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Alternatives to intimate waxing - on a budget

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mumao Fri 18-Oct-19 11:12:53

I'm on a budget and have regular underarm/Hollywood wax. I do have sensitive skin and don't want to shave. Opinions please!?

willloman Fri 18-Oct-19 11:17:25


Tableclothing Fri 18-Oct-19 11:17:55

You could grow a resplendent, luxurious bush and revel in Nature's bounty.

mumao Fri 18-Oct-19 11:18:59

😂 I'd rather not!

Livpool Fri 18-Oct-19 11:48:07

Not sure why people don't just respond to the question asked. I am sure of OP wanted to let her hair grow then she would, and wouldn't be asking for suggestions.

What about an epilator? You can get them for around £40 for a decent one

Tableclothing Fri 18-Oct-19 11:53:40

Not sure why people don't just respond to the question asked.

I did.

But OP doesn't want to wax due to expense, so laser or IPL are both out, doesn't want to shave, has sensitive skin so hair removal creams and epilator not a good idea.

Finding a bit of joy in hairy abandon is far and away the cheapest and most painless way forward.

MrsJoshNavidi Fri 18-Oct-19 12:04:58

Wait until you reach the menopause. It all falls out naturally then 😦

hollieberrie Fri 18-Oct-19 15:41:30

I trim weekly with a men's beard trimmer, on the shortest setting. It's been a revelation. Am very happy with how it looks and much cheaper and less painful!

Sally99 Fri 18-Oct-19 15:47:49

I use the cat's hair clippers. Works a treat!

lyingwanker Fri 18-Oct-19 17:00:50

I used to wax and then tried Veet hair removal cream and I've never been for a wax again. It's about £6 for a large tube when it's on offer and it lasts for quite a few applications.

For me it's not quite as good as having a wax in terms of smoothness and how long it lasts but the cost and convenience wins it over hands down.

rededucator Fri 18-Oct-19 17:03:48

You lyingwanker smile Is it particular version of Veet you buy? Many moons ago when it first came out a remember it said not to use it on your foof, has there been developments since then? X

lyingwanker Fri 18-Oct-19 19:14:51

I think they can all be used on all areas now but yes, years ago there was different ones wasn't there? I buy the sensitive one which I think is blue.

Years ago I left it on too long or got it on the wrong part 😳 and it burnt like hell!

ViciousJackdaw Sat 19-Oct-19 02:07:01

I regularly Veet the front but never inbetween - I can't work out the logistics. What position do you have to adopt whilst waiting for it to work?

TooSweetToBeSour Sat 19-Oct-19 13:35:42

Vicious, I’d like to know that too! I’m assuming dead cockroach position or something like that? grin

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou Sat 19-Oct-19 14:29:25

Wait until you reach the menopause. It all falls out naturally then

Mine got more sparse but with more “spread” so I’ve moved from veet to professional waxing.

smellycandle Sat 19-Oct-19 21:57:03

Wax yourself!
Buy a pot and hot wax online, put a movie on and be brave.
If you do it every 3-4 (after your period for a routine) it's easy and not too painful

StarlightLady Sun 20-Oct-19 08:49:39

As mentioned previously, I would suggest the Veet Sensitive, but do the spot test properly first.

If that is a no go, try shaving using the 3 bladed Gillette Venus, but instead of usiing shaving creams etc, use hair conditioner, then the razor glides.

Finally, if you are looking purely on budget grounds, salon prices for a full Hollywood wax vary greatly. So don’t necessarilly go for the first place you come across and assume that is “the price” you have to pay.

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