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Happyclappy20 Wed 25-Sep-19 13:29:50

I'm new to them but see they are recommended on here. I'm 44, size 12/14 and 5ft 6.

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justilou1 Thu 26-Sep-19 07:07:37

Meant to add, the UNIQLO U high-waisted Jeans sans spandex hide mum-tums like no other jeans I have ever owned. (I carried twins. Have lost a lot of weight, am slim but have a lot of excess skin around the belly. Stretch jeans hide nothing, but you’d never know it was there in these, and they’re not at all uncomfortable!)

jewel1968 Thu 26-Sep-19 07:26:38

I am hourglass shape and trousers are usually a no no for me but in Uniqlo I have had a few successes.

I think their sales are brilliant - properly reduced.

I like their skirts too and buy random stuff like tweed jackets.

My kids will only buy their stuff as they are not big fashion people so are attracted to their plain simple cuts.

RacheyCat Thu 26-Sep-19 08:01:44

I find Uniqlo great for winter and horrendous for summer.

I like their coatigans, their merino wool sweaters, their heattech base layers, their extra-long ribbed, footless heattetch tights, and their socks in general.

I don't like their bottoms much, because they're too high-waisted. I can't be doing with high waists and I'm so bored of it being the dominant shape. They used to do great regular fit denim shorts, but I haven't been able to get them for about seven years now.

For men, I find them to be pretty solid all year round. A lot of my DH's work stuff is from there.

Xiaoxiong Thu 26-Sep-19 08:15:03

Well I'm sitting here in top to toe Uniqlo today - Ines de la fressange viscose blouse, high waisted cigarette jeans, merino wool jumper. Love that when I find something that works I can buy it in a few colours without breaking the bank.

NoTheresa Thu 26-Sep-19 12:22:18

The curves trousers are comical.

NoTheresa Thu 26-Sep-19 12:22:29



NoTheresa Thu 26-Sep-19 12:24:34

Their merino wool garments are fabulous. They last really well and never ever bobble.

Skippety Thu 26-Sep-19 12:29:24

I think the main things to bear in mind about them is that 1) winter is better than summer and 2) you can have a good year where you want ALL THE THINGS in which case you should just go for it, because the next season you might want nothing.

Last year I bought an absurd amount from them, most worn was the knee length down jacket with hood as I'm in NI and it is cold and rainy all winter. I bought gorgeous navy wool heavy cardis, about a million iterations of heat tech vests and tees and camis as i wear one every day under a posher work top so that I'm not always looking for a jumper in the office. heat tech socks are brilliant. hats, gloves, sunglasses - all brilliant. And some skirts and work tops.

This year, I must admit, it all looks a bit meh to me. But it doesn't matter as it's such good quality that everything from last year is still immaculate!

Definitely a good one for buying to keep and wear and wear and wear.

justilou1 Thu 26-Sep-19 12:48:34

Agree - curved trousers are hideous. Look like you just fell off a horse!

NoTheresa Thu 26-Sep-19 12:50:27


ColaFreezePop Thu 26-Sep-19 13:12:42

Hoodies - through I've taken to buying the men's ones as they cover my daughter in a sling/carrier-, rain coats, down jacket and tops.

Use to wear their jeans but don't like the style anymore so gone back to Gap ones.

soggypizza Mon 30-Sep-19 20:32:15

So what did you buy in the latest Uniqlo U release? I went to Oxford st and spotted
In brown - it is really lovely, so much nicer than the image on their website - normally wear a 12-14, bought the XS.

HermioneWeasley Mon 30-Sep-19 20:38:32

A lot of their women’s clothes have pockets

Agree their knitwear and heat tech stuff is excellent

soggypizza Mon 30-Sep-19 21:04:55

A lot of their women’s clothes have pockets Is that a bad thing?

apairofblueeyes100 Tue 01-Oct-19 10:49:03

I have always been quite pleased with their clothing and find them good for basics (albeit not high fashion).

I'm a UK 10 and buy a size small in Uniqlo. I have previously bought:-

Jeggings - great, really comfortable and they wash and tumble dry really well.
Trousers for work - great!
PJs - great
Thermal tops - base layer for winter and excellent for cooler weather - made from a thin material that fits really well under other tops.
Fleece - Too big but my fault as I got a medium thinking I could wear a thick jumper underneath. Huge on my unfortunately.
Jumpers - These were ok but not great quality. I would rather spend a little more and get better quality - I will probably purchase from their cashmere range this year though.

Hope this helps :-)

Whatsitlike Tue 01-Oct-19 11:02:40

I used to love their clothes when I lived in Asia, but found the quality inc the knitwear is defiantly not as good as it was.

My age old cardies are still going strong where more newer ones developed holes and bald patches, binned they looked so bad.

Trousers/jeans etc could never find any that fit right, I have 2 down coats and whilst they are light and warm to a point the feathers 'crumble' quicker than other lightweight down items I have bought from others.

Socks dont last long, but the thermal items are good value, but more and more viscose than ever before, so now I really dont buy anything from them, thinking about it its over 2 years

HermioneWeasley Tue 01-Oct-19 12:25:20

@soggy - no, an endorsement!

soggypizza Tue 01-Oct-19 12:44:00

Ah good! I’m a fan of pockets too!😂

grownup2 Tue 01-Oct-19 13:10:23

Watch out if you are medium sized with a large bust though - it's depressing to have to order xxl from the website (not available in store usually) when you are usualy 14/16.

0lga Thu 03-Oct-19 15:08:57

I agree, their sizes are usually small. My sister is a curvy size 12 and has to buy tops in a medium or even large, as she likes a loose fit.

Though everything seems an oversized style this season - I’ve just returned several sweaters and a hoodie from the new Uniqlo U collection for smaller sizes.

Strangely the one pair of trousers I bought were fine in my usual size (and no, they are not the curved leg trousers before you ask!).

Wavyheaded Thu 03-Oct-19 22:41:40

I absolutely love Uniqlo's puffa coats, they're such good quality for the price and keep me really warm. I'm onto my second one (first one lasted 5 years), and when this wears out I'll get another from them. Also love their knickers, socks and heattech stuff, and their jumpers/cardigans.

I don't like their trousers though, they don't do a proper petite length leg so the cut is weird on me. Also a lot of their dresses seem baggy and shapeless but I find that of a lot of shops these days.

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