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Reviews on body shop products?

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Tinks15 Sun 20-Oct-19 21:19:10

I think I’ve asked this before but can’t find my thread.

What does everyone thing of the body shop stuff? Thinking about trying their skincare.

CeeceeBloomingdale Sun 20-Oct-19 21:22:06

I don't mind their vitamin e cream but prefer Aldi Lacura. I love their blue corn mask and rainforest shampoo

bespokepaininthearse Sun 20-Oct-19 21:24:39

The drops of youth serum and moisturiser is lovely, well as the sheet masks!

ginyogarepeat Sun 20-Oct-19 21:53:32

Their camomile eye makeup remover is the best I've ever tried, and I've tried A LOT. Also love their body yogurts.

saucyspice Sun 20-Oct-19 22:17:54

I like all of their products I've tried but never really repurchase them...I think there's better options around for similar price if I'm being totally honest

Honeyroar Sun 20-Oct-19 22:22:13

I like their vitamin E face creams too. Their body butters are wonderful, as are their shampoos and conditioners.

CTRL Sun 20-Oct-19 22:26:26

I work in the aesthetic and beauty industry and professionally speaking I actually like the products.

Close to natural if not natural, good quality, reasonable prices for what it is and I like how the products don’t feel like they are overly scented.

For me I use Dermalogica products but when money is tight I go straight to body shop as I have found the products are just as good when on a budget.

Palaver1 Mon 21-Oct-19 07:54:10

I personally do not see them as natural as they used to be 20 years or so back.
They have some good products that are priced accordingly.

frugalkitty Mon 21-Oct-19 08:05:33

I really like the camomile eye make up remover and cleansing balm. I've not found a moisturiser that's suits me though, since the good old days.

SpeckledyHen Mon 21-Oct-19 08:33:25

Another vote for the camomile products .

WhoKnewBeefStew Mon 21-Oct-19 08:37:44

I love their body moisturisers and shower gels, I couldn't ever get on with their facial skincare stuff. My daughter used to use the tea tree stuff (teenage spots), but we switched to another brand as that didn't seem to work very well either

lb2610 Mon 21-Oct-19 09:16:35

The aloe collection is really good. I like everything about it. I had bad acne last year because of medication and could not find anything that got rid of it..until I started using that. I swear by it. it's gentle on the skin and the moisturiser is the only one I've found that doesn't make my skin oily.

ThatsLongFam Mon 21-Oct-19 09:24:00

I like the cammomile cleansing butter.

The products I really like from Body Shop are body rather skin care. The exfoliating soaps are lovely, and I really rate the body yoghurts.

ongranaryplease Mon 21-Oct-19 09:32:54

Using a combination of their aloe range and tea tree range cured my awful acne. My friends joke that I’m an undercover sales person for them because whenever anyone mentions having a spot I pounce on them shouting ‘YOU MUST TRY THEIR TEA TREE RANGE!!!’ grin

beingmum39 Tue 22-Oct-19 15:16:54

The chamomile eye make up remover is fantastic. I like their moringa range smells like summer flowers in a pot. And all their body butters are brilliant particularly their Shea range

BillywigSting Tue 22-Oct-19 15:23:15

Their hemp hand cream is brilliant.

I wash my hands about eleventy bill times a day due to the nature of my job and that hand cream has been an absolute life saver. Doesn't leave a horrible greasy residue or have an overly strong smell either

CrowleysBentley Tue 22-Oct-19 15:29:19

The camomile cleansing balm and the oil are both nice, I particularly like the balm/butter whatever its called. The skin defence spf50 is good, but I have found others that I prefer. I think that there's a lot better available at similar prices for a lot of their stuff though.

I wish they'd make the fuzzy peach perfume again though, I used to douse myself in the stuff when I was a teenager. I bought a few peach wax melts from flamingo candles a while ago and they smell almost exactly like it.

Fstar Tue 22-Oct-19 18:38:34

I like the shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and face masks. Spf is amazing too.

Dont rate the seaweed skincare, prefer neutrogena and aldi

MrsPellegrinoPetrichor Wed 23-Oct-19 14:34:17

Drops of Light liquid peel is amazing and the moisturiser to go with it is fantastic too.

Cammomile balm and oil is something I always repeat buy.

Xemenia scrub is fantastic and a HUGE jar,great on your body by gentle enough for my extremely sensitive facial skin.

I always wait for the 25%off codes and order on line as I find their stuff over priced otherwise.

Honeybee85 Wed 23-Oct-19 14:39:17

When I suffered from acne, I loved their Tea Tree line! Hemp lipbalm is great for very dry lips.

Honeybee85 Wed 23-Oct-19 14:40:06

Oh and the Cherry Blossom perfume and bodyline is really lovely!

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