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Royal style: the Sussexes in Africa - it's gonna take a lot to drag us away from them...

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QueenOfTheAndals Fri 20-Sep-19 19:22:51

Previous thread

Tour itinerary

As always, let's critique the clothes and not the wearers.

Boscoismyspiritanimal Fri 20-Sep-19 20:42:31

@QueenOfTheAndals thank you for the new thread.
On an unrelated note, visited my local M&S to visit the Meghan dress. Local in Ireland.
They had no idea what I was talking about.

MotherofPearl Fri 20-Sep-19 20:48:24

Checking in. Am in awe that Arles identified the dress so fast - amazing!

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Fri 20-Sep-19 20:48:42

I really don't like Ivanka's dress.

It's very soft and doughy.

MotherofPearl Fri 20-Sep-19 20:50:55

I love the word doughy... and I don't love Ivanka or her dress.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 20-Sep-19 20:58:41

I normally love a caped dress (Gwyneth in white Tom Ford at the Oscars some years ago springs to mind) but don't like Ivana's cape. I think the neck tie detracts from the neckline of the dress. She was also looking disturbingly like her father in some of the DM photos confused

MilleniumHallsWalledGarden Fri 20-Sep-19 21:03:25

Inhave a new favourite tiara! Thank you CurlyWurlyTwirly for that link. 👑

RomaineCalm Fri 20-Sep-19 21:06:45

Love Meghan's dress - from the little I can see she looks beautiful in it.

Wetdogloveshubert Fri 20-Sep-19 21:15:52

My EYES! Those 70s ads are heinous, and remind me far too much of pictures of my parent's generation in that era. Wow.

I really like the look of Meghan's dress - there's lots of extra movement in the ruffles.

itswinetime Fri 20-Sep-19 21:27:57

Looks like Meghan went for a thicker lining to the dress than the image! I'm not a fan of the style no busy and I'm not a big fan of ruffles personally but I hope one day we may see her wear it again otherwise I think that's all we will see.

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Fri 20-Sep-19 21:29:23

She's brave.

Last thing I want is ruffles on my arse.

Lunde Fri 20-Sep-19 21:32:36

I'd like a good look at Meghan's dress. It looks lovely on the model but I'm wondering whether the flounces and net would swamp a tiny woman like Meghan (I have made this mistake myself).

Ivanka seems to be channelling a 1950s Kennedy compound vibe - I don't think it really suits her as it ages her

Ninkaninus Fri 20-Sep-19 21:36:22

LOL - as soon as we got onto retro fashions my thoughts went straight to Sir Moore’s sweater modelling pics! Glad to see someone else went there too. grin

paradyning Fri 20-Sep-19 21:38:23

Ivanka was channeling Grace Kelly when she got out of the car.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 20-Sep-19 21:43:35

A few more wedding guests

Karlie Kloss, Gayle King, Paul McCartney and wife

DevonUkelele Fri 20-Sep-19 21:44:03

That Valentino is $US13,500 - which comes up to nearly $17k in Australian money 😲. That's a lot of cash for a dress that will probably only be worn once.

Much as it pains me to say it, I think Ivanka looks stunning. Though I could do without the pussy bow neck thing.

Loving Bea's bejewelled headpiece too.

Harry is looking very like his father (Charles!) in this pic, IMHO.

LenoVintura Fri 20-Sep-19 21:46:16

My god, Ivanka utterly breathtaking (not commenting on her as a person). Stunning. Mr and Mrs Corden, tick, very nice, he's cool. Meghan, yep, tick. Can't see enough of the Yorks to comment. Orlando and Katy, nope, grubby.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 20-Sep-19 21:49:52

Orlando's short trousers and loafers with no socks confused

hopeishere Fri 20-Sep-19 21:51:15

Ivanka dress doesn't fit around the bust by the look of it. Julia Corden looks gorgeous.

Why are Bea and Eug there? confused

Myimaginarycathasfleas Fri 20-Sep-19 21:52:09

I agree with LenoVintura except I don't like Meghan's Morticia Addams dress, however I will say her hair and make up are flawless.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 20-Sep-19 21:54:03

@hopeishere old friends of the groom, apparently.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 20-Sep-19 21:55:25

old friends of the groom, apparently.

Old friends of Misha’s first groom

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 20-Sep-19 21:58:39

Yes of course @CurlyWurlyTwirly. And that groom is now with Maria Sharapova!

hopeishere Fri 20-Sep-19 22:00:22

Ivanka's cut her hair!

In the DM photos there's a lady wearing the same dress as Julia Corden but in a different colour.

FluffyCloudsInTheSky Fri 20-Sep-19 22:01:35

Checking in cake

Rhubarbisevil Fri 20-Sep-19 22:05:58

Will we see any other pics of Meghan or just the back view?

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