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What would you wear to a garden party that is now going to be an indoor drinks party in the day?

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used2bthin Sat 18-Aug-07 15:41:55

Its tommorrow, its for my freind who is going away, DD will be there for 1st bit then is going with my parents to their house till I get back. Really wanted a dress or something pretty but don't want to be over dressed.

NAB3 Sat 18-Aug-07 16:05:57

If you want to wear a dress, wear a dress. Have a good time.

used2bthin Sat 18-Aug-07 18:48:53

Thanks, haven't actually got a dress mind you! Anyone seen any nice ones about? Also going out for my birthday next weekend and would like something I could wear out into town too. Dress up for town, down for gardeen/drinks party sort of thing. Don't mind spending up to £100ish if it's something I can wear a lot cos will probably get some birthday money

dinny Sat 18-Aug-07 19:04:06

Cath Kidson does lovely dresses

used2bthin Sat 18-Aug-07 22:24:14

Thanks Dinny, I fear I am too lumpy for those ones as am very pear shaped, they are pretty though(I may well be tempted by something else on the site too...)

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