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Teeth straightening

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threesecrets Fri 08-Nov-19 20:44:40

I've been self conscious about my smile for a long time and I've now got enough money to fix it and I'm ready to go for it I think! I found a dentist and emailed them tonight so hopefully I will be making starting the process soon. I think my teeth are too bad to have the invisible braces but I don't mind as I want results. Is anyone brave enough to post a genuine before/during/after picture and tell me what it's actually like before I commit! There Are loads on google but it's hard to know if they are real and I just want some morale support really!

threesecrets Fri 08-Nov-19 20:58:06

Also, would you get your teeth whitened before or after the braces?

HeatedDryer Fri 08-Nov-19 21:08:08

Hi, I had my teeth straightened with Invisalign, I'm really pleased with the result but to be honest I wish I had just had regular metal braces. Invisalign aren't really invisible as you have little attachments on your teeth and corresponding bumps in the braces. Also they fill up with saliva which is gross🤢
Here's my before pic, I'll try and find an after.

Kitkatfordinner Fri 08-Nov-19 21:09:28

There is another thread on this right now. I will try to link it for you.
I am almost done with my brace and will be having whitening treatment afterwards.

Kitkatfordinner Fri 08-Nov-19 21:10:32 Here it is.

HeatedDryer Fri 08-Nov-19 21:10:35

HeatedDryer Fri 08-Nov-19 21:12:03

Oh bum it won't let me post my after pic

HeatedDryer Fri 08-Nov-19 21:12:52

Here we go

threesecrets Sat 09-Nov-19 10:19:42

Thank you. @HeatedDryer your before pic really doesn't look that bad! I hate the colour and sticky o it ness of mine. I think I will need the full metal braces. Thanks for the link to e other thread. I will follow that now.

MrsEricBana Sat 09-Nov-19 10:25:46

One thing to add, my dd has metal braces (yes you can see them but sparkly and silvery, she keeps them clean, looks like self improvement), my adult friend went for cream coloured braces which are supposedly less visible (and more expensive) but I think it looks her teeth are full of porridge until you get closer! If it was me I'd just go for the metal ones, loads of adults have it done now. Hooray you get good results!

MrsEricBana Sat 09-Nov-19 10:26:01


Kitkatfordinner Sat 09-Nov-19 13:51:47

I have the white braces but would definitely go for the metal ones if I knew what I know now. I have to avoid certain foods and drinks as they stain the bands. This includes curry, red wine, tea and coffee 😓 I feel it's an added hassle which you won't have if you have the metal braces. You can tell I'm wearing braces too so the colour is irrelevant. I've only had positive comments on my braces.

nevernotstruggling Sat 09-Nov-19 15:42:33

@HeatedDryer wow!!!!! Your teeth look ama I gp now x

nevernotstruggling Sat 09-Nov-19 15:42:48

@HeatedDryer amazing even!!

HeatedDryer Sat 09-Nov-19 21:15:30

Thanks I am really happy with them, just glad the braces stage is over!

undomesticgodde55 Sat 09-Nov-19 21:42:42

These are my after results from the standard braces. I had clear brackets so you could only see a thin wire over my teeth.

I would highly recommend going for the train tracks over Invisalign, my friend currently has the Invisalign and she still has the same brackets on her teeth but without the wire as they hold the retainer in place. She gets fed up taking them in and out all the time where I didn't have that option (or the temptation to take them out for a night out).

Honestly it was the best money I have ever spent. I have a fixed retainer on my bottom teeth and I still wear my retainers at night 2 years later to keep them straight.

threesecrets Mon 11-Nov-19 20:41:23

And if you have braces, rather than invisalign, how often do you need to go to the dentist to have them tightened?

Kitkatfordinner Mon 11-Nov-19 22:01:32

I had the wires changed on my braces every six weeks.

threesecrets Tue 12-Nov-19 18:42:04

Thanks @Kitkatfordinner
That's not too bad.

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