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Maternity wear thread?

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ShirleyPhallus Sat 07-Sep-19 15:27:56

Anyone interested in this?

I’m in early second trimester and would love to be able to share recommendations for maternity brands, item, coats etc.

Anyone interested in discussing this....?

Greyworm Sat 07-Sep-19 16:18:57

Yes please, its all hideous at the moment. Did find some nice dark jeans (frayed edge) in mothercare. Eagerly awaiting more options. I only want one or two nice things. The rest can be ebay!

m0jit0 Sat 07-Sep-19 16:26:57

I am in search of a zip up hoody maternity fit but not expensive please if anyone can recommend!
I got a great winter coat from vertbaudet- £20 ish with a discount code I found online.
eBay is great for bundles. Planning to sell my maternity wear on after baby arrives.

Catnut Sat 07-Sep-19 16:31:24

New Look have some great sale items online. I also found Mothercare to be good for jeans. I used Jojo Maman Bebe with my first baby (3 years ago) and the stuff I sold on eBay held its value well so although it is a bit more expensive it may be worth investing. Their leggings were great quality and I'm wearing a couple of pairs again with this pregnancy.

ShirleyPhallus Sun 08-Sep-19 18:27:10

Hello fellow bumps 👋🏼

Good recommendations, thank you

Top shop seems to do their usual jeans in maternity version, also weirdly Boohoo seems to have some nice stuff

Has anyone tried the 3-in-1 seraphine maternity coat?

m0jit0 Sun 08-Sep-19 19:19:59

I got some stuff from boohoo recently, the quality is pretty rubbish, I wouldn't recommend

Greyworm Sun 08-Sep-19 21:22:09

What about vert baudet? They have good voucher codes. Had stuff last time from there and had a good resale value.
I'm more into sustainable lasting clothes (slow fashion?) but as I'm going to need pregnant clothes for less than a year, I'd love to follow fashion for the next 6 months. I have no idea where to start. I see people who look amazing, but then I think I couldn't pull off anything trendy. Everything seems frumpy.

Sleepyhead19 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:30:04

I struggle finding nice clothes as I’m only 5ft1. Everything is too long, too big etc. I got a pair of jeans from gap but they are already wearing badly after a month. All the jeans I’ve bought elsewhere are too baggy in the leg!
I bought some great maternity workout leggings from fittamamma. They are expensive but definitely recommend them.

hammeringinmyhead Mon 09-Sep-19 06:43:46

My baby is 10 months now but I got all my stuff from New Look and Happy Mama (definitely fast fashion - better quality than Primark, worse than H&M but cheap!)

Napqueen1234 Mon 09-Sep-19 06:48:26

I found for my last pregnancy and this one ASOS to be best for ‘fashionable’ stuff eg dresses and nice tops. Jeans from topshop, basics h&m. Some stuff is so grim but if you’re 2nd trimester similar to me (due Jan!) and finding dressing an A/W bump so much better than previous June baby! By the end leggings and enormous jumpers will be then uniform I think smile for anyone in first pregnancy jeans are fab for middle bit but by the end anything with any structure digs in so leggings and dresses always won for me!

WatchingTheMoon Mon 09-Sep-19 06:56:31

I'm definitely watching, where I live (not UK), women start wearing these massive sack dresses during maternity and it looks horrible.

Greyworm Wed 11-Sep-19 20:48:54

When will A/W come out? Its all a bit bland!

BlodwynBludd Thu 12-Sep-19 07:02:53

Just ordered some tops from Jojo they have 20% off some bits.

Greyworm Thu 12-Sep-19 07:27:10

Thanks @blodwynbludd how do you get the 20% off?

Baldilockss Thu 12-Sep-19 07:31:56

Lidl have a baby event starting today and there were maternity leggings in the flyer. I bought some when I had LO and would recommend.

Pocketrocket2007 Wed 18-Sep-19 06:52:29

I'm in 2nd trimester now & found H&M pretty good for staples. Got some good thick leggings from there, basic tops, nice dresses. ASOS have a good range but it depends which brands on there your buying from as to the quality. Got some decent jeans, dungarees, fitted tops & dresses from Dorothy Perkins (sale on everything at the time so good price).
Boohoo I thought was awful, really bad fit & quality. New Look was pretty disappointing too.
I'm an hour glass shape normally so struggling to find stuff that doesn't make me look frumpy or at this stage just fat. Any baggy tops look awful, so I'm going for fitted tops, stretchy dresses. Thinking for A/W just adding tights, ankle boots & chunky cardys.

Pocketrocket2007 Wed 18-Sep-19 06:54:20

Also I'm really interested in one of those 3 in 1 winter parka coats I keep seeing but they seem to be about £65-100. Anyone found any cheaper & how are they? I'd quite like a convertible hoody too.

EmAreSea Wed 18-Sep-19 09:28:17

Has anyone tried the 3-in-1 seraphine maternity coat?

I have one that was a birthday present. Haven’t used it yet as I’m not due til the end of October. The lining is super soft and snuggly but it doesn’t have any inside pockets and it is quite long... I’m 5’5” and a half and it’s almost down to my knees! They do a petite version though so might see if I can exchange it.

Thinking about it, all my maternity wear is from Seraphine but I bought it all on eBay... have quite a few of their knot dresses in a variety of styles and colours, and a few pairs of over bump jeans. The dresses are lovely, really comfy and flattering.

Mumtobe193 Wed 18-Sep-19 10:23:22

ASOS maternity jeans are amazing!

ASOS maternity wear is amazing in general. More choice, more stylish and less frumpy than a lot of other shops.

I recommend over the bump jeans, keep your bump a bit warmer through the autumn and don’t fall down like under the bump jeans.

MotherWol Wed 18-Sep-19 14:44:48

Can I get a tip on good maternity activewear? My sister's expecting, and I'd like to get her some nice leggings and a vest as she exercises a lot.

Sleepyhead19 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:26:07

Motherwol fittamamma are fantastic.

Pocketrocket2007 Wed 18-Sep-19 22:14:09

I'm interested in opinions for active wear too. All my gym leggings are too tight on waistband now

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