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Skincare advice for DD, 18 yr old

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AdoraBell Wed 11-Sep-19 20:50:53

She wants use Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo. She has some light scars from acne.

Does anyone know A if it’s suitable for her age, B if it will help with the scars?

The scars aren’t sever but she is really conscious of them.


halloumi2019 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:54:16

Haven’t used that but the ordinary glycolic toning acid is raves about for fading acne scars

halloumi2019 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:54:28


queenofarles Wed 11-Sep-19 21:13:32

Lancôme is usually considered a grown up brand,and not the place id go to for specific skin conditions like acne.
Have a look at skin ceuticals, it has done wonders to so many people I know with acne,

Catworrier Wed 11-Sep-19 21:21:40

Glycolic acid from ordinary. In fact ordinary is amazing. I've scrapped all my lotions and potions for four reasonably priced bottles of different acids etc

AdoraBell Wed 11-Sep-19 23:00:41

Thanks everyone.

I’ll look at the Ordinary.

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