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I know it's ridiculous but ...

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paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 21:52:45

... I've bought one of these postnatal waist-cincher things from the sexy underwear shop.

I now feel that this may have been a mistake (ahem) . Mainly I bought it because I was a bit stir-crazy sitting at home waiting to go into labour (I'm due tomorrow) - at time of writing this, neither baby nor postnatal garment have arrived yet.

Anyone else ever tried one of these and if so, how much/for how long did you wear it? Because now that I think about it, I suspect that it is supposed to be worn every day to be effective, but cannot really imagine I will be prepared to hand-wash it daily while looking after a young baby. pah. should I return it?

fransmom Sun 12-Aug-07 21:59:33


maybe just wear it on ahem, special occasions?

southeastastra Sun 12-Aug-07 22:01:58

haven't tried one but would if i could afford it!

paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 22:03:36

I know, it looks like it's for that sort of purpose doesn't it? But then, imagine trying to gracefully get out of it - surely a passion-killer. I think they (AP) just make every product look sexy on principle, but this one is ostensibly meant to have a higher purpose and help squish me back into shape.

[Very aware that as soon as I give birth I'll be looking back, laughing bitterly at the memory of caring about stuff like this ...]

fransmom Sun 12-Aug-07 22:04:29

maybe you wouldn't have to take it off?

paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 22:04:44

that's another point - I totally can't afford it, but bought it anyway.

come on, baby, come out before I do any more foolish things ...

southeastastra Sun 12-Aug-07 22:05:49

it's an 18 hour girdle i could do with one

pigleto Sun 12-Aug-07 22:13:40

you have spent £70 on big pants.

bridget jones would be proud

motherinferior Sun 12-Aug-07 22:20:13

I think you are contemplating the future with extreme sanity, you know. Two weeks after I'd had DD1 a pregnant friend - who'd always been somewhat keener on the whole pregnancy and baby thing than me in any case - rang up and said how was I, and my first response was Really Fat Still. Ah, she trilled, surely that doesn't, yes it did. The post natal flobbiness is not fun.

I think though you might be better off with some of those control pant wossnames that you can chuck in the wash.

paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 22:20:58

I know, like I said, it's pretty ridiculous. Something to do with a lingering hope that I will one day have a waist again.

I'm just so curious about what my post-natal body will be like ... wonder if there is any chance of just pinging back into shape, but I have my doubts. Before bump I was a decent size 14 hourglass shape, and I like having the bump too because it is curvy in a different way, but I suspect I won't like the immediate postnatal look. However, it's not like anyone else will care (DP is good about these things & unlikely to judge me) and I guess anyway, big pants are probably not the answer.

Not too late to send them back though!

paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 22:21:59

hi motherinferior, xpost ... what ones are you thinking of? can I get them somewhere normal like M&S?

paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 22:22:52

[am being called away to watch something on tv, not ignoring]

southeastastra Sun 12-Aug-07 22:24:13

i wish i'd tried one 6 years ago my stomach muscles are all over the place it's scary middle aged spread looming

motherinferior Sun 12-Aug-07 22:25:12

I was thinking of the M&S ones.

Pinging has been known. Some people ping. I pinged a bit more second time, although my waist has never returned to its previous indentation.

fishie Sun 12-Aug-07 22:27:26

i'd get something similar if i have another. neighbour had 4 cs and she recommends a sort of stomach binding (she is indian), must have the same effect.

paperdoll Sun 12-Aug-07 23:14:47

I think this is meant to have been designed with traditional binding/support sort of processes in mind, so yes, probably is quite similar.

Will think about it some more when it arrives in the post and decide what to do. Meanwhile, M&S sounds like a good bet; thanks for the suggestion motherinferior!

Pannacotta Tue 14-Aug-07 17:45:34

Paperdoll this is a couple of days old now but I have a couple of pairs of these I dont need. I bought size pairs (2 large, 2 medium and 2 small) from another mnetter but have never used the size large or small (am still wearing the mediums!).They do work but you need more than one pair as you are beast off wearing them every day to pull your tummy in. Read that Gwyneth Paltrow used them to get rid of the baby tummy...

If you decide to keep your pair and want some more to save on the washing do let me know. (Should add they were always worn over knickers and the ones I havent used are immaculate).

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