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Christmas princessing 2019

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actionpacked Tue 29-Oct-19 12:18:58

I seem to remember maybe last year a thread in the run up to Christmas called Christmas Princessing. Is there one running this year? Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the direction of it please as I can’t find this year’s via search blush

humanfemale Tue 29-Oct-19 19:56:59

I'll join you! I'm aiming to:

- Get to the gym 3 times a week and tone up my upper arms
- Sort out my very dry hair
- Just have better hair in general!
- Cut down on sugar
- Drink some more water
- Rapidlash
- Tooth whitening

humanfemale Tue 29-Oct-19 19:57:20

I'll probably chime in with more later...

Karcheer Tue 29-Oct-19 21:36:22

Thank you for setting this up.
I’m in.

I’ve started using a bha, had everything waxed inc eyebrows today and had my hair cut and highlighted today.

Will add in more...

gognok Tue 29-Oct-19 21:39:18

Yes great thread. I have so many but mainly to look less old, to include eating and drinking better

Aderyn19 Tue 29-Oct-19 22:20:42

I'm looking very fat - my DD says I'm getting a double chin (with all the tact of a 12 year old!) so my plan is to eat less sugar and more healthy food.
Also to keep taking iron tablets and vitamins - I start off well and then forget. Am hoping this will lead to nicer hair.
Will make an appt to get my highlights done in the next month.
Am being very good about getting eyebrows threaded and doing my nails, epilating and moisturising.

actionpacked Wed 30-Oct-19 09:04:09

Oh I’m glad I’m not alone!

Hi everyone! Some great lists. I’ve chosen 5 things to focus on and I’m aiming for:

- drink more water (or just some water as currently drink almost none and I’ve found this to be make a big difference to how I look and feel)

- sensible skincare routine (currently just grab whatever’s in the bathroom and don’t always moisturise - this goes for face and body!)

- try and get outside in fresh air for at least 30 minutes a day (I drive everywhere, even when I could walk blush )

- eat better instead of grabbing a biscuit

- make and keep appointments for hair, brows and nails (I’m not too bad with this one but do sometimes let it slide)

I know I said 5 things but the other thing I’m going to try to do is have a set day when I spend an hour locked away in the bathroom - face mask, toenails painted, fake tan on etc. I’m going to set Sunday evening aside for this but can’t promise that I’ll stick to this one grin

Exactly 8 weeks today is Christmas Day so if all goes to plan I SHOULD look semi human grin

Gilbert82 Wed 30-Oct-19 09:18:38

I’ll join you!
Good idea choosing 5 things to focus on, I tend to get overwhelmed and and end up not doing anything because I can’t do everything! So my 5 things will be:

- Drink more water and eat sensibly (ideally I’d like to lose a few pounds by not eating so much junk)
- Exercise 3 times a week (class at gym or home dvd)
- Weekly face mask and pamper night
- Get more sleep by going to bed earlier. I’m terrible for staying up late after my DC go to bed just aimlessly scrolling through my phone then wonder why I’m always tired!
- Take multi vitamins and iron (like PP I start off taking them daily then start forgetting to)

I have my hair and eyebrow appointments booked until Christmas already so that’s a start!

ChicCauldron Wed 30-Oct-19 09:23:21

Love these threads, may even finish one this time thlblush

Menu planning (change in DH's diet since last year has not benefitted me quite so much!)
Less time reading the internet and more time spent on other activities!

I also have hair appointments already booked for November so that is taken care of thankfully.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 30-Oct-19 10:19:51

Ooh good, new thread grin

At the moment , I am not starting from my normal level of S&B apathy , I am several levels under ( well ok, I'm at rockbottom)

I went for a lovely relaxing holiday (and did my Pre-Holiday Princessing) but ended up in hospital. So I'm post surgical, skin like paper , no hint of a tan (didn't get outside)

I did my epilating and sugarng before I went so that needs re-done
I dyed my hair before so it's 'ok'
I need a haircut ( I thought I'd do it after to remove any frazzled bits but there aren't any)

Good side:
Lost a bit of weight
I think I'm weaning myself off coffee , got into tea .I usually drink 5 cups a day but I was limited to 2 (tiny) cups . Had a massive coffee withdrawel headache for 4 days on top of everything else then got over that .
My nails are quite long but I need to cut them .

I cannot soak in the bath at the moment but once I can I plan to use the Elemis milk bath.
I'll get some Vit E for the scars

Writes list

NowWeSuckingDiesel Wed 30-Oct-19 16:30:37

I'm going to join in too. Need all the help i can get!
Hair done yesterday, colour and cut. Needs doing every 4 weeks to maintain it so going to keep that up.
Also will be booking appointments for gel polish and eyebow and eyelash dye and maintaining this too. Just need to get organised and make regular appointments, as i go too long between appointments!

ememem84 Wed 30-Oct-19 16:49:54

I’m in.

I’m currently on maternity leave back to work at the end of January. By the time I go back I want to look and feel amazing.

To achieve this I’m going to:

- up my water intake
- moisturise daily
- learn one new hairstyle. currently switch between ponytail, hair down and a scruffy “mum bun”
- make and keep appointments for nails waxing (eyebrows and bikini)
- daily multivitamin
- gym twice a week
- outside for at least an hour a day - taking Dd for a walk in the pram maybe
- hand cream and foot cream at least once a day.

Sigh81 Wed 30-Oct-19 19:38:35

I shall join you! Have had a tricky summer, personal-life-wise, and work is so hectic so looking after myself has fallen by the wayside somewhat.

I shall:

- do Pilates at least 2x a week
- cut down on the sugar (1 sugary treat a day)
- at least 30 mins walking every day
- more fruit and veg

Am pretty good on threading/hair/make-up/clothes etc but it is the rest that I need to get back to normal!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-Nov-19 17:14:31

Filed and buffed my nails - it is quite a novelty to have them grin

EmploymentIssues Fri 01-Nov-19 17:33:45

I recently lost 2 stone (put on 5 with ds and the last 2 would not shift)
I cut out sugar in tea and coffee and never eat after 7pm

I need a haircut and to get regular manicures (well I’ll prob do them at home to save money)

Need better skincare as weight loss has made my body better but my face worse 😱

AwdBovril Fri 01-Nov-19 17:40:28

I am going to:

Get back on the skincare regime
Carry on with the OMAD diet (did a day yesterday - hard but doable, I think)
Drink more water.
Am already making a big effort to go to bed earlier, & am feeling rather less tired & carby as a result.

That’s it.

MadnessInMethod Fri 01-Nov-19 18:04:45

I'm in!

* Drink more (some) water

* I'm starting Yoga on Monday, aiming for 2-3 sessions per week

* Sort our diet - I don't need to lose weight but I need to prep lunches so I eat proper food rather than cramming 2 packets of crisps and a chocolate bar in and calling that 'lunch'

* Reduce screen time after 8pm, aiming to go to bed and sleep at 10pm

* I've been taking regular multivitamins, COD liver oil and a vitamin D spray for a few months now and have noticed I have slightly more energy/less aches and pains. I'll add in a packet of Spatone every day as they've been languishing in the cupboard and will go out of date soon.

That'll do as a start, I might add more as I go along.

MadnessInMethod Fri 01-Nov-19 18:08:16

Just adding regular massage. Earlier this year I started having regular massage - once a week for 3 weeks them once a fortnight after that - and it made such a difference, I felt great. I need to make the time to do this again,

ememem84 Fri 01-Nov-19 21:47:40

Went to the gym today. Drank probably a litre and half of water (plus two g&ts a massive coffee and a tea....).

Had a massage yesterday (a present from dsis) and have nails booked on Tuesday. Will see if my lady can do my bikini and eyebrows at the same time. Booked a facial for the end of the month. Am going to have one every 3 months or so.

Multi vitamin is the easy bit.

Sleep was easy (despite having two kids - ds 2 and Dd 13 weeks - both have been sleeping through for a while) but ds has started waking at midnight screaming. Ffs.

AwdBovril Sat 02-Nov-19 06:38:37

Oh - just to add that I have kept up my habit of using my Salux cloth in the shower, but need to try to use my Korean Italy cloths more often, ideally at least once a fortnight, preferably once a week. I used to do it & the difference in my skin texture (arms & legs) was remarkable).

namechangaroonie Sat 02-Nov-19 07:50:40

I’m in! Marking place to come back with my list smile

namechangaroonie Mon 04-Nov-19 07:15:52

I still haven’t written my list, but so far I have:

Fake tanned
Painted my nails (and removed my acrylics shock)
Taken my vitamins
Food prepped healthy food for the week
Used my babyliss big hair

Oh, and opened all my M&S advent calendar in one go so I can use the goodies up grin

PersonaNonGarter Mon 04-Nov-19 08:10:58

I’m in, with jingle bells on. I really need to do this.

I’m going to try to do:

- More water, less caffeine. This is a big one for me as I drink gallons of tea and am properly addicted.
- multi-vitamins
- use fake tan once a week at least, not just buy it and leave it on the shelf
- investigate, purchase and implement a skincare regime
- Nails, hands and feet. Buff and use oils etc. I bought the MN-endorsed Essie Ballet Slippers. Again, I need to actually use it.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 04-Nov-19 10:14:19

Oh, and opened all my M&S advent calendar in one go so I can use the goodies up

fshock Naughty Step for you ! fwink

ememem84 Mon 04-Nov-19 10:59:32

Ooooh M&S advent calender. I wanted this one. Bought the soap and glory one though.

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