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Opinions on engagement ring...To resize or not!!!!

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Fruity77 Mon 21-Oct-19 08:27:37

Hi there,

Just looking for opinions on my replacement engagement ring as I'm starting to obsess!!! So I'll start at the beginning, I somehow managed to take a chunk out of the diamond in my old engagement ring so luckily we had it insured and we got our our money through and we decided to put a little to it and upgrade slightly so choose my new replacement princess cut engagement ring. We have been married for 13 years and have to children so I already have my wedding and and an eternity ring.

My old engagement ring was an I 1/2, I have small fingers with bigger knuckles. My wedding ring and eternity ring are both a size J. So when ordering my new ring I ordered an I 1/2 but the problem now is that at certain points in the day it feels really quite tight and my fingers bulge a little, it's is also tight getting it on in the mornings (I take my rings off every night) but then at other times usually later in the day or when cooler it fits perfectly and even spins a little. My old ring was a different band style and slightly narrower.

So my dilemma is whether or not to go up a quarter of a size to an I 3/4 or just leave it. I know I don't want it at a J as my other 2 rings are a J and they do spin when my hands are smaller but they don't bother me much as they are flat but I really don't want my new ring to be to big and the diamond spinning all the time but also don't like it when it feels tight!!!

The first photo was this morning when it felt tight and the second was this afternoon and felt perfect.

Thank you to anyone who has actually got to the end of this post, sorry for rambling on....decision making is not one of my strong points!!!! smile Any opinions ladies on wearing your rings slightly to big or slightly to small?! What do u prefer?

readingismycardio Mon 21-Oct-19 08:31:37

Absolutely resize. Doesn't look great in the second photo either

MustardScreams Mon 21-Oct-19 08:33:26

Do you need to wear all 3? I think that’s whats causing it to look squished and not great.

Idontneeditatall Mon 21-Oct-19 08:37:00

I have this problem too. My rings are too tight in the morning and also in the summer but on a cold day they’re almost too big. Doesn’t seem like everyone has this problem but I really do

Tryingtogetitright Mon 21-Oct-19 09:27:11

I had this problem too. I think it's the wider band. How long have you had your new (very beautiful!) ring? I'd be tempted to leave it a few weeks to see if your finger adjusts? My rings seem to have reshaped the flesh on my finger so while they still feel tight they don't look bulgy if that makes sense.

Nowthereistwo Mon 21-Oct-19 09:31:09

Not the point of your post but would wearing your eternity ring on your right hand help give your wedding and engagement rings more room on your finger

isthismylifenow Mon 21-Oct-19 12:02:11

I agree with Now that the eternity ring should perhaps be worn on your right hand.

I think wearing all 3 together takes the emphasis away from your beautiful diamond.

Elodie2019 Mon 21-Oct-19 12:16:54

Your rings aren't stacking rings (they are too thick). I don't think resizing will do much other than making the engagement ring too loose (might lose it).
I would wear engagement and wedding on left hand and eternity on right.
They don't look good together.

Elodie2019 Mon 21-Oct-19 12:19:28

...but each one is beautiful on its own smile

Divgirl2 Mon 21-Oct-19 14:16:16

I don't think resizing will help - moving the eternity ring will though.

Nancydrawn Mon 21-Oct-19 14:17:13

OP, I agree with the others: the problem isn't the size of the ring, it's its thickness. What does it look/feel like with just the engagement and wedding rings?

If you don't get thin stacking rings, more than about two starts to push you into knuckle territory (and to look a bit off).

BillHadersNewWife Mon 21-Oct-19 14:38:12's the thickness. I have fingers like yours...all knuckle. My rings are slim. They move if I spin them with no bother but they're in no way loose.

BillHadersNewWife Mon 21-Oct-19 14:39:16

Agree about putting the eternity on the right hand.

Irisloulou Mon 21-Oct-19 14:40:35

I’d move one of he bands, your fingers a are not long enough for three. I had a similar problem. ( divorced now, so not an issue😀, not offering that as a solution though!)

yumscrumfatbum Mon 21-Oct-19 14:42:08

Does it sit better if you wear the engagement ring in the middle?

ifonly4 Mon 21-Oct-19 14:43:06

I think I'd resize and enjoy your ring. Your hands will be a lot warmer in the summer and when you're in places that are overheated, so it'll feel worse then.

ladyratterley Mon 21-Oct-19 14:43:39

I would resize it. I have a similar problem with my engagement ring. I didn't realise when we got it how much my fingers fluctuate in size. I can wear a K on that finger if it's cold, or an L if it's hot or when I first wake up!
My engagement ring is L but I've literally just taken it today to be resized to K1/2. I was worried that in the winter it would pull off in a glove or something when it's cold.
If you go with I3/4 at least you won't need to worry about it slipping off, but it should alleviate some of the bulging. I do agree with PP though, it would probably look better to wear your eternity ring on your right hand as your wedding band is quite thick for stacking.

ArsenicGreen Mon 21-Oct-19 14:44:25

Gorgeous rings! I wear my eternity on my right hand, because they just don't stack neatly. Perhaps that is worth trying.

flouncyfanny Mon 21-Oct-19 14:47:26

Ok. gotcha wink
You need to size up the engagement ring if it's really that tight, then re-stack:
top (nearest fingernail) to bottom
Eternity ring
Engagement ring
Wedding ring

you could re-stack first to see if it helps with the "spinning" but that is due to the weight of the diamond - mine does it too - unless it cuts the blood supply off first grin
the two "band" rings will also protect the engagement ring from future damage

NormaBean Mon 21-Oct-19 14:47:54

I’d get rid of the wedding ring. It’s too chunky and ruins the delicate look of the eternity and engagement rings.

longtompot Mon 21-Oct-19 14:49:50

I would resize, but just be careful when your hands are cold. I nearly lost a dress ring in some airport loo bins when drying my hands with some paper towels. Thankfully the bin was a pull out one, and my ring was on the top.

Could you wear them in a different order? I wear mine in the order I got them; engagement, wedding and eternity. My eternity ring is a vintage (used) one as the one I wanted (princess cut channel set) just looked wrong on my hand and with the other two.

nononever Mon 21-Oct-19 14:55:00

I agree on the bands being too thick. I have small hands and my rings are I 1/2 but I went with a 1mm band on my engagement ring and 2mm on my wedding ring and even then not sure if I have room for an eternity ring without it looking clunky.

P1nkHeartLovesCake Mon 21-Oct-19 14:58:06

yes to the resizing

All 3 rings on one finger is too much, looks cluttered. I’d personally wear the eternity ring on the other hand

AmICrazyorWhat2 Mon 21-Oct-19 14:59:52

I agree with PP's that you should try wearing your eternity ring on your right hand, the stacking is detracting from the beautiful engagement ring.

Try that for a few days and then see whether you need to resize it. Right now it does look too tight, but the stacking might be emphasising it.

Butterflyone12e Mon 21-Oct-19 15:06:05

I agree with others it looks too much with three rings on one finger. is one ring an eternity ring? Could you wear that on the other hand?

Lovely choice of rings. My fiancé bought my ring two sizes too big so mine is currently being resized. I was informed a ring can be resized up to three times before it gets too weak (if that makes sense).

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