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Creases filled with makeup

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Motherofteen Mon 14-Oct-19 00:06:03

The other day I went to an awards do and decided to wear skin makeup for the first time in years. I applied a good primer and then foundation with a damp sponge. I set it with a light dusting of powder. 2 hours later it had set into all my creases, making me look worse than if I had no makeup on. What should I be doing instead? Is there a new alternative to foundation? I am 45 and I think my nose-to-mouth smile lines are quite deep for my age, and I have crepey eyelids and fine lines under the eyes which catch the makeup terribly! Thanks for any tips....

violetbunny Mon 14-Oct-19 01:17:18

Make sure your skin is very well moisturised beforehand. Try using a hydrating serum under your moisturiser if you're not already.

What foundation are you using? Some foundations crease more than others, and have better staying power than others. I usually opt for something with a bit of staying power (today I'm wearing Chanel Ultra Le Teint which is a longwearing foundation).

Too much powder can also emphasise lines. Just powder very lightly in the areas that need it the most.

managedmis Mon 14-Oct-19 02:03:30

Yeah I was gonna say plenty of moisturiser too beforehand

NightsOfCabiria Mon 14-Oct-19 02:10:29

You need to sort your skin out before applying anything. Plump it with serums and moisturisers. Wait. Then apply a good, semi-sheer foundation, very thinly around your eyes, marrionette lines and forehead. I think at 46, you may benefit from bb or cc creams more than foundation. Less is more as you get older. If you want to use a heavy coverage, stick to your T-zone.

LellyMcKelly Mon 14-Oct-19 06:42:19

Apply a good moisturiser when you get out of the shower. Try a BB cream rather than a foundation and only powder where you need to powder.

Miseryisabutterfly Mon 14-Oct-19 07:44:03

Hmm, I’d try a different primer

thedevilinablackdress Mon 14-Oct-19 10:26:06

Same age and prefer tinted moisturiser now. Or mix the foundation I still have with moisturiser.

Motherofteen Tue 15-Oct-19 00:07:33

Many thanks all. Have googled bb and cc creams! Think a bb cream might be the way forward. Although I do have naturally oily skin...
I did try plumping lotion and a serum earlier in the day, before I applied the primer/makeup. I never find that they make much difference. Any recommendations for a plumper that you find really effective?

Getoffmylilo Tue 15-Oct-19 00:25:08

I tried that My Perfect Face stuff that keeps being advertised on Facebook. It's a half hour face mask that makes you look terrifying and sets your face like concrete for twenty minutes. It's not an enjoyable experience, but is repeatable, but never with anyone else in the house, ever. I didn't get the dramatic results in some of the videos but it worked in as far as it smoothed everything out (including neck, joy). They say it's a progressive treatment but I find it's more of a temporary fix and use it a couple of hours before going out. I brace myself every time.

everytimerickysayscuntIlaugh Tue 15-Oct-19 01:12:33

I'd use an oil primer instead. Hourglass do a fantastic one. And then a setting spray after.

MrsPear Tue 15-Oct-19 10:39:52

Barry m cheap and cheerful is great primer and a light weight B.B. creamis what I wear - it sits on top rather than the awful sink. Plus I give each layer a little time to settle before applying the next. Just a minute or two.

alittlequinnie Tue 15-Oct-19 13:34:43

I'm with you op. It all settles in my lines and makes me look awful.

I gave up on foundation years ago - I just wear cream blush, lipgloss and eye makeup - sometimes i brush a very small amount of translucent powder on my nose, forehead to stop shine but that's about it - less is more.

On the very rare occasions i use anything like a bb cream i always mix it half and half with moisturiser and this helps.

I would also recommend olay featherweight in the plastic tube with a black pump top - i swear some of my eye lines have gone - i'm 49

Motherofteen Fri 18-Oct-19 10:36:33

Some great tips - thanks so much everyone. Let’s hope for a better face on for my next rare night out!

Motherofteen Fri 18-Oct-19 10:40:59

One last Q if anyone’s still around: I’m usually quite pleased with my eye makeup, but it slides around my eyes if I don’t apply a powder base. Any alternatives to the powder base, that won’t sit in my lines?

NightsOfCabiria Fri 18-Oct-19 11:19:50

One last Q if anyone’s still around: I’m usually quite pleased with my eye makeup, but it slides around my eyes if I don’t apply a powder base. Any alternatives to the powder base, that won’t sit in my lines?

I’m not sure what you mean by a powder base and do you mean your make-up slides off your eyelids or creases at the sides of your eyes?

I use Benefit ‘Stay dont Stray or MAC Paintpot in ‘Painterly’ for my lids. For under eyes, I use MAC concealer, set very lightly with Laura Mercier fine-milled setting powder. I tend to avoid putting anything at the sides of my eyes as they crinkle when i smile.

violetbunny Fri 18-Oct-19 12:34:30

Try an eyeshadow primer. I quite like the Laura Mercier eye base, but lots of brands make them.

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