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Glasses in London

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kmini Mon 07-Oct-19 23:10:18

There was a recent thread where people were recommending fabulous optometrists in London. You know they type that actually give you some insight into what looks good and what should suit you. Can anyone recommend any truly fabulous glasses store. Looking for something elegant and maybe a little braver than my normal specs.

ZaraW Tue 08-Oct-19 05:33:03

The staff in Cubbits, Soho branch are really friendly and helpful.

Mumthedogsbeensick Tue 08-Oct-19 06:08:53

Try The Eye Place - they have stores in Belsize Park, Fleet Street and Fitzrovia

TheLidoOfThighs Tue 08-Oct-19 06:19:33

I’ve just had a really good experience with Eye Contacts in Camden after seeing them recommended on reddit - I was after exactly the same thing as you!

kmini Tue 08-Oct-19 07:13:42

Thank you. Probably should have mentioned that it's a quickie central London trip so ideally central London options

myidentitymycrisis Tue 08-Oct-19 07:23:03

I second Cubitts. There are several branches in central London

Betty777 Tue 08-Oct-19 13:45:20

I third Cubitts - they are great and really helpful. Try to go in at a quieter time (Ie not right after work hours) and they will spend as long as you need helping you. There is one very near Carnaby Street

BigFatBloomers Tue 08-Oct-19 15:33:09

TheLidoOfThighs I was going to say Eye Contacts in Camden but haven't been there for about 20 years so wasn't sure it if was still going.
Does the man in there still tell you exactly what frames you should be wearing? I rather enjoyed that despite normally hating being told what to do. smile

Dollywilde Tue 08-Oct-19 15:35:31

Fourth for Cubitts!

TheLidoOfThighs Tue 08-Oct-19 16:01:43

BigFatBloomers that's what I'd read on reddit! Actually there were two lovely women in there the day I first went but I went back for an eye test a few days later and met the owner, who didn't disappoint!

I asked them if anyone ever left with frames that didn't suit them. They looked genuinely horrified at the idea!

BigFatBloomers Thu 10-Oct-19 11:09:42

Ha! Glad you got the full experience in the end.
How funny. My friend, who also went, decided with hindsight that he'd possibly been pushed a little too far in the fashion stakes - but it was the 90s so what can you expect 🤓
I loved mine.

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