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Comfy, stylish work shoes

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BBBear Tue 10-Sep-19 11:18:43

I’m returning to work soon and need shoes!

I’ll be wearing shift dresses and pencil skirts, sometimes smart trousers.

I need shoes that are smart enough to go with these outfits but comfortable enough to walk from the station, run to catch a train, etc.

My back up plan is to wear trainers and change at work, but I would prefer to buy a practical yet smart/stylish pair (if that exists!)

I’ve spent the last few months in a pair of Toms... that’s the level of comfort I am after!

I am 40+ returning to work in the city, so don’t care about glamour, but don’t want to look like an old frump!

Peoniesandcats Tue 10-Sep-19 12:14:44

I've come here as am looking for the same. Preferably shoes I can wear with socks too!

YesQueen Tue 10-Sep-19 12:28:09

I have a pair of Clark's chorus pitch heels and they're v v comfy

Ninkaninus Tue 10-Sep-19 12:31:48

Brogues. Loafers. Anything with a chunky, low heel. Clark’s or M&S for reasonable heels, they both do quite comfortable options.

BBBear Tue 10-Sep-19 12:52:49

But are they stylish?

@Peoniesandcats, yes, I definitely need socks ( I am so not stylish 😂)

Ninkaninus Tue 10-Sep-19 13:48:13

Yes they are stylish (although a lot of it is to do with how you wear them). People are always amazed when I tell them that some of my shoes are from there. I have lots from a range of brands, some of them much more expensive and fashion forwards brands, but both Clark’s and M&S stand up well to the rest of my footwear.

Ninkaninus Tue 10-Sep-19 13:51:11

Otherwise I’d probably go to Russell & Bromley or similar, if your budget allows. Their shoes are great quality, but a fair hike in cost.

Ninkaninus Tue 10-Sep-19 13:54:01

And I always search John Lewis by shoe type as that way I can see a range of brands and price levels.


Kurt Geiger

milliefiori Tue 10-Sep-19 13:57:47

These M&S footglove wide fit shoes might work. I accidentally bought wide fit stilettos from them one year and they were so comfortable I forgot I was wearing 4 inch heels all day long.

halloumi2019 Tue 10-Sep-19 16:55:35

Another problem you may have to consider is that heels will deteriorate faster if you regularly use them to walk/run. (By walk, I mean a 15 minute walk twice a day to/from the station rather than just walking around indoors.) Think worn heel tips/soles, strap problems, weird creases etc so it may actually be easier to bring a change of shoes. Not necessarily trainers, you can try something more compact.

Oly4 Tue 10-Sep-19 16:58:15

My go-to work shoes are Russell and Bromley’s Charming range. Smart and stylish (I think) but most importantly very comfortable! Expensive but work out brilliantly as they last ages

Peoniesandcats Tue 10-Sep-19 17:26:21

Has anyone tried Gabor shoes? Apparently they are cushioned/padded so comfortable. They never look very stylish though but I'm tempted.

SingingSands Tue 10-Sep-19 20:12:25

I wear trainers/boots for commuting and keep my work shoes in a box under my desk - black, nude and navy heels all from

I also have black patent brogues and tan suede ankle boots, but I can commute in those easily.

I think all my work shoes are M&S!

Ninkaninus Tue 10-Sep-19 20:37:14

I’ve got Gabor shoes and they are very comfortable, but not particularly stylish. I don’t wear them to work, I’ve got a couple of pairs of wedges for summer evenings and holidays.

I’m inclined to agree with others - better to get a good pair of smart trainers and wear those for the commute. Or have a few pairs of good work-horse shoes to rotate between otherwise you will wear them out very quickly.

SunshineAngel Tue 10-Sep-19 20:41:24

Is there a Hotters near you? AMAZINGLY comfortable shoes (and I do not care that my friends tell me they're for old people ha ha).

Peoniesandcats Tue 10-Sep-19 21:34:25

Apparently there's a hotters not too far away from me so might go and take a look... these look acceptable: What do you think?

I like these in black too:

Teensruletheroost Tue 10-Sep-19 21:39:02

Those hotter shoes just linked are awful, particularly the first pair. My granny wouldn't even wear them, sorry!

I much prefer the M&S simple ones linked earlier.

31RueCambon75001 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:41:07

I just bought brogues from Next and they were too small. But I liked them.

Geox have nice shoes. I walk 15 minutes to bus stop and then from stop to work and same again the way home, so I can't do high heels either, not even block heels. They just wear out in a month/

VolcanionSteamArtillery Tue 10-Sep-19 21:44:25

Sketchers sweet pea black.

Peoniesandcats Tue 10-Sep-19 23:01:35

@teensrule but the description of Hotters make them sound like the comfiest things ever! grin

M&S definitely look nicer but haven't found them very comfy before. Might go and try them on though!

BBBear Wed 11-Sep-19 10:03:12

I’ve tried Gabor in the shops but not bought any - they felt quite comfortable. I haven’t tried Geox yet - are they all cushioned soles?

I’ll get down to M&S and Clark’s as they both seem popular.

I can’t wait until I’m old enough to wear Hotter shoes... just another 30 years to wait!

MoltoAgitato Wed 11-Sep-19 10:59:27

M&S shoes here for daily stuffy - comfortable, repairable and reasonably priced. Their flat form brogues are good. I quite like Boden shoes as well - expensive but well made and they last.

Ninkaninus Wed 11-Sep-19 12:27:38

Geox are good too.

AnnaNimmity Wed 11-Sep-19 17:09:49

can you not just change into high heels in the office? I think that shift dresses and pencil skirts look much better with high heels.

I just wear trainers in between home and work (usually cycle) or I also have a pair of flats from Jigsaw if I'm gong straight to a meeting on my bike.

Suffolkmouse Wed 11-Sep-19 20:11:33

Have a look at fitflop. I've just bought some of their ballerina style which are very comfortable.

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