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Help me dress myself for my hen do please

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AliasGrape Mon 07-Oct-19 18:20:11

I’m fat, 40 and on a budget so this should be super easy right? confused

I’m 5”7, and a sort of fat hourglass with good boobs, slimmer waist and big bum, hips and tummy. Quite high waisted and long bodied so jumpsuits and the like tend to not work so well. Arms and legs are ok.

I’ve lost my way style wise I feel really frumpy and mumsy these days. I look best, or think I do, in skater style or tea-dresses, v-necks, tights and boots - but then I can’t remember the last time I even tried anything different so who knows. I would like to mix it up a bit but not sure what or how. I’ve never really mastered separates I find dresses easier, but happy to be guided.

Colours wise I’m blonde, and when I went to a ‘colours’ party years ago I was told I was a ‘Spring’ if that means anything to anyone? I love a bit of colour though.

The hen party itself -it’s in December so cold. It’s a late afternoon meet in cocktail bar where we have a booth for drinks and a few little nibbles, then a meal at a restaurant followed by more drinks in a log cabin/lodge type thing in the Christmas markets. If I’m still standing after that (doubtful) there may be a bit of dancing in a bar that’s not quite cheesy dive but not particularly trendy either. Some walking between these different venues so warmth/ comfort is a factor in long past the age I could trot round in 4 inch heels and no coat.

Foolishly I seem to have acquired a collection of really quite stunning, slim and always beautifully dressed friends. Normally I don’t mind looking like their sartorially challenged, rugby playing auntie but since it’s my hen party and I will be expected to appear in pictures I’d like to look and feel half decent for once.

Any ideas? Sorry for long post just thought as much information as possible might just lead to one of you thinking ‘aha! I have the very thing!’

My budget is very much new look/Dorothy Perkins rather than Selfridges, I can stretch a little bit for this but not much.

QuaterMiss Tue 08-Oct-19 09:04:26

Something like this?

& Other Stories has several bargainous, suitable for celebration dresses. (Though you haven’t given your clothes size, so ...)

QuaterMiss Tue 08-Oct-19 09:09:43

Think this one’s even better.

BigFatBloomers Tue 08-Oct-19 10:12:58

Wallis is one of those shops that is often overlooked but sometimes quite good for this sort of thing.

How about this one with stars?

BigFatBloomers Tue 08-Oct-19 10:15:09

Or if you wanted colour then this or this

goose1964 Tue 08-Oct-19 11:15:07

This is lovely but, a bit pricey (£99),mon_1.2/7418890122

They also have lots of dresses which are cheaper.

Ninkaninus Tue 08-Oct-19 11:20:41

First, buy some good shape control - not the ridiculously small, overly constricting kind that makes you look like a sausage in a skin with chub bulging out here there and everywhere, just a good body suit to help streamline your waist and belly - and then decide your outfit/dress. It makes a huge difference to just have that smooth silhouette and you will feel a million times more confident.

I got mine from M&S. If you get it from there go for your true size.

QuaterMiss Tue 08-Oct-19 12:30:11

Splurge. But worth it! Also worth looking at more from the same brand; the clothes seem wonderfully stretchy and structuring and come in (apparently) good sizes.

By the way OP - if you’re wondering why so much sober black - it’s to help you avoid looking like any of the hen party brides falling out of taxis in my local city on any given Friday or Saturday night ...

AliasGrape Tue 08-Oct-19 17:05:16

Oh god, all that waffle and I didn’t manage to tell you I’m a size 18, 16 on a good day or if the shop is particularly given to generous sizing.

Thank you for all the great ideas so far, can’t look at work and now I’m finished my phone is about to die so will have a proper peruse later.

BigFatBloomers Tue 08-Oct-19 17:08:47

Some great dresses on Scarlett & Jo

BigFatBloomers Tue 08-Oct-19 17:12:30

Also love this one but it costs a bit more.

ProseccoSupernova Tue 08-Oct-19 17:31:10

This is really flattering and comes in a few colours

RockingMyFiftiesNot Tue 08-Oct-19 21:39:40

Try TKMaxx website, lots of dresses in your size around £40. I'd go for a dress that would be cool enough for dancing or a warm bar, and have a removable layer as well as a coat

AliasGrape Wed 09-Oct-19 07:23:54

Thanks again all - there’s some lovely ones here. I adore the ‘splurge’ one QuarterMiss posted but can’t justify £200 unfortunately- unless something drastic changes in the meantime. Also love the Wallis one with stars. I like everything posted really, some great ideas thanks! I like the Scarlett & Jo ones too.

Wrap type dresses are very much my usual thing though and I did wonder if there was something different I could try, but I guess it’s best to go with what I know suits me!

QuaterMiss Wed 09-Oct-19 08:38:12

Take a look at this. Similar to one you liked - and apparently available in the right size.

AliasGrape Wed 09-Oct-19 15:45:00

QuarterMiss I love that! It is actually my 40th this weekend so if I’m lucky enough to get any birthday money that’s a strong possibility.

Black tights and heeled ankle boots? Would that work? I’ve a black leather jacket that could go over but not sure it will be warm enough.

Plump82 Wed 09-Oct-19 15:56:41

I adore the one QuarterMiss linked to and also really like the star one BigFatBloomers suggested.

wildhairdontcare Wed 09-Oct-19 16:01:05

This midi dress with your biker jacket, belt, tights, boots and scarf.

I wore this to a girls boozy brunch on Sunday and had so many compliments. Also have it in green and burgundy as such a bargain. Definitely go for the 16.

I am 5'6", fat hourglass, and fair haired.

AliasGrape Wed 09-Oct-19 18:39:57

ProsseccoSupernova I’m havng a lovely time perusing that sosandar site, I’d never heard of them before so thank you.

wildhair That’s lovely and bargainous. I wonder if I could get to a new look before my birthday lunch on Sat.

Bloomers I popped into my local Wallis today to see if I could see the star dress in person but they didn’t have it. Boo.

There’s far too many I love.

wildhairdontcare Thu 10-Oct-19 09:39:05

@AliasGrape definitely worth a look eye. I ordered online and had it delivered to store by 2pm the following day for free.

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