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Shameless request for an M&S discount code if anyone has one going begging.....

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ComeBackPeterComeBackPaul Wed 09-Oct-19 19:19:13

..... have seen a lovely (but overpriced) skirt that I really, really fancy! Thanks all.

linentowel Wed 09-Oct-19 20:03:56

Are codes out? I’ve been waiting!

JaceLancs Thu 10-Oct-19 00:11:47

Sent you one - please send second one on to linentowel if first one works

ComeBackPeterComeBackPaul Thu 10-Oct-19 06:51:24

JaceLancs - thanks! Have forwarded your message to linentowel

linentowel Thu 10-Oct-19 07:01:55

Thank you!

MotherOfLittlePeople Thu 10-Oct-19 07:06:09

If you join Boom25 (no discount code) but you can buy m&s gift cards and have a possibility of winning your money back x

JaceLancs Thu 10-Oct-19 08:04:27

You are welcome
I have 4 spare codes if anyone needs one

Yaflamingalah Thu 10-Oct-19 12:49:29

@JaceLancs Could I have a code please? I've been waiting to receive some in the post but no luck yet.

Noseynails Thu 10-Oct-19 13:10:05

@JaceLancs please may I have a code?

Cherrypie32 Thu 10-Oct-19 13:13:48

How do they decide these discounts? There is supposed to be 20% off friends and family this weekend but I’ve got nothing on my sparks account while others have.

mejon Thu 10-Oct-19 13:28:43

I'd be interested to know too Cherrypie32. I've not had any Sparks offers for months - just a little messge to say they're working really hard to bring me some. Got 2 this week - 20p off butter or 20% off a £3 spend in the bakery. I've never bought butter at M&S and only ever buy single bread rolls at around 50p each! Utterly useless.

Cherrypie32 Thu 10-Oct-19 13:35:29

mejon I’ve messaged them on Facebook. Same as you, 50p off Yorkshire puddings blah, blah. I wouldn’t mind but I’m in the place once or twice a week and still no decent discount for my loyalty!

ruralcat Thu 10-Oct-19 13:37:30

They don't appear as a sparks reward (for me at least). I received mine in the post a few days ago.

JaceLancs Thu 10-Oct-19 16:49:49

I’ll try n send tonight for as some reason I can’t send PMs but am out and about so could just be app playing up

JaceLancs Thu 10-Oct-19 19:50:07


spinduffy Thu 10-Oct-19 20:20:22

If there are any more floating about I would love one! Thanks

Lucked Thu 10-Oct-19 20:22:03

I got told in store yesterday that there will be 20% off from tomorrow (from midnight she said) but also no offer yet. I am putting stuff into my basket just in case.

JaceLancs Thu 10-Oct-19 20:35:09

Lucked and spinduffy codes sent

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Thu 10-Oct-19 20:42:18

Pm'd you Spin.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Thu 10-Oct-19 20:43:27

Ah, that's a cross-post then. Ignore me!

iamme21 Thu 10-Oct-19 20:44:15

I have a code if anyone needs one

onitlikeacarbonnet Thu 10-Oct-19 20:47:44

Check your sparks offers today.
I’m not sure how the algorithm works but I’ve been told it’s about 20-25% of customers who receive each time.
I got some paper vouchers in the post on Tuesday but haven’t had any like that for a while.
I’ve got a few spare codes if anyone wants them.

Cherrypie32 Thu 10-Oct-19 21:02:05

Yes please -*onit*

Lucked Thu 10-Oct-19 21:32:36


Thanks so much!

Lucked Thu 10-Oct-19 21:36:36

In store the impression was that it was for all Sparks cardholders but I am sure there is a problem with Sparks atm.

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