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What do you have on your bathroom walls?

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Dingle Sun 19-Aug-07 07:28:34

Please help us decide what tiling to get.

We are in the middle of our extension and trying to budget our tiles. We thought we had decided then worked out they would cost us about £800 just for the tiles, so it's back to the drawing board.

So what do you have on your bathroom walls please?

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:32:12

we have tiles- but they were in when we moved in
if we redid it, I think we would tile the whole bath area to the ceiling and beside the sink but would plaster everywhere else

Dingle Sun 19-Aug-07 07:40:44

What sort of tiles would you go for?

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:41:36

well we have stadrad sized ones at the minute but our neighbour has just done hers out in massive big tiles - kind of a stone colour - and it looks really good

Blackduck Sun 19-Aug-07 07:42:50

Tiled half way up the wall - all the way round (prety much) - kitchen/bathroom paint above - but tiles were there when we moved in...

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:42:55

any inspiration here?
only just found the site yesterday so not sure how good it is

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:45:32


Dingle Sun 19-Aug-07 07:46:55

we were going for something like this " here"

The tiles, not the funky hand basin!

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:47:27

these are the tiles I meant

although PILS have got mosaic sized tiles (one big tile but with tiny mosaic sized one on it). They look nice too

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:47:53

aha - they are like PILs

Dingle Sun 19-Aug-07 07:50:32

LOL Popsy, just viewed that picture in the link you gave!!

popsycal Sun 19-Aug-07 07:56:32

are you doing the whole bathroom then?

ChasingSquirrels Sun 19-Aug-07 08:01:23

my mum and dad had their bathroom done a couple of years ago, they were going to have it fully tiled and the bloke who did it said that it is better to only have it half tiled because fully tiled there is nowhere for the moisture to escape to.

Dingle Sun 19-Aug-07 08:07:24

WEll, the extension isn't finished yet (starting the roof this week hopefully!!! ) so it is really hard to visualise.

BUT we imagine the room to be about 2.3 wide x 3 mtr long. We are having a shower cubicle (so as DD gets older I am not having to lift her in and out the bath- she has SN) which I imagine fully tiled. We are having a sort of built in bath, with tiles around the frame IYKWIM and I pictured that area to be tiled to the ceiling too. In between the shower and the bath will be the hand basin, so that will need some tiling, but not sure of design yet!

Pannacotta Sun 19-Aug-07 15:54:25

We have large matt white tiles, less grout than with small tiles so easier to keep clean (in theory) and fewer lines makes the room appear larger. They look good. Also like large limstone effect tiles, bit softer colourwise than white.

Ceolas Sun 19-Aug-07 16:02:30

We have rectangular stone coloured tiles, quite big (about 12x8 ins) with a border of smaller tiles (about 2x2 ins, 2 deep) in different shades of brown.

newgirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:21:33

ive gone for plaster walls painted in white bathroom paint. the only tiles are behind the basin and inside the shower

i think it helps to make it look spacious

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