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Wedding outfit for my post baby body - heeeeeeellllllpppppp

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leo1978 Tue 14-Aug-07 09:21:31

Hi there

I had a baby two months ago and have with horror realised that I have two weddings in 2 weeks time and am struggling to find clothes that a) fit my new body shape (I have no idea what size I am now) and b) are suitable for breast feeding and c) will make me look like fabulous yummy mummy.

What have other mums done?


MrsBadger Tue 14-Aug-07 09:27:12

Do seperates rather than a dress unless you want to leg it to the loo for every feed - staple recommendation is vest/camisle, skirt and wrap cardi but this will depend on several things:

vague idea of size
vague idea of shape (inc norkishness)
formality etc of weddings (church/civil? hotel? evening do?)
will same people be at both, neccesitating two outfits?
have you anything useful or suitable in wardrobe? (inc shoes, bag, wraps etc)

NeverEndingPileOfLaundry Tue 14-Aug-07 09:30:48

Oh, I know how you feel. I had 2 weddings when my DD was that age too.

My top tip is to wear a 2 piece outfit, as you can then lift your top up to breastfeed. A friend of mine made the mistake of wearing a dress, which she said meant she practically had to strip off to feed - not the best move perhaps!!

For mine I chose a long skirt and a top / long shirt combo, which hid those post pregnancy lumps and bumps. I took a cheaper top in the same colour as well, which may be useful if you have a sicky baby or leak alot. It came in useful later in the day for me, and no-one noticed as they had all had quite a bit to drink by then!

Have fun!

leo1978 Tue 14-Aug-07 09:35:19


Like the vest, skirt and wrap cardi combo - am clearly barking up wrong tree with desire for Maxi dress - amused by idea of breastfeeding in public wearing one however...

Shape is:

Large breasts
Size 12 bum and legs
Size 16(ish) waist - NOW - used to be a 12
One outfit for both weddings will do
Heels or flats?


MrsBadger Tue 14-Aug-07 09:40:22

certainly heels if you can - you'll feel glammer and they make your legs look better.

wrap cardi may not be such a good look if waist is AWOL, some seem to create waist and others merely point up the lack of it.
Jacket (undone) with nipped-in waist may have better effect...

Halster Tue 14-Aug-07 09:47:10

Spanx magic knickers! They streamline those post-natal bulges beautifully!

Tutter Tue 14-Aug-07 09:49:54

hi - just a thought but you can get bfin dresses

would lend you mine but it's already out on loan to another mnetter

here it is

Tutter Tue 14-Aug-07 09:50:18

(blardy g useless on this keyboard)

Bouquetsofdynomite Tue 14-Aug-07 13:10:32

Uttam have some gorgeous bargains right now, no idea what the sizing is like, they just look nice on screen.

Pannacotta Tue 14-Aug-07 19:43:01

I had exactly the same problem for a wedding next month when DS2 will be 3 months.
I found a gorgeous cream/navy silk skirt in the Monsoon sale, Sardinia, which is cut so it holds in the post baby tummy. I then found a cami from Phase Eight in a bigger than usual size so I can pull it up to feed in, plus a matching shrug which I found in Coast. All things bought in the sale, yippee!
All I need now is some shoes to pull it together.
Try Monsoon and Coast for their sale bits and Phase Eight too.
Hope you find sth lovely

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