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Curly hair help for the lazy please

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FallenSkies Wed 09-Oct-19 16:50:20

I have naturally curly hair, not tight ringlets but more than a wave, and I tend to either scrape my hair up or straighten it as my hair looks fine when first washed and styled, but I don't have the knowledge or patience to keep it looking that way. I'm far too lazy to spend ages getting ready in the morning.

My DD is now saying she hates her hair, and wants to straighten it like me, and I don't want her to feel that way about her beautiful curls, so I think I need to lead by example and wear my hair curly, at least for most of the time.

What are your tips for looking after your curls? I don't wash my hair everyday, will I need to to stop them being a tangled mess?

Is there a way to wear my hair to bed that will help?

I'm so clueless but want DD to embrace her curls, and know how to style them so she doesn't grow up like me.

Any tips gratefully received.

Runneryogi Wed 09-Oct-19 16:54:52

I used to hate my curly hair, I’ve started to embrace it now

My tips would be to keep in really good condition and only brush when wet. Use a great styling product and scrunch/twist around fingers until dry, never blow dry.

My favourite styling products are Paul Mitchell Twirl Around and Tigi Curls Rock

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Wed 09-Oct-19 16:55:24

I've got hair like yours. I wanted to stop having to wash and blow-dry it every day, so I splurged on the TiGi seasalt spray. (Normally £19.99 but my local salon had a half-price sale.) It is SO good. A quick squirt and a scrunch and I'm left with tumbling, pre-Raphaelite curls. I'm honestly amazed. I've used sea salt sprays before, but never this strong. The curls don't drop out, either. It's fab.

DollyPartonsBeard Wed 09-Oct-19 17:03:39

Good suggestions above. I'd add, sleep with it in a pineapple on top of your head- use a silky scrunchie rather than a standard bobble.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Wed 09-Oct-19 17:07:19

Curly Girl Method! There's an excellent Facebook group called Curly Girls UK which will help you get started.

FallenSkies Wed 09-Oct-19 17:07:43

Fab tips, thank you! Time to embrace the curl then!

MustardScreams Wed 09-Oct-19 17:10:27

I have hair like yours and mine drives me potty some times, it’s just so much effort!

Best tips: regular trims, make it look and sit much better.

Garnier Hair Food smoothed into soaking wet hair, and then left to dry naturally produces beautiful, soft, non-frizzy curls. I do it in the evening when I have to natural dry and sleep with a satin bonnet and my hair looks great the next day. No faffing!

minipie Wed 09-Oct-19 17:10:54

I do a semi curly girl for DD’s wavy hair, the key bits are:

- conditioner rather than shampoo to wash
- only wash once/twice a week
- spray in conditioner (I use Aussie) before brushing

peachgreen Wed 09-Oct-19 17:13:34

Straighten just the ends in little sections, it makes such a difference to mine and makes it look "done" rather than just a mess!

eaturveggies Wed 09-Oct-19 17:26:23

Another vote for Curly Girl method! Helped me DD loads

EgremontRusset Wed 09-Oct-19 17:39:39

‘As I am’ coconut co-wash, and a dab of boots curl creme (about £2!). Then just run wet hands over/through it each morning til it’s time for the next wash.

Teacup34 Wed 09-Oct-19 17:46:36

So glad I found this thread my hair is awful at the moment, have lost my curls a bit since having my children!! Will give these tips a try and see if they can be revived.

FallenSkies Wed 09-Oct-19 18:22:03

I looked at curly girl but it seemed quite complicated with what products you can and can't use? Will try washing with conditioner though to see if that helps. I like the idea of not having to wash it every day. I never have the chance to dry it and end up doing the school run and starting work with wet hair blush

FallenSkies Wed 09-Oct-19 18:24:21

* I do it in the evening when I have to natural dry and sleep with a satin bonnet and my hair looks great the next day. No faffing!*

That sounds ideal. Off to google satin bonnets, along with all these product suggestions

CharitySchmarity Thu 10-Oct-19 11:06:38

Use conditioner, let your hair dry naturally and don't do anything to it until it's dry or almost dry, then separate with your fingers or an Afro combo depending on how thick it is. Always separate upwards, not downwards. Sometimes I use Boots Curl Creme and/or a salt spray (I think it's Charles Worthington, a blue bottle, smells like coconut) but not every day. Brushing your hair wet is what gives it that unsatisfying vaguely crinkly, not really curly look.

MerryDeath Thu 10-Oct-19 17:43:46

i'm afraid that being lazy and having natural hair do not go together. i started the CGM to lessen the burden and it has spectacularly backfired.

BearFoxBear Thu 10-Oct-19 19:24:22

As I Am coconut co-wash, leave to dry naturally, run through with a little bit of Lush R&B, repeat every day, combing with fingers and washing every 3 days.

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