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Could you help me find a necklace for big birthday present?

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floravus Fri 18-Oct-19 10:31:39

I've been sent some money for a big birthday, and I'd really like to buy a necklace for myself. I am useless with jewellery, I currently only own my wedding ring and the earrings I wore on my wedding day.

I would like a choker length (something around 35cm), yellow gold with a little detail preferably.

I have found this one from Missoma which is lovely, but it says gold vermeil, am I right in thinking this means gold plated?

I just need it to be robust enough that I don't need to take it on and off every time I shower (because I know I won't bother and it will stay off forever after the first few times)

Goawayquickly Fri 18-Oct-19 10:45:39

Vermeil is gold plating on top of sterling silver and is good quality but not to wear in the shower.

There are similar necklaces to this on Etsy in gold for reasonable prices.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Fri 18-Oct-19 10:50:10

What's your budget? I have a gold vermeil necklace from Missoma that I'm very happy with the quality of. I've only had it just over a year but I wear it daily, not in the shower though.

floravus Fri 18-Oct-19 11:13:13

£100-£150 ideally, maybe this is not enough for gold? (As I said, I'm clueless with jewellery grin)

Does gold vermeil tarnish like other gold plated jewellery?

Any tips for what to search for on Etsy? I keep coming up with very cheap gold plated jewellery when I search on there

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Fri 18-Oct-19 11:28:39

Gold vermeil is sterling silver plated with a decent thickness of gold so I would search for that. It's the "best" type of gold plating as I understand it. I don't think it tarnishes, though I have had some get little orange blotches on it. I hate searching on Etsy, there is way too much choice!!

LilyJade Fri 18-Oct-19 11:37:11

Some of the chains in H Samuel are a similar price & style to Missoma but are real gold. They've got a sale on I believe.

cujo Fri 18-Oct-19 11:55:30

How about something by Alex monroe? I’m eyeing up the pineapple necklace but the bee ones are lovely x

slinkysaluki Fri 18-Oct-19 16:07:04

Have a look on Etsy, lots of nice hand made jewellery on there

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