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Anyone had Laura Ashley home design service?

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tracyk Thu 16-Aug-07 11:39:42

Am really tempted. I love all their new cranberry coloured materials - but need confirmation what I choose is going to be the right combos.
Is it worth the money?

Moneyspider Fri 17-Aug-07 16:27:14

Yes, it was! I paid £100 for three rooms I think and the ideas she came up with there and then really suited my tastes. And she sent "mood boards" in the post to remind me! She wasn't pushy about getting me to buy either. I had the one who covers the Derbyshire area (because I, erm, live in Derbyshire...)

That said, we still have't done anything and it doesn't really seem worth it when everything's covered in crappy homemade purees

tracyk Fri 17-Aug-07 19:45:32

Thanks Moneyspider.
I've asked for the appointment - but haven't heard anything from them yet!
I'm in the Glasgow area - and according to the girl in the shop 'he puts things together that you would never have thought of' - so I'm hoping to be wowed by him!

lovey Sat 15-Sep-07 18:45:43

YES ! Absolutely gorgeous worth every single penny...realise I'm a bit late on this thread:P

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