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anyone know what a fascinator is ?

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MaryAnnSingleton Sat 18-Aug-07 18:28:54

my SIL has gone out to buy one for a wedding - apparently they are hats - never heard of them

NAB3 Sat 18-Aug-07 18:29:11

A hair piece.

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Sat 18-Aug-07 18:29:39

are those thingies that look like feathers that women use for the races?

Trinityrhino Sat 18-Aug-07 18:29:41

its those weird half a hat thing you ercxh on the top of your head
they are ugly

Pixiefish Sat 18-Aug-07 18:29:48

no but I know what a fastenater is :0

fryalot Sat 18-Aug-07 18:29:54

is it one of those toupee things that you can't stop staring at to see if it moves? ie: everyone is fascinated by it

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 18-Aug-07 18:30:25

things on a hairband then,like feathers and whatnot ?

mabelmurple Sat 18-Aug-07 18:30:38

They are hats for people who don't like to wear hats - a few flowers, some spikey bits to add texture, maybe a bead or two, and there you have it.

Pixiefish Sat 18-Aug-07 18:31:08

Still prefer a fastenater

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 18-Aug-07 18:31:56

pixie - what's a fastenater then ?

mabelmurple Sat 18-Aug-07 18:33:09

like this

Fauve Sat 18-Aug-07 18:33:14

I like the idea of ercxhing something to the top of your head.

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 18-Aug-07 18:34:08

probably wouldn't muss your hair up like a hat would

Pixiefish Sat 18-Aug-07 18:35:10

it's a large stapler that I use when I craft have a look down this page

ChippyMinton Sat 18-Aug-07 18:35:15



WanderingTrolley Sat 18-Aug-07 18:35:15

Isn't it this?

<shows age>

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 18-Aug-07 18:37:06

ha ha wandering !!
those M&S ones are mad !
Love the pink stapler pixie - would look very fetching !

Trinityrhino Sat 18-Aug-07 18:55:27

fauve lol
you knew what I meant

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