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WWW's six week 10 yy boot camp WEEK TWO of the Aug/Sept thread

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WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 07:51:27

Hello! This is week two of the SEVENTH WWW 10year younger boot camp of 2007

( how did that happen?)

Anyone can join, we promise it works and you will feel and look better - and maybe younger - if you follow these rules.

This is about being healthy and feeling and looking better as a resuklt. It's not a diet (although weight loss does seem to occur fairly frequently)


- Sunscreen at all times, especially in this heat
- No or little booze in the week. Wine at the weekend is allowed if you want it
- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can. Many of us have an Omron pedometer
- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day
- Apply body cream as often as possible
- Use hand cream/foot cream too, we recommend Flexitol, which is fantastic stuff
- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos
- Eat healthily
- Be happy

The idea is that at the end of six weeks we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

Anyone who feels like it, post how you've been feeling since doing this and why you want to keep doing it. Add what you want to achieve at the end of it too if you want to.

Here's mine:
I want to be a size I'm happier with by ds's tenth birthday, which is 2 months away. I want to not want to cry when I see the photos.

WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 07:51:39

TM, really sorry about your friend.

batters Mon 13-Aug-07 08:28:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

winnie Mon 13-Aug-07 10:00:06

TM, that is shocking and a real reminder that one should enjoy each day. I am sorry.

The weekend was ok and have realised exercise seems to be sneaking into everyday life now However, feel I have to try harder foodwise. I still think I eat too much food (portion control ).

Need to deal with several pressing issues in order to be really happy but fear I won't have the energy etc until ds is back at school. Does anyone else find school holiday lack of routine completely unsettling?

Have a good week everyone

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 10:25:26

Thanks www
I want to be able to catch dd and play "swirly tennis" (tm Charlie and Lola) with ds
Oh, and not look like Reggie Perrin's image of his MIL when trotting across the beach with either of them
Aim is to be a size 12 for next summer
TM, am so, so sorry about your friend, what an awful blow. We lost a university contemporary to a brain tumour two years ago and although it was something this brave woman had lived with for 20 years it was still a very, very sad time. Two other contemporaries have (so far, fingers crossed) seen off Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and breast cancer, and both do live their lives in a more carpe diem fashion now
Could not agree with you more about the sightlines there, it was a flaming nightmare. But yes, they are showing their neighbouring borough a clean pair of heels on parks and open spaces IMO at present
Have done 6600 steps already this morning, dropping ds and dd off with a friend from school who wants canonising IMO
Will stock up on serum, thanks batters, and have a wonderful day one and all

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 10:26:28

winnie, portion control is my downfall too I am a carboholic I fear

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 10:26:57

And yes to school hols being a bad time to stay on the straight and narrow!

tortoiseSHELL Mon 13-Aug-07 10:53:17

TM - so sorry to hear about your friend - I think contemporaries dying is really hard - I've had a couple of friends die and it is hard to deal with. Hope you're ok.

Marina - well done for surviving the 'screechfest' - sounds a nightmare! I avoid anywhere where there might be many other children!!!

School holidays are really hard I think - the lack of routine makes snacking on unhealthy things easier, and shopping for wholesome food harder!

My aim - I want to enjoy shopping for clothes - look at something on the hanger and think 'I like that, I'll try it on' rather than wondering if there's anyway I can pull it over my hips without ripping the zip...

tigermoth Mon 13-Aug-07 12:24:42

Thanks for your thoughts about my friend. My dh knew her for longer than I did, but no one thought to phone us about her illness. dh's ex best friend used to be her partner, but he didn't pass on this sad news - I assume everyone else thought we knew. dh's ex friend is a nasty piece of work in other respects. It doesn't surprise me but I am really he didn't tell dh so we could at least have sent a message to her parents.

Batters, thanks for the protect and perfect tip. I have been waiting for one of those Boots special offers while eeking out my last bit of serum.

Portion control is definitely the way to go, I fear, and must add that to my list of resolutions.

Good luck Tshell and everyone else this week.

winnie Mon 13-Aug-07 13:02:40

The school holiday thing is also about the rest of my life too Maybe it is just me but ds goes to bed later, minding arrangements are all over the place, play dates, entertainment etc all mean I've no time/space for ME. (I know, I am "lucky" I get alot of time for me in term time as ds is here half the time and with x half the time... although a sharing, caring partner and a child in one place would have been preferable). All of my personal paperwork is piling up, all of my plans for a business plan have flown out of the window and any time set aside for dealing with problems with dd and xh (Oh bloody hell... I need to start another thread about that one) I just need some thinking time really

batters Mon 13-Aug-07 14:07:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoiseSHELL Mon 13-Aug-07 14:09:16

Some time in November would be good for me too! Definitely won't be able to do anything in December, as seem to be playing for carol concerts/services every day in December!

legalalien Mon 13-Aug-07 14:12:39

I have just applied my first lot of Flexitol - my office smells funny and I am finding it hard to resist the urge to keep looking at my feet - think I expect something miraculously to happen .

anniemac Mon 13-Aug-07 14:19:42

Message withdrawn

winnie Mon 13-Aug-07 16:35:07

batters, it does feel very selfish but knowing that I still feel like it

WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 20:35:51

Hello all

1 piece toast Marmite
blueberries, raspberries, grapes
another apple
a peach
homemade wholemeal sandwich with no butter, proscuitto and mustard
a 200 cal packet of crips at 4.15, I was famished
salmon fillet and chargrilled vegetables
and I have just poured myself a glass of wine
lots of water

but no exercise

WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 20:38:07

Me too on
a) carbs and
b) portion control

November, hmm, I can do anything in Nov except the v end, when it will be dd's 4th birthday.

WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 20:41:02

As part of our new skinflint life, which we are enduring n order to be able to finally buy a house, see \link{ for anyone who's interested}, I went to Tesco this pm and bought conditioner for my hair for TWENTY NINE PENCE! And tampons for 77p! Still bought organic bread and milk, can't not do that but am determined to get it down to £125 a week for food, from £250 odd.

Bet my hair looks rank afterwards, may have to rethink if it does!

WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 20:41:16

Bum, here

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 21:12:15

I think you are doing all the right things on that thread www, best of luck. Will you hate me if I say it is possible to eat well on less than that, per week? We do a lot of cooking from scratch though, which might not suit - but we aim to bring in the Ocado shop at under £100 and probably top it up by about £15 worth of extra groceries during the week. We'd spend less at Ocado if we got our act together and stopped paying over the odds for their extortionate household goods.
Erm, we don't drink much though
My top tip for trying to look gorge on a budget is to buy those enormous flagons of Aveda shampoo and conditioner (from Look Fantastic, ha bloody ha). £25 and they last for AGES, seriously. Salon sized.
OK, who wants to tell legalalien what the effective active ingredient in flexitol is derived from ? me, me, me!
Urea is the magic component...

rosmerta Mon 13-Aug-07 21:49:14

Evening all, have had a good start to the week food-wise, have had dinner early (usually its around 8pm which is far too late!) but no exercise yet.

TM, am very sorry to hear about your friend.

batters Mon 13-Aug-07 21:56:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Mon 13-Aug-07 22:07:11

Thank you for all these money saving tips, I would love to do it for under £125, we bloddy well ought to be able to, both children eat lunch AND supper at childcare x 5 a week! Although I suppose ds is a packed lunch. He said to me on the way to London 'can we stop at a garage and buy a treat?' and when I said 'no, we're trying to buy a house remember?' he said 'oh yeah, of course, I forgot about that' - he very much wants to be able to put his posters up and have his room however he wants it.

You might be right about conditioner batters, we'll see after tomorrow, when I'll have usd it. I am of an certain age...

15000 is v good batters. Marina, size 12, ooh. I'd be happy with a 14 I reckon but good for you

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 14-Aug-07 00:41:46

Originally my aim was to be fit. But I've done so much running and I admit, I am now mightily pissed off that I have not dropped a dress size. Yes, higher bottom and firmer legs, but I'm still rather wide in the waist. I have started doing stretching & toning exercises for my middle.

Didn't run tonight but rowed for 20 minutes on a machine. Just shy of 13,500 steps, but doesn't include the rowing.

Ate chicken liver & bacon with pinenuts, home-grown potatoes, broccoli and spinach. Have taken my Spatone iron supplement everyday this week.

Marina & WWW - do you eat quinoa?, it's gloriously carb-free. I'm smitten with it!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 14-Aug-07 00:51:37

Urea is produced synthetically. Thought I'd mention it just in case anyone was about to flush their Flexitol down the loo...

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