard them. They’re not nice.

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