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If you're groomed....

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notastealthboast Sat 24-Aug-19 19:25:33

How much do you do yourself and how much time do you dedicate to it and what or how much do you leave to a professional?

I always feel so much better once I've dyed my hair (do it myself) fake tanned, done nails and tinting but just can't be bothered a lot of the time even though I know it makes me feel better! I wondered how much time people dedicate to it and how important you see it?

BogglesGoggles Sat 24-Aug-19 19:29:26

Some days I brush my hair for all of thirty seconds. Does that count?

MissMogwai Sat 24-Aug-19 20:08:59

I'm not super groomed by any stretch of the imagination but I do keep my hair in good nick and coloured, wax and tint my brows, defuzz my face, and make a bit of an effort. I've got good skin after years of issues such as Rosacea, so I look after it well.

I love getting my nails done, and they look amazing for about a week/10 days. But then the growing out starts and I hate them, plus removing them is a right faff. I then swear never to have them done again and go back to doing my own nails and so the cycle continues!

I'm always envious of women who look effortlessly groomed and put together. I'm sure it takes a lot of work but it doesn't look that way!

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sat 24-Aug-19 20:13:24

I do a pedicure once a week, paint my fingernails a couple of times a week. Hair cut every five weeks, but colour it myself. Eyebrows threaded once a fortnight. No tanning. I get gel nails occasionally if I’m going away, say twice a year.

Daily makeup takes about ten minutes in the morning, and I wash my hair every day. Looking forward to autumn and not having to bother with shaving!

In terms of time/money I don’t feel it’s a big investment, but in terms of making me feel good it’s priceless.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sat 24-Aug-19 20:14:56

Oh, I tint my brows and lashes at home too, using the same stuff they use at the brow bar I go to for threading.

FireCrotch69 Sat 24-Aug-19 20:24:49

Once a month I do the big stuff - dye my hair, tint eyebrows and eyelashes, get gel polish on my toe nails. Teeth whitening.

But in a week I do Sunday as a grooming day (shave legs, shower, fake tan, top up dye hair) and Wednesday.

That said, I do tend to go make up free almost every day unless there’s an occasion, but like to keep my skin moisturised and tanned, hair clean and brushed etc.

And I have weeks where I really can’t be arsed so I walk around looking like a pale Victorian child with influenza. Balance grin

MissMogwai Sat 24-Aug-19 20:29:06

Also looking forward to the Autumn and Winter months also known as No Leg Shaving season.

CountFosco Sat 24-Aug-19 20:33:59

I swim or do yoga every day and eat lots of feuit and veg and try and maintain a healthy weight. I get my hair cut every 6 weeks. Shave my legs every few weeks in the summer. And that's it. I don't bother shaping my eyebrows because they are naturally a reasonable shape and I don't colour my hair or skin or nails.

Amazed how many people do, does it not cost a fortune? I spend £22 pcm for gym membership and £47 on my haircuts so that's just under £700 a year. If I added eyebrows, nails, fake tanning and hair dying on top of that I dread to think what it would cost!

Nogodsnomasters Sat 24-Aug-19 20:53:50

I'd love to be far more groomed than I am but tbh I haven't the time nor the money for anything more than I already do (which tbh feels like a lot to me for not very much results lol).

I dye my own hair once a month. I have it cut at hairdressers once every 3-4 months. Every 6-8 weeks I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted, could probably do with being every 4 weeks but I just haven't the time. I do wash my hair every 24-48hrs as it's very fine and gets greasy so easily. I pluck my chin hair twice a week as it grows at an exponential rate 🙈. I shave my legs twice a week. I use an epilator down below every 2 weeks. For my nails I go through phases of either keeping them really good and doing gel polish at home once a week or the total opposite where I can't be assed for a month and they look horrifying, it's a repetitive cycle I can't seem to break!

Doesn't that seem like an awful lot? But it just about makes me look human instead of ogre lol. I don't do fake tan or sun beds, never have. About once every 6 weeks I might also slap on a face mask and a nose pore strip. Oh and I morturise every morning! yawn

bionicnemonic Sat 24-Aug-19 20:57:40

I use an epilator down below every 2 weeks. just reading that made my eyes water!!

Branster Sat 24-Aug-19 21:04:13

notastealthboast you are so right, it feels really nice to have done something to yourself especially when it shows.
I do everything myself apart from hair trim about once, max twice a year. Spend half an hour AM and other half hour PM every day plus the odd hour during the week for either hair removal, hair dye, hair mask, body treatment, facial, manicure or pedicure as needed. It takes a lot of discipline to start with but I know I feel better and it shows. However I go for a more natural look. Also I would only stretch to gradual tan rather than full on excercise of proper fake tan as it’s easier. I am lucky my hair is easy to look after whilst looking in good condition, I couldn’t cope with straighteners/rollers/regular blow dries.
Sometimes it feels like a drag but I found it feels better to go to sleep a bit later and wake up a bit earlier so I know I look and feel my best. Always have a podcast on so I at least I learn something new or hear an interesting story which I wouldn’t otherwise have time for. This is my ‘personal’ time.

buggerthebotox Sat 24-Aug-19 21:10:31

Hair cut every 6 weeks or so.
Nails usually every day.
Highlights every 3 months or so.
Full makeup every day (takes about 10 mins).
Face pack/ shave legs every Sunday.

Nothing else really, apart from attempting to maintain weight.

Sigh81 Sat 24-Aug-19 21:12:00

Pilates 2× a week. 2 hours of walking 3x a week. Keeps me slim and walking tall.

Skin: best dermatologist money can buy 2× a year. But otherwise a simple routune (but prescription products)

Hair: never coloured it, gets cut twice a year (big, curly, red hair). Expensive shampoo and conditioner.

Grooming: eyebrows threaded once a month.

Hands/feet/body: chiropodist sponge once a week, file and buff all nails once a week, shave when/where needed, exfoliate once a week, body moisturiser every day, hand and foot cream every day.

Never have manicures, pedicures, blow drys, fake tan, hair dye, waxing.

None of what I do takes much time and what I do do, I make sure I get/do the best I can afford. My best friend once called my approach "deluxe natural" which is probably about right.

Fruityb Sat 24-Aug-19 21:15:03

Shave my legs every shower - can’t bear stubble or hairy legs! Hair is cut every five weeks but done at home so it costs me £10. Colour is only £30 with cut as well. I wear nice make up but my urban decay has always been presents so never actually bought one. I use Phoera foundation which I like a lot and is dirt cheap. Primark mascara which is just as good as Benefit for me.

I like to look nice but it doesn’t cost me a lot and it doesn’t take me long at all. Hair short and make up can be done quick!

Rarely have nails done and everything else I do myself if I can. I like to pamper but I won’t pay a mint for it!

notastealthboast Sat 24-Aug-19 21:21:56

* hand and foot cream every day.*

Foot cream every day? That sounds very committed! I need to do this but I can never be bothered! When do you put yours on?

notastealthboast Sat 24-Aug-19 21:22:37

* My best friend once called my approach "deluxe natural" which is probably about right.*

Haha that's great!

AlexaAmbidextra Sat 24-Aug-19 21:32:35

Hair colour and cut every six weeks, gel nails every two weeks and pedicure every couple of months. I lightly fake tan myself. Don’t bother with waxing as nobody but me sees anything but I shave legs and underarms. Might have the occasional facial if they have an offer on at the place that does my mani/pedi but have good skin so just cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise etc. with No.7 products. I do have Juvederm to my marionette lines though, probably annually.

Branster Sat 24-Aug-19 21:34:06

Keep hand and foot cream by the bed and put them on as you get into bed. DH hates it but hey ho grin I point out my feet are softer than his for a reason.

fantasmasgoria1 Sat 24-Aug-19 21:43:40

I always have makeup on. Every morning I put make up on, if I'm not going anywhere I put on a semi full face and if going out of the house like shopping, out for the day, clubbing etc I have my full gothic face on. I always have painted nails which I do myself. I have bleached white hair which I do myself, I have a 2 back and sides and long on the top which I do myself. I dress nicely and with jewellery when I go anywhere and more casual indoors. Always have perfume on. I think the extent of this comes from my first husbands abuse which left me with low self confidence and esteem. Obviously every evening all the makeup comes off, face washed and moisturised. I sometimes have a bath early, put my pyjamas on and slouch in front of the TV!

Sigh81 Sat 24-Aug-19 21:46:02

Am with Branster here - keep by the side of my bed and apply before going to sleep, after my bath/shower (I bathe at night). Sometimes reapply in the morning if hands or feet feeling a bit dry.

I like to think it makes a difference - and I have my feet out at pilates every week so I try to make sure they are not offputting to my neighbours 😄

notastealthboast Sat 24-Aug-19 21:56:13

See I can't get on with this...I need to wash my hands after using foot cream and then either my feet stick to the covers or my feet get too hot in socks! Is this just the price of nice feet?!

Nogodsnomasters Sat 24-Aug-19 22:14:29

bionicnumonic I don't find it painful at all, mine is the braun silk epilator, you can use it wet or dry and it doesnt cause me any discomfort!

Mummyshark2018 Sat 24-Aug-19 22:40:10

Wash/blow dry my hair /or curl 2-3 times a week
Polish nails twice per week
Facial (at home) once per week
Pluck eyebrows (daily-I'm very hairy)
Dye hair (at home monthly)
Shave a few times a week
Dye eyebrows (at home monthly)
Cleanse, moisture twice per day
Make up -every day unless leaving the house (trip to local co op not included)

tierraJ Sat 24-Aug-19 23:21:30

Highlights & a treatment 6-7 weekly
Haircut 12 weekly
Twice daily cleanse, tone, apply serum & either spf day cream or night cream
Shave body hair alternate days even in winter
Wear make up daily
Shower & wash hair daily

tierraJ Sat 24-Aug-19 23:27:32

I give myself a pedicure fortnightly inc nail varnish
But don't bother with finger nails as my job requires them to be short & varnish free.
Apply hand & foot cream at night here too.
Body lotion after shower.
Do face & body scrub at least once a week.
Clean & floss teeth twice daily, whiten with trays from dentist & gel when necessary.
Always iron clothes!

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