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So what DO SAHMs wear?

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doghouse Sun 12-Aug-07 17:10:51

I had my DD in April. I have been lucky enough to lose most of my pregnancy weight but my boobs are bigger than before (now 36DD) and I just feel I have changed shape (now size 10/12). When I worked I was happy in wrap dresses, skirts and tops with little cardis etc. for work and jeans at the weekend. However, now that I am having to dress smart/casual every day of the week I seem to have totally lost my way ... and confidence and don't know what to wear other than jeans!

What do you wear as a SAHM? What are you wearing today? Inspire me!

prufrock Sun 12-Aug-07 17:15:30

I do tend to wear jeans most days - I just spend a little more on them now so they look smarter. With bigger boobs have you discovered bravissimo - their strappy tops are excellent.

Marina Sun 12-Aug-07 17:16:58

Go on prufrock, tell doghouse what you are wearing right now
(Prufrock is reporting live from a sensational sounding holiday in the Caribbean doghouse)

prufrock Sun 12-Aug-07 17:37:30

erm - I'm actually naked! Have just come in from the pool and dh has smothered me in the complimentary L'Occitane aftersun balm so I am waiting for it to dry before I get dressed. Must do so quickly actually as room service is about to arrive with lunch

Boco Sun 12-Aug-07 17:40:24


As a SAHM i just wear a tabard.

Sheherazadethegoat Sun 12-Aug-07 17:48:03

prufrock your mumsnet addiction is pretty serious!

doghouse i believe all day pjyamas are de rigeur in certain parts of the country.

collision Sun 12-Aug-07 17:52:25

combats and tshirts

jeans and long tshirts

cant do casual skirts but a lot of people wear them.

Joggers and trainers.

comfy but trendy and flat shoes.

KerryMumbledore Sun 12-Aug-07 17:56:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:00:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Idreamofdaleks Sun 12-Aug-07 18:03:19

I was wondering why prufrock had gone on hols to a caribbean doghouse for a bit it nice out there prufrock, hopefully you're not in a doghouse either physically or metaphorically?

Kif Sun 12-Aug-07 18:04:06

I'm going through a dress phase.

Quick to put on, drip dry back into shape sans iron - and I think they look like you've made a little effort.

ChippyMinton Sun 12-Aug-07 18:04:46

LOL at Malory looming in the winter!

Similar to Malory but not really a skirt gal. Like a nice short jacket too (linen for summer, choc suede for winter).

Strictly no sportswear (apart from some choc suede trainers)

ChippyMinton Sun 12-Aug-07 18:06:03

And most important, have a good haircut (no Croydon facelifts please)

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:07:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

policywonk Sun 12-Aug-07 18:07:04

The really crucial thing is that anything you wear must be washable at 30 degrees. Resign yourself to the fact that you will not be wearing any items that are dry-clean-only for the next ten years. The minute you put on something silk, angora or hand-beaded, your child will cover it with mucus and paint.

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:09:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChippyMinton Sun 12-Aug-07 18:10:47

or get one of boco's tabards..

Boco Sun 12-Aug-07 18:16:21

I wear a Boden dress, with wedges, a fine hairstyle, and a handy tabard. That way i am ready for everything, and afterall galls as a SAHM, being ready for anything is what it's all about, hahaha [fixed sparkly grin]

<<jolly 50's music fades in the background>>

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:17:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glamourbadger Sun 12-Aug-07 18:18:16

I gave up wearing anything black as it always had a vomit/food stain around mid shoulder. Tabards the exception though as sleeveless...

Boco Sun 12-Aug-07 18:40:36

Maybe i should drop Johnnie a line and suggest a line of boden print tabards for the discerning mother? Bet you'd buy one Malory, for doing the dusting?

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:41:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBadger Sun 12-Aug-07 18:46:51

ah but that was because you had a job that required Nice Clothes
Mine is so casual people wear shorts, jeans with holes in, things with paint on etc.
If I dressed like Mal I would show them up
I do jeans, cords, nice combats, no trainers, no fleece, no sportswear. Works whether in work or SAHMing.

Boco Sun 12-Aug-07 18:47:35

Oh of course - you should get her one then. Nothing worse than a clashing cleaner - all your staff should have matching boden uniform, otherwise it looks shabby. Just something tasteful but muted.

Bouquetsofdynomite Sun 12-Aug-07 18:50:00

I was wearing a strapless cocktail dress (£15 New Look), cropped leggings and wedgy mules all week. I've worn it on the schoolrun too, why be dull?

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