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Invisalign advice - different timeframes for same work?

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Flutterby63 Wed 16-Oct-19 18:23:59

I've had two quotes in London for Invisalign. Bupa and Sensu.

They quoted the same but one would be done in 15 to 18 months and the other in 2 years. The shorter length one also said I would have a fixed retainer afterwards but would also give the nighttime one.

The one that takes longer said they'd give me two extra sets of removable night retainers (which I'd prefer as I know the fixed can be difficult to keep clean)?

How do I decide?

Does anyone have recommendations for any others in central London or N London so I can compare?

ToothTeeth Wed 16-Oct-19 19:05:45

I had a fixed tooth coloured brace but looked into Invisalign before deciding

I would say:
1. If you haven't already, I would look into getting a quote from an orthodontist for a fixed brace because if you are talking 2 years with Invisalign - I would query whether Invisalign is actually right for your teeth. That's a hell of a time period. If you are commiting that long, you may very well be better off with a fixed brace because it is usually more "accurate" with bite correction.
2. Depending on your issue, have you looked at Inman Aligners (they tend to be better for front teeth forward/back issues).
3. I would 100% go for a fixed retainer. Teeth treatment is a major hassle especially if you have committed years to it. Your teeth keep moving your whole life and a fixed retainer is recommended. I have one and it isn't really difficult to keep clean - you can barely feel it - it's a very thin wire. You just need to commit to cleaning your teeth properly - I use interdental brushes but to be honest if you went to the hygenist every 6 months or so you probably wouldn't need to do that.

The year after treatment is the most vulnerable to teeth moving further/back to where they were as the "ligaments haven't set" - not a technical description. So even if you don't want a fixed retainer for life, I'd have one for at least a couple of years after treatment.

I'm so glad I got my teeth done and wish I'd done it years before - and that was fixed braces which were a hassle.

saveyourkissesforme Wed 16-Oct-19 21:21:45

In order to determine the work needed my dentist did a full invisalign assessment with photos being sent off and invisalign returning their recommendations which we then reviewed together. We went back and forth a few times to ensure that the planned trays delivered the most effective result and I saw video images of start to finish. My choice was to have fortnightly trays for two years or try weekly wear and halve the time.

What level of due diligence has each dentist undertaken? Without the full assessment they can't really quantify the trays and time. What frequency of tray change has been recommended? I needed a lot of trays but halved the time with weekly wear. Given the number of trays and level of change, fixed retainers have been essential. Without those and night time retainers the teeth would move back.

If you need a fair amount of work I'd get a good understanding of the likely number of trays. As I had further adjustment afterwards which is quite common if you can I'd get at least one further adjustment (i.e. this involves additional trays) in the price. I'd expect you to need fixed wires and nighttime retainers afterwards so I'd get what you can included. Night time retainers can wear out if you grind your teeth and need replacing. But that's life really. Not sure how common that is. I've had to have stronger nighttime retainers made due to excessive grinding.

Flutterby63 Wed 16-Oct-19 21:56:15

Thank you. I really don't think I can face fixed braces, I have a fairly senior job now and I'd prefer to be able to take the braces out for board meetings and so on.

Bupa was a very basic consulation, barely looked inside my mouth to be honest! They said 2 years.

Sensu did photos and face xray, showed me how it could look on video and said it would be weekly trays and then fortnightly (or possibly other way around). That would take up to 18 months. Someone I know recommended them but as they're still in middle of their treatment I don't know how good Sensu are long term.

Good idea to ask about the adjustments as part of the price, will investigate that.

Sensu seemed more thorough but wondered if they were cutting corners due to the faster turnaround.

I already grind my teeth so actually a fixed retainer might be best after all.

Thanks again!

ToothTeeth Fri 18-Oct-19 10:17:29

I really don't think I can face fixed braces, I have a fairly senior job now and I'd prefer to be able to take the braces out for board meetings and so on.

I was the same but actually if you have tooth coloured brace its far less noticeable than you'd think and the time goes really quickly. I'm very glad I did it and that I opted for fixed braces because you get a much better more accurate result especially with the bite. You'd be realy suprised about how unobservant people are - most of the time no one is really looking at your teeth.

I would definitely get an opinion about fixed braces for you - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Whatever you choose its at a minimum several months and is expensive so its better to get the best treatment fo you.

Theredjellybean Fri 18-Oct-19 10:26:02

I am nearly at end of invisalign.
Your assessment should have included a uss.
I am deemed a complex case and still told it would be 9 months
I have never heard of invisalign assessment being photos
The scan is vital and then invisalign sent back advice, video of the week by week predicted movements and where my fixer points would go.
It was 300 pounds to have that, then I signed up.
I'd say invisalign is grim.. I hate it
I wish I had fixed braces
It's like having a mouth guard in all the time
They get disgusting
I wake up a squillion times a night as they make me sleep with my mouth open and my mouth gets dry with stinky saliva pooling in the retainers.
Yuck yuck yuck.
The faff of taking them in and out with every cup of coffee etc.

ToothTeeth Fri 18-Oct-19 11:50:53

That is another point to bear in mind - with fixed braces you don't have to take them out. If you have invisalign you do need to take them out and you should clean them or rinse them and dry them before storing them.

This is a gross thing to be doing all day every day and you will need to find a place to do it discreetly where your hands are clean as you are poking in your mouth.

If you don't have the aligners in most of the day, they won't work. You dont have any of that faff with fixed braces.

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