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Inglot? Anything to buy?

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EachandEveryone Fri 06-Sep-19 10:48:42

I’ve been to Sephora can’t believe how dear it’s got. I’m on Poland. There’s an Inhlot here if anyone buys from it?

Mollypolly2610 Sun 08-Sep-19 00:17:58

I’ve bought their eyeliner pot and eyeliner brush, and also their eyebrow little pot and eyebrow brush. Good quality.

Deathraystare Tue 10-Sep-19 10:25:38

I like their eye shadows. I got a trio done for me there. Also I believe their nail polishes have no nasties in them or at least something nasty not in them! They have loads of choice.

Viviene Wed 11-Sep-19 21:28:04

They refused to accept a return in one of their stores so I am boycotting them now smile they have nice palette of cours, try to upsell like crazy and the quality is ok for the price point .

DefinatelyAWeeGobshite Thu 12-Sep-19 10:10:32

I like their freedom range eyeshadows, I’ve made a few quads. Really pigmented and you need a tiny amount.

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