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Go on then - find me some shoes - trendy/smart, but not to high

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Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:29:12

for work.



nomdeplume Tue 07-Aug-07 17:30:36

budget ?

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:31:21

am open to suggtestions

Heathcliffscathy Tue 07-Aug-07 17:34:09

god beetroot....they are high, but block heel and round toed. they are black suede. they are maryjanes to die for. and they are £30 in hennes now. they go with EVERYTHING, smarten up jeans, skirts, dresses.

they are so gorgeous.

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:37:16

ilove this bag

hennes? shoes? but high? can't do high for work will be to tall!

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:49:34

these are good

and I think \link es\I like these}

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:49:53

and I think \link{ o es\I like these}

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:50:47

and I think \link{ o es\ I like these}

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:50:48

and I think \link{ o es\ I like these}

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:51:47

\link{ o es\ I think I like these}

Beetroot Tue 07-Aug-07 17:52:50

I think I like these

Beetroot Wed 08-Aug-07 08:32:13

is no one going to help me?

Beetroot Wed 08-Aug-07 15:26:11

hundreds of posts for dresses but nothing for me - come one helop me out here

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:40:55

I need this too
to go with trouser suits mainly
not too high

Beetroot Thu 09-Aug-07 09:41:49

I just reread the title

too high

CD - no bugger is helping out though

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:45:18

I know they are bloody useless

I like those patenty ones

Beetroot Thu 09-Aug-07 09:46:22

yes so do I, I might try them on while up in Edinburgh

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:46:38

these are cute

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:47:16

oh bugger
go to the low heel bit
choose slingbacks
the Macy ones

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:48:04

ooh and formal courts, first one Hob Buckle Bar

Beetroot Thu 09-Aug-07 09:48:26

in black

Beetroot Thu 09-Aug-07 09:48:27

in black

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:48:45

adn the last one yoda bar court is gorg

CountessDracula Thu 09-Aug-07 09:49:02

can't link direct

Beetroot Thu 09-Aug-07 09:49:40


yes I like those and the hob ones and theones next door with the double cross baR

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