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Make up price/value

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Drabarni Tue 08-Oct-19 22:01:35

Couldn't think of a better title.

Is it better to pay top price for brands or is it all in the application.

Do you get a lot more for your money than if you bought Maybelline, Rimmel, and lower end brands.
Just getting a bag together and wondered what was worth spending the extra bit on.

EmpressJewel Tue 08-Oct-19 22:35:32

I use higher end products but only because I enjoy using them. I don't have lots of products - foundation, blusher, lipstick. So I probably don't spend more than someone who uses cheaper products but uses more items - primer, powder, highlighter, mascara, lip liner etc.

TerfTalk Tue 08-Oct-19 22:42:19

In my experience, foundation, blush, and concealer have to be high quality.

Lipstick, mascara, pencils, and eyeshadow can be cheap.

Drabarni Tue 08-Oct-19 22:44:25

So would you perhaps buy the cheaper end for the primer powder highlighter etc if you didn't need them as often, but say special occasions.
I want to start wearing makeup on a daily basis but also having a major event coming up where I'll be bravely doing my own makeup and using it all.
I'm already married grin

Drabarni Tue 08-Oct-19 22:45:25

Sorry took so long to reply missed Terf I wasn't being rude, honestly.

PennyNotSoWise Tue 08-Oct-19 22:48:07

Tbh, I've tried a lot of top end foundations, shudder to think of the money I've wasted, and have been disappointed by all of them. The only reason I tried them is for better shade ranges, but I've never been blown away by the look of a £30-£50 foundation compared to a £10 drugstore one. And Nars Sheer Glow, I can't believe you pay that much for it, then have to spend more to buy a pump for the bottle! Then a lot more on a decent primer because the formula is a steaming pile of shit! I think that takes the piss. Sorry for the rant blush

I just wish drugstore foundations had better shade ranges, because I prefer their foundations. I think the price of high end make up is purely just paying for the name, and not a better quality, in my opinion.

ClientListQueen Tue 08-Oct-19 22:49:59

It's so variable
Foundation - my favourite is CYO, and I've used everything from Chanel to Lancôme
Mascara - I prefer cheaper but then some people love more expensive ones
Eyeshadows - look for ones that have great pigmentation, makeup geek, viseart, ABH

I use products that are great, whether that's a £4 wet n wild highlighter or a £75 eyeshadow palette. There's no set expensive is better than cheaper for this - if the cheap is good and the expensive one is crap! Sorry grin it's trial and error
I find makeup alley really helpful for reviews of stuff

Isleepinahedgefund Tue 08-Oct-19 22:50:43

Depends what it is really. High price does not guarantee high quality/performance - in fact it often leads to high disappointment when products aren't great, because your expectations are higher!

I love makeup and I buy across all price ranges. My favourite products vary from a £3 ELF brow product to a £75 hourglass palettes. My favourite foundations vary in price from £6 to £30 or more.

My general guide is that I'm more willing to spend £££ on foundation than anything else, as I love trying foundations. I will always get a sample of anything really expensive, or have it applied and wear it for the whole day before committing. For other face products (eyeshadow, lips, blush) I prefer mid range drugstore. For mascara I will stick to the cheaper end (kiko, L'Oréal) as I replace every three months or so for hygiene reasons - there are many excellent options. Also I've been very disappointed by a few high end mascaras

My best advice is to research the products you want, particularly in relation to your skin type. For instance I wanted the try the new NYX glow foundation. It has amazing reviews for oily skin, but not so amazing for dry skin- I have dry skin so I'll think twice - but probably will try it as it's only £10! If it was £30 I wouldn't buy it though.

Lollypop701 Tue 08-Oct-19 22:51:51

I’ve got Bobbi brown and Revlon foundation, both long wear. Revlon lasts longer on my very oily skin. I do like Bobbi brown concealer and Sisley blusher. So I mix n match tbh

HundredMilesAnHour Tue 08-Oct-19 23:17:22

I think as others have said, to an extent it's trial and error regardless of price. It's a case of finding which products suit your skin - what works for me may not work for you. It's a bit like perfume in that make-up behaves differently on different people's skin.

I prefer quality over quantity and tend to buy certain higher end brands that work well for me. Not because they're high end but because they WORK! I have oily/problem skin and I find that cheaper brands just slide off my face. But so do certain expensive brands! Even when I was a broke student, I never got on well with brands like Rimmel. Tried Maybelline but it slid off my face. I had some success with Boots No. 7 and Bourjois (the rumour back then was that Bourjois was made by the same people who made Chanel's make-up....probably total rubbish but made me feel special at the time).

These days I mainly wear a combination of Armani and Marc Jacobs with random bits of Trish McEvoy, Tarte, Laura Mercier, Clinique, MAC, IT Cosmetics and La Prairie thrown in.

My foundation is Armani (for lighter coverage, cooler days) or IT Cosmetics (for full coverage and/or when I'm going to sweat i.e. hot days or at the gym). I use the matching primer (so either Armani or IT Cosmetics). My loose powder is La Prairie which is amazing but I just found out it's been discontinued (sob!) so I'll probably go back to Armani or Clinique. My concealer is MAC. Always. Best concealer ever. Although I use Trish McEvoy for under my eyes and as an eye base.

Eye liner is Marc Jacobs or Armani. Eye shadow is Tarte (used to be Armani but I suddenly developed an allergy to it). Mascara is Trish McEvoy, although I'm going back to Armani again. Eyebrow pencil is IT Cosmetics. Blush is Armani. Lip pencil is Marc Jacobs. Lipstick tends to be Armani but can be Clinique, Laura Mercier or Marc Jacobs.

If you have great skin, you can get away with cheaper brands and still look fabulous. When you have problem skin like mine, looking fabulous does not come cheap and it takes a lot of effort to find the 'right' make-up.

TerfTalk Tue 08-Oct-19 23:23:58

The best foundation for me, by a mile, is Double Wear by Estée Lauder. It is about £28, but there's normally a free gift offer on, and if you get it in Boots then you'll get your points too.

buckeejit Tue 08-Oct-19 23:24:31

hit & miss. chanel tan de soleil is a great bronzer base. Some expensive foundations defo better,, same with powder & eyeshadow. I love ABH for eyeshadow, bobbi brown or kiko for eyeliner

VioletShrinking Wed 09-Oct-19 13:00:25

I have lots and lots of high end palettes, I'm an eyeshadow addict. I want to live high end Foundation, but I never seem to dut that well with it, I can not get double wear to sit right on my skin 😔 I like Maybelline fit me and Revlon. I used cheaper mascaras as I go through them more regularly.

Drabarni Wed 09-Oct-19 18:13:54

ooh Terf, this was on my list to try.
At least I know now that I'm not doing something daft and it's trial and error for everyone.
I'm only just starting wearing it again in my 50's.
I had a job when younger that dictated full make up all day, so it was much better when I could stop piling it on.
But now age has dictated I need lots of the stuff to stop looking like a zombie.

Thank you all for the comments, I suppose I'll just have to keep on until I find the best for me.

optimisticpessimist01 Wed 09-Oct-19 20:48:13

I personally think its all in the base - and by that I mean moisturisers and primers.

Invest in a good quality primer - I use Benefit porefessional the most if I need something long-wearing. UD all nighter setting spray helps if I spray often i.e. after primer, after foundation and concealer and finally after eyeshadow, lipstick etc. For blush I use both a cream and powder one to ensure that has longevity. If your going to splash cash- find a highly pigmented eyeshadow. I've been using ABH for years now and can't ever imagine switching.

*UD eyeshadow primer potion which is literally like a gift from Jesus Christ himself. If you only take 1 thing from this entire thread- see if UD have samples of them. Honestly it's a life saver. I once had a full on breakdown in the toilets over a club once because of a boy (obviously), I mean full on sobbing. I asked my friends at the end if I looked like shit and they were shocked saying "Honestly, I don't understand how but your eyeshadow hasn't budged" and they were right!! That stuff would outlive a nuclear blast. I can tell huge amounts if I have worn it or haven't. I'm banging on about this because honestly it's the only makeup product that I have ever tried that is life changing that cannot be duplicated. I have tried many eyeshadow primers and none live up to UD

Drabarni Wed 09-Oct-19 20:54:30

Thank you, I'll make sure I get some. My eyes are still very crepey but I'm working on it.
Will also get a good primer, I have got the Rimmel one because of the shade of cool rose.
Although have a feeling my skin is changing from cool to warm, if that's at all possible. I have a nice golden glow, not been on holiday. Certainly not the Old English Rose, I had.

PeterRouseTheFleshofMankind Wed 09-Oct-19 20:57:39

I find a mix really.

There is nothing better than the feel of a gorgeous ABH eyeshadow or highlighter palette, and I think the quality of these products are better than their dupes (although not almost 10 times better as per the price!)

However, after trying absolutely tonnes of foundations, cheap and expensive, the absolute best I have settled on is Primark £2.50 squeezy bottle one. It really is fantastic.

Eyeshadows, I have a couple of high end ones, but most of mine are Makeup Revolution or Makeup Geek individual pans (which are about a fiver per pan so mid range).

Best mascara for me is Dior.

Setting spray I use NYX which I find just as good as Urbsm Decay.

Lipsticks, as in bullet lipsticks, I don't think it's worth paying for, but there is something lovely about getting out a Chanel lippy! Liquid lipstick I think more expensive (eg Huda) is better.

Deathraystare Thu 10-Oct-19 12:34:05

Not been impressed with higher end - particularly my Chanel foundation and lipstick though I have to say I do like Dior foundation and lipstick - just cannot buy them at the moment. I quite like Lancome but they shade match me a too pink colour. I am a warm Ivory.

I don't see the point of an ££ mascara as you should change it every 3 months anyway. Of course some people swear they can only use ££ mascaras!!!

MikeUniformMike Thu 10-Oct-19 19:08:53

It's hit and miss.
Some of the cheap stuff is remarkably good, some of the expensive stuff is disappointing.
Some of the stuff raved about on here hasn't worked for me.
I echo the pp about a decent base for foundation.
Boots No 7 and cyo is pretty good if you are on a budget.

Fstar Thu 10-Oct-19 20:31:07

Defo trial and error for me too. I watch a lot of reviews on u tube for primer and foundation on someone with oily skin. Ive found nars tinted moisturiser it just evens me out without looking like make up. I love revolution conceal and define foundation as well as too faced born this way and tarte foundation drops. I must have 10 others i bought to try but just dont suit my skin.

Ive tried revolution highlighters against ofra and didnt see much difference. I like too faced choc bar eheshadows but some christmas ranges are rubbish (really hit and miss). Revolution do good cheap eyeshadows, very pigmented. Beauty bay do amazing own brand o es, highly recommend those. Just treated myself to charlotte tilbury pillow talk eyeshadow and lips but when i saw how small the eye compact is, bit shocked! Still to try it out.

Luckily i have greatful nieces who get most of the makeup i dont want

WellTidy Thu 10-Oct-19 20:38:14

I don’t compromise on foundation anymore, I buy Estée Lauder, having spent a tenner here and there on Bourjois etc and it hasn’t been as good.

I also love Benefit Porefessional primer and Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, which lasts me ages and means that I can buy cheaper eyeshadows as they will last all day.

I buy any tubing mascara.

Any blusher.

I buy MUA eyeshadow palettes in Superdrug and love them.

I swapped to Estée Lauder lipsticks and lip liners years ago, and I find them moisturising but last a decent time too. I don’t know if it is coincidence, but I now have far fewer cold sores than when I wore cheaper lipsticks.

Bobbindale Thu 10-Oct-19 22:05:42

I would recommend paying more for powdery products, particularly if your skin is starting to show any signs if age. Cheaper products, particularly eyeshadows tend to be drier and bulked out with excess talc, which just clings to texture and makes skin look drier and older than it should. It stops the colour from looking as vibrant too in my experience. Cheaper brands are bringing out much better foundations these days and I've happily given up my £28 quid one for a £10 one. Sometimes it just takes a few uses to work out how much of a particular product you need to apply and if it works best with a sponge or brush. Maybelline and loreal have some nice options, as do Revlon.

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