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i need to look online at wallpaper .

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Tortington Wed 15-Aug-07 16:01:06

i have a wallpaper fetish at the mo, can you show me sites that arn't like £50 per roll

ta ta
ra ra
ka ka

la la

thank you

scorpio1 Wed 15-Aug-07 16:02:39

not £50 per roll

Tortington Wed 15-Aug-07 16:03:54

god they are gorg mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

scorpio1 Wed 15-Aug-07 16:04:11

i love them too

lovey Thu 16-Aug-07 20:41:49

In my room i have blue kimono from laura ashley...cant remember how much it was

Pannacotta Thu 16-Aug-07 21:33:48 but pricey otherwise try

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