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Trainer recommendations please!

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Babushkashouse Tue 08-Oct-19 21:41:01

My style is quite casual, often wear jeans/ dress with tights. Please recommend some nice trainers!
I never have time to shop as I’ve got 2 under 3 at home most of the time. Just looked on ASOS and office and the current trend is big white trainers with chunky soles confused - not my thing at all!
I’m 35 so nothing too frumpy either. My last couple of pairs have been Nike internationalist / Nike sb but I’m bored of those styles now

Thinkle Wed 09-Oct-19 06:39:49
I’m in love with these at the moment.
Otherwise have you thought about Adidas superstars? I preferred these to my stan smiths.

smellybelly1 Wed 09-Oct-19 18:59:39

adidas continentals?

MrsSpenserGregson Wed 09-Oct-19 19:02:14

Have you looked at Woden trainers? Or Air & Grace?

I love my Wodens. Don't have any A&G yet but will be asking for a pair for Christmas.

smellybelly1 Wed 09-Oct-19 19:04:08

adidas continentals or sleeks?

Babushkashouse Wed 09-Oct-19 22:25:33

Thinkle- the Nikes are quite similar to stuff I’d normally wear but they might be a bit too trendy for me! They look a bit like these ones on Anthropologie- can’t decide if I like them or not!
I wore Adidas superstars all through my late teens, LOVED them- maybe I should just buy a pair of those and pretend I’m 17 again!

superram Wed 09-Oct-19 22:29:07

I’ve been wearing superstars since I was 17. I’m now 42-embrace it.

Atalune Wed 09-Oct-19 22:30:41


I like Nike free run knit.

Atalune Wed 09-Oct-19 22:33:23


I’m currently wearing Adidas Stan smiths. Not as comfy as Nike’s but look good with the look you’re describing.

Babushkashouse Wed 09-Oct-19 22:35:06

@MrsSpenserGregson thanks, I’d never heard of those. Woden have some lovely shoes! There’s something a bit awkward looking about Air and grace - maybe theyre nicer in real life

Supersimkin2 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:35:29

Nike internationalists are cool in London, and presumably will spread.

Also Nike Air Max, which are laaavly and comfy.

Legomadx2 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:39:56

I ordered some Air and Grace once after seeing a rec here and they were really uncomfortable - too narrow IIRC - and I sent them back. So disappointing.

I have loved my Vejas (tho everyone's wearing them now) and various Nikes. Dune do nice ones, ditto M&S leather ones (unlikely but true).

I don't like Golden Goose trainers - the only point to them seems to be showing off how much you spent on dirty looking trainers. Which to me is a bit like let them eat cake/Marie Antoinette/playing at being peasants in Versailles.

Not sure what trainers to buy next so good thread to be on!

smellybelly1 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:43:00

i'm a trainer fanatic & love my golden goose pairs. They aren't all super distressed but yes they are expensive. However they are so comfortable, I can wear them new out of the box for 8 hours & the inner heel really supports my high arches.

Babushkashouse Wed 09-Oct-19 22:51:31

Maybe I should have mentioned I don’t want white trainers.
@Supersimkin2 yeah as I said above I’m bored of Nike internationalist now.
@Atalune thanks for that link- found a gorgeous pair of veja’s but they didn’t have my size dammit!

smellybelly1 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:55:57

If you like Internationalists then look at New Balance 373 or Nike Cortez have retro styling. Both very comfy.

ashleighsmilie88 Wed 09-Oct-19 22:56:22

I would say New Balance or Vans slip ons, comfortable and colourful

MrsSpenserGregson Thu 10-Oct-19 10:13:15

Ah that's interesting that Air & Grace are narrow ... there's a shop not to far away from me that sells them so I might go and try some on to avoid a Christmas disappointment!

Seriously, Woden trainers are AMAZING. Bamboo soles too. Really comfy.

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