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Tote winter bag

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TakeMe2Insanity Sat 24-Aug-19 21:52:38

Looking for a tote winter bag to go with camel. Functional for school run, carry a4 note book.

LuxuryWoman2018 Sun 25-Aug-19 09:31:45

I’m guessing you have a camel coat? Navy, black, tan or deep red go well. Recommendations will depend on your budget, do you want leather ?

Belgravian Sun 25-Aug-19 10:00:49

A tote will be impractical, I would opt for a backpack.

JoJoSM2 Sun 25-Aug-19 15:01:05

Deep red sound nice with camel. A black one would be the easy option but it can look very dull alongside a camel coat.

BubblesBuddy Sun 25-Aug-19 16:55:14

Back packs have to be removed every time you sit down or get something out of them. Totes are way more chic. Russell and Bromley have well made well priced ones and Longchamp have Le Pliage in leather. Both will last forever and look timeless. Le Pliage Club also has totes which are cheaper and they have the leather Roseau tote which is also smart. I have a Roseau Essential and I love it!

JoJoSM2 Sun 25-Aug-19 17:19:17

In a similar price bracket to the Roseaus, Tory Burch does some good totes too (with more internal compartments). For more budget friendly leather options there's Osprey. Personally, I'm also a fan of the Louis Vuitton canvas bags- extremely lightweight, very durable, waterproof and the totes come with a clip in pouch for small bits and bobs.

TakeMe2Insanity Mon 26-Aug-19 22:48:19

Thanks for the ideas. I really can’t decide on a colour. I have a leather longchamp in tan/camel and think it would disappear. Black seems to harsh. I like the idea of a colour but can’t decide on one. Berry? Could that work?

Thanks for the practical camel info, will keep that in mind smile sadly I meant the coat colour.

Zinnia Mon 26-Aug-19 23:00:57

Red/ berry shades look brilliant with camel. My favourite tote at the moment is this one from Cos (boring-ish black notwithstanding), but this John Lewis Kin bag would be great with your coat. I'm usually quite snobby about pleather but that's a lovely design and I'm very keen on the compartments!

Scoleah Mon 26-Aug-19 23:12:00

What about these from Newlook for £19.99 I have one in Black (I don't do bags but needed something for my Packed lunch and folders for work and they all fit!
Don't have any inside pockets at all though but does have a small outer zipped pocket:

Have them in black, camel, green & berry

JoJoSM2 Mon 26-Aug-19 23:12:33

Berry/burgundy does look good with camel.

TakeMe2Insanity Tue 27-Aug-19 06:25:08

I am liking the look of the John Lewis Kin! Thank you

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