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can crocs get any worse? oh yes they frigging can

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FluffyMummy123 Wed 15-Aug-07 14:07:34

Message withdrawn

scorpio1 Wed 15-Aug-07 14:08:24

hee hee!

have you seen the furry ones in Next?

Hulababy Wed 15-Aug-07 14:09:38

Oh dear. I don't like Crocs for adults anyway, but they are just so wrong.

poptot Wed 15-Aug-07 14:10:02

But Cod have you seen the ones with the fluffy socks attached in the Next Directory? I thought of you as soon as I saw them.

bran Wed 15-Aug-07 14:11:07

I have a pair of those (not in pink though). They look better on. <nah nah nah> to Cod

I have decided in future only to buy clothing and shoes that Cod despises. Remember Cod everytime you post that you hate something you increase it's sales and popularity.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 15-Aug-07 14:11:38

Message withdrawn

harleyd Wed 15-Aug-07 14:12:25

they are grim

MascaraOHara Wed 15-Aug-07 14:12:53

they are ugly as are any crocs

suwoo Wed 15-Aug-07 14:12:55

God, they are so wrong and absolutely hideous- bleurghhhhhhh

docket Wed 15-Aug-07 14:13:20

they are astonishingly disgusting

CatIsSleepy Wed 15-Aug-07 14:14:14

mmm....revolting from every angle

binklehasflipped Wed 15-Aug-07 14:14:32

crocs do kids wellies which are actually pretty cool looking compared to those rancid clog type ones

expatinscotland Wed 15-Aug-07 14:14:52

Oh, bran's got those, but in green/white.

TigerFeet Wed 15-Aug-07 14:15:21

now crocs I don't have a problem with particularly

but they are wrong <vom>

expatinscotland Wed 15-Aug-07 14:15:29

Croc's on kids are adorable!

Right now, I'm living in my black Mary Jane style ones.

I still can't convince my mum to buy a pair for herself, but here's hoping!

FluffyMummy123 Wed 15-Aug-07 14:15:53

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Wed 15-Aug-07 14:17:24

Well, many things on fat, middle-aged women look vile.

[runs and hides]

DD1 now has Croc caymans, mary janes and wellies.

DD2 has Croc caymans.

Thanks, Mama! I know how hard this was for your snooty half-French self to go and buy .

GroaningGameGirly Wed 15-Aug-07 14:18:51

Yup, Crocs on adults are in the worst possible taste. On kids, I can see the logic (don't look great but useful nonetheless). Having said that, I wore DD2s (ok, much too small, but just flapped around the garden in them a bit on Sunday) and BOY are they comfy! I am tempted, but I won't!

Listmaker Wed 15-Aug-07 14:19:17

I am a fat middle aged woman and agree that everything looks vile on me

expatinscotland Wed 15-Aug-07 14:19:26

They're very, very comfy, GGG! You know you want them.

bran Wed 15-Aug-07 14:22:33

Well, that's the great advantage of being a fat middle-aged woman, tasteful clothes look bad so you might as wear comfortable clothes.

I suspect the reason that so many stylish people look (and type) like they're chewing a wasp is that they are wearing uncomfortable shoes and clothes.

bran Wed 15-Aug-07 14:23:12

"might as well wear"

Fimbo Wed 15-Aug-07 14:23:38

They are possibly the worst pair of shoes I have ever seen. Vile

MascaraOHara Wed 15-Aug-07 14:24:27

My dd is 5 and desperate for a pair.. I am the big bad I said no.

bran Wed 15-Aug-07 14:24:37

I'm taking a perverse pleasure in pissing people off by owning these, I must wear them more often.

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