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have white linen trousers, NEED TOP for ds' Christening.. PLEASE HELP

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Spink Sat 11-Aug-07 11:56:07

the trous are quite wide of leg so it would be nice to wear something that gives me a shape on top. Maybe a print, and def a pretty colour. I quite like dusky blues and greens (not really the brights that are around at the mo, unfortunately)

But don't want anything clingy - that will just give my ma ammunition re my needing to do some sit-ups.. and besides, if it is hot it'll be nice to have something that allows a certain amount of air circulation don't want big old sweat patches

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 11:57:35

What size are you Spink? And are you large or small of nork?

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 11:59:36

There's this in the green, or possibly the blue, but limited sizes.

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 12:01:14

If you're small of nork, maybe this, though I think you want something more fitted. Nice colours, though.

Scootergrrrl Sat 11-Aug-07 12:01:22

More information needed! What size are you?

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 12:02:19

Is this too plain?

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 12:07:24

Hmm - possibly? Might be too yellow in rl.

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 12:11:24

Again, a possibility?
I like ths shape of this one.
SMock top - could be dangerously unflattering, or might work, you'd have to try it on.
Same with this one.

Spink Sat 11-Aug-07 12:53:00

ooh I like those last 2 smock tops. I'm a size 12-14, and norks are 36c/d depending on whetrher i've just fed the boy.
not too keen on the tops with the geometric type prints. Think something that goes in under boobies might be most flattering...

Bink Sat 11-Aug-07 13:10:40

I found this site while I was looking for anything online that sold things made with fabrics from a company called La fiancée du Mekong (I have a dressing gown from them and it is so beautiful).

Spink Sat 11-Aug-07 13:27:24

I like the prints but think the shapes might be a bit too flowy with wide-legged trousers?

JackieNo Sat 11-Aug-07 13:39:10

Might also be worth a trip to somewhere like Monsoon, to see what they've got in the sale.

Guitargirl Sat 11-Aug-07 16:29:02

I wore wide leg white linen trousers to a friend's wedding last summer when it was scorching hot and I was 4 months pregnant and clothes just starting to feel tight.

I wore a petrol-blue top in a crinkly, silky material from Jigsaw with it - might be worth checking there? Wore it with the same colour beads and sparkly sandals. Was very glad to go for the cool side in the end as I watched all the men sweat in their heavy suits eating a lamb dinner in a stuffy hotel with no air-con.

Spink Sat 11-Aug-07 17:11:38

Guitargirl, that sounds lovely. Went to Jigsaw yesterday and they had some lovely silky tops but in reds and whites and blacks, not really colours that suit me.. mmm petrol blue

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