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Shiny hair without grease - possible or nah?

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jent85 Fri 08-Nov-19 17:11:04

I'm newly brunette after a decade peroxide blonde. Love the colour but find it can look dull. I've tried John Freida shine spray but it just seems to make my hair greasy and lank.

Has anyone any tried and tested sprays/products for shiny healthy looking hair pretty please? X

GrapefruitGin Sat 09-Nov-19 11:04:21

What about implementing a good conditioning treatment into your routine? Once or twice a week. I recommend the garnier hair food (I think it’s called!?) smell delicious and leave your hair feeling lovely as well as looking very healthy and shiny.

Rivergreen Sat 09-Nov-19 11:11:06

Why does your hair look dull? Is it just dry and lacks condition? Or is it a frizzy texture (which could also be because it's dry, but also hair texture)? Or dulled by too much product (also could coincide with lank and greasy)

I'd use the correct shampoo and conditioner products for your hair type and a weekly conditioning treatment if required. I also use the Garnier hair food recommended above.

Glitterb Sat 09-Nov-19 16:58:30

Dont use the shine spray near your roots, I’ve done this before and had to wash my hair again as it looked so greasy! Again with oil, i can only use on the ends.

I like the John Freida brilliant brunette range, also blow drying always works well with mine!

cardoon Sat 09-Nov-19 17:56:14

I spray nuxe oil on my hands and then wipe over my hair - amazing shine!

jent85 Sat 09-Nov-19 20:31:55

Ah thanks for your responses!

So, I think my hair is a bit damaged due to intensive colouring for years. Plus, it's naturally greasy anyway and I probably don't
Look after it the way I should - dry shampoo is my friend.

I'll def try those suggestions - it always looks so shiny after the hairdressers but not so much the day after x

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