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Am i asking for miracles??

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Hazhaze Wed 11-Sep-19 16:26:11

I'm trying to me more sustainable and buy clothes that are organic or consciously made.


I'm nearly 6ft tall, 36inch inside leg, big boned and jiggly in all the right places and also in the wrong places grin

Self conscious in patterns, ankle grazers, fussy thinys because I look ridiculous. I'm just large, strong and a little bit fat with an unfortunate personality so the least I can do is try to be understated but hopefully in a chic way?

I haven't really gone shopping in about 2 years and could do with some tips on where to start and is it possible to be sutainable and tall....and on a budget?

Am i asking for miracles?!

JaneR0chester Wed 11-Sep-19 20:03:54

Wow, with your height I'd be hitting Cos and Arket - not cheap, but fairly good quality.

I'm super short in comparison to you, and most trousers, dresses and skirts in those shops seem to be cut for very tall women. Every thing I buy from there is a maxi on me, when it's modeled in the photos as a midi or knee length hmm

Cos does mainly plain fabrics not patterned excessively, lots of interesting textures and cuts. Arket too has some lovely clean lines and basic items, I think they have an organic cotton range. Good luck.

Howdidthathappen1 Thu 12-Sep-19 09:43:36

I second cos. I'm 6ft and size 12-14. Cos isn't cheap I only buy in sales or eBay but love it (haven't tries trousers though).
Stuff that looks a bit weird on the models on the website tends to look far more 'normal' in real life and it's made me a bit more adventurous style wise without being out there!!

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