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High waisted wide leg trousers - what the hell do I wear with them?

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Nowisthemonthofmaying Sun 25-Aug-19 10:54:25

So this year I have acquired a few pairs of wide leg trousers which I love, but I'm having trouble working out what on earth to wear on my top half, especially once the weather gets colder! Not so much of a problem in the heat as I can just go with a thin t-shirt or fitted shirt, but all my jumpers are big baggy things for wearing over skinnies and I can't wear a big jumper or big coat over big trousers as I'll look like a sack of potatoes.

Any suggestions? If it helps, the trousers I have are these ones from Lucy and Yak and these ones from Uniqlo (they look completely different on me to the model!) and some from Toast which are similar to the ones in the picture.

Nowisthemonthofmaying Thu 29-Aug-19 10:45:09

Can't wait to try some of these ideas out! Currently on a work trip in 30 degree heat so will have to wait until I get home though grin

Actually all this talk of cropped jumpers has reminded me that there's a stall at my local market selling old cashmere jumpers at 3 for £10, so if I can find some nice thin ones I might buy a few and have a go at tailoring them for a high waist.

managedmis Thu 29-Aug-19 01:39:37

Those silk thermals look fabulous

banivani Wed 28-Aug-19 22:09:05

Silk thermals are fantastic if it’s not too cold or you’re in and out a lot. When it’s really cold and you’re outdoors wool is the only way, but silk is super too. I have a pair of silk long johns (call a spade a spade) and I love them.

Also love wide trousers! I support you in this mission OP!

Floisme Wed 28-Aug-19 18:19:26

Not raving, just very persuasive smile I think silk is great when I'm hot - it never gets soggy like cotton can because any sweat dries almost immediately. So I'm very ready to believe it works in cold weather too.

Judy I might be proved totally wrong - it wouldn't be the first time grin I just associate biker jackets very much with skinnies.

thefirstmrsdewinter Wed 28-Aug-19 14:16:13

Flo I don't love bamboo. I find it thick and sweaty, takes ages to dry, has a weird squeaky texture etc so I haven't tried them (though to be fair maybe the Patra ones are different to the Bam clothes I have).

What I love about the silk thermals is how light and bulk-free they are and their almost chalky or powdery texture, so they never feel damp, even in the middle of a sweaty walk or waking in the night. It's almost magical, I can't say enought about it.

I had put silk thermals on the back burner for several years due to cost and when I finally bit the bullet and bought a set, as soon as I tried them I immediately went straight back and bought two more for myself and a set for dh.

Sorry am I raving again? I need to get out more. grin

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 28-Aug-19 13:47:27

Jacket, not jam keg. Bloody hell, autocorrect.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 28-Aug-19 13:46:49

Cropped jumpers, tucked in t-shirts, slim fit polo-necks tucked in - I git fab merino ones from Cos and Stories last year, which are very fine-knit, and look great tucked into trews.

That’s interesting about biker jackets, flo - I like a biker or denim jam keg with wide-leg trousers because of the contrast in volume. I also like them in winter with a more cocoon shaped coat, I have a wool one, and a beautiful faux fur one, and while I think they probably shouldn’t work, they look great.

CountFosco Wed 28-Aug-19 07:56:53

Another vote for cropped jumpers, Uniqlo do nice ones in merino and Boden do the best cropped cashmere cardigans with a vast choice of colours.

hoxt Wed 28-Aug-19 07:51:29

I have been looking for silk camisoles for ages and Patra has masses. Thanks @thefirstmrsdewinter!

Floisme Wed 28-Aug-19 07:42:35

Thanks mrsd. I notice they do bamboo themals too - have you tried them?

Nowisthemonthofmaying Wed 28-Aug-19 07:36:01

Thanks so much for the links, mrsdewinter! Definitely putting those on the wishlist for when I have a bit more spare cash.

Haha gentleman no worries, I'm taking it as a compliment grin

Gentlemanwiththistledownhair Tue 27-Aug-19 22:11:05

Thanks now! I've just had a look and love the puffins one... This could end up being an expensive thread! Will stop trying to steal your wardrobe now blush

thefirstmrsdewinter Tue 27-Aug-19 17:33:21

Silk thermals are from Patra.

I have these in champagne (the bottoms and the v-neck top), which is virtually invisible under everything, even really light/sheerish dressy tops, silk blouses etc: (I have light skin but I imagine for darker skin the black version might work better.)

I also have some of the men's in blue and probably 80% of my wardrobe has some blue in it so it doesn't matter if they show a little (under short sleeves, or if the cuff sticks out under a shirt etc):

In my experience they run pretty big (except the men's small bottoms, which are weirdly short) so keep that in mind.

Nowisthemonthofmaying Tue 27-Aug-19 08:40:20

gentleman its from Batoko, they make them out of recycled plastic bottles. I also have an amazing one with lobsters on it grin

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Tue 27-Aug-19 08:14:18

If you want to show that lovely cinched waist, you’ll need a cropped jumper. I was in H&M on Saturday and honestly every jumper was only about 3” long so I’m sure you’ll find something.

I’m old enough to remember these trousers first time round (not the 1940s! But the 1980s) and we wore little jumpers and tucked-in body tops.

lindyloo57 Mon 26-Aug-19 22:40:55

I would like to know where you get the silk thermals too.

Gentlemanwiththistledownhair Mon 26-Aug-19 22:31:05

A triceratops swimsuit?! OP, at the risk of sounding like I'm copying your entire wardrobe, could you tell me where that's from?! Sounds fantastic! grin

Nowisthemonthofmaying Mon 26-Aug-19 18:54:29

Haha I love dinosaurs, have a swimming costume with triceratops on

Yes, any good recommendations for thermal shops?

Floisme Mon 26-Aug-19 14:23:40

Where do you buy them mrsd?

thefirstmrsdewinter Mon 26-Aug-19 14:09:18

Nowisthemonth if you'll permit me to bang on about my silk thermals for a moment smile they're among my most useful and amazing purchases because they:
- are virtually weightless and bulk-free, like a second skin
- allow your clothes to glide right over them, unlike merino
- wash well, don't seem to stain at all (even blood)
- dry super-fast and never feel damp/sweaty, even when they are
I wear them under skinny jeans, leggings, pyjamas, skirts etc and can't say enough about how great they are. If I'd known how useful they were I'd have bought them years ago.
Re Gap boys' shirts, I'm a 12-14 on top and the XXL fits perfectly. I give them a little stretch under the arms when I take them out of the wash to make room in the bosom area and the fit is very neat. They do the usual stripes and solids but I like the graphic tees too (it helps if you like dinosaurs and sharks).

Nowisthemonthofmaying Mon 26-Aug-19 08:22:50

I will take a look at the Uniqlo merino stuff as well - I went in last year but hated all the colours of their jumpers, it's a bit hit and miss finding stuff which suits me.

Nowisthemonthofmaying Mon 26-Aug-19 08:22:09

Silk thermals! That is genius mrsdewinter, for some reason I never thought of wearing things under shirts.

I will give the Gap tshirts a try as well - I hate wearing t-shirts usually as they look so scruffy, can never find ones which fit well and have a good shape. I'm a pear so not that big on top so boys' ones might work!

thefirstmrsdewinter Sun 25-Aug-19 18:00:16

I wear them with silk thermals under a fitted t-shirt, sometimes with a button-down shirt in a contrasting colour or pattern under the t-shirt. You could add a silk roll neck (or Patra do a neck warmer if you don't want an extra layer) or denim jacket. I like silk thermals on the bottom too (with legs cuffed or pulled up out of sight) if it's really cold. Wide legs are wafty rather than cozy.

Have a look at Kemi Telford's SM, she styles her voluminous skirts with layers on top, lots of great vintage collared shirts under tees.

Like you OP I need to go in at the waist. I find lots of t-shirts look sloppy on me (dropped shoulders, gaping at the waist etc) but Gap boys' t-shirts fit really neatly and wash/wear well (I'm not super busty obvs).

ImperfectTents Sun 25-Aug-19 17:27:17

Love those uniqlo trews! Yes to fine knit .

nitgel Sun 25-Aug-19 17:15:35

The uniqlo fine merino cardis work with these trousers also the cropped boay neck tops i love wide trousers

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