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Make up for someone who doesn’t wear it!

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Summerdays2014 Sat 24-Aug-19 16:38:09


I have never really worn make up but I’m now mid 30s with a stressful job as a teacher and a pre schooler who still doesn’t sleep... I look knackered and feel crap.

My skin is pretty good except the circles under my eyes! I use simple minseller (?) water and then ESPA moisturiser, facial scrub and intensive mask (obviously not the last two every day)

I went to the make up counter at Charlotte Tilsby (?) and hated the “minimal” look they created as it felt too much and seemed as though you could really see the foundation. When I got married I bought some products from Bobbie Brown which I had applied by a make up artist and was ok with but still not completely comfortable.

Does anyone have any recommendations for brands or products? Or what I need to look like me but just slightly less knackered!

Many thanks!

Pinkkahori Sat 24-Aug-19 16:43:52

Have you seen Trinny London? I'm going to buy some of the products when I've saved up. I like a minimal make up look and i love her pared back approach.

Apileofballyhoo Sat 24-Aug-19 16:46:30

Try a tinted sunscreen and under eye concealer. I also hate makeup so I don't wear any.

PullingMySocksUp Sat 24-Aug-19 16:48:03

I would go for concealer, mascara, eyeshadow used as eyeliner and maybe a sheer lipstick.
Possibly a mineral powder instead of foundation.

I had a session with a makeup artist recently and she suggested a peach concealer applied with a foundation brush under the eyes. The NYX pallet, which I have since bought.
Small slanted brush to apply a sweep (ooh) or greyish brown eyeshadow along your lash line.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 24-Aug-19 17:03:04

I don't wear make-up but if I want to make an effort/look less dug up:

eyebrows - really frame the face . I do the Revolution 3 Day Dye and add to it with a NYX fine brow pencil (ash brown)

eye-liner - I like to use a fine line to 'tightline' I have the Revolution one in the bronze case .
Then a Barry M Metallics pencil in purple

Mascara - I don't have a regular one , at the moment I have an M&S and an Aldi one but I do throw them out after 3 months

Lipbalm and liner (I have a BodyShop Beech pencil which pre-dates my wedding....................I am celebrating my Silver next year blush ) and Lanolips in Rhubarb

No foundation , powder, contour or blusher , just the minimal.

Smellbow Sun 25-Aug-19 18:46:32

I would ease into it if you don't usually wear make-up. Day-to-day I wear Garnier BB cream and sometimes Benefit concealer. I have very blond eyelashes and brows, so I'll either get them tinted or add brown mascara and dark blond eyebrow pencil. Plenty to make me look a bit brighter for work (I have very dark circles), but not so much I have to worry about upkeep. Takes me less than a minute.

Summerdays2014 Sun 25-Aug-19 18:47:10

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be visiting John Lewis tomorrow to try some things out!

dudsville Sun 25-Aug-19 18:57:51

There's no point my recommending products as you'll need to find what suits you, but... in less than10 minutes I can cleanse, apply treatments, moisturiser, foundation, eyebrows, eye liner, mascara and lip tint. In another 15 minutes I can go from washed hair to styled (hair treatment, blow dry and curling wand with follow up hair oil). But it is trial and error to find the products and they change as you age.

Summerdays2014 Sun 25-Aug-19 19:02:05

Wow dudsville that’s speedy! I’m hoping that I can do it that fast then I’ll have no excuses!

dudsville Mon 26-Aug-19 07:15:35

Well I can't say I lik like a super model after it, but I feel confident!

ChateauMyself Mon 26-Aug-19 07:30:56

Get your eyelashes dyed.

Laura Geller Balance & Brighten or Balance & Glow.
Looks like a powder but doesn’t look cakey or powdery. V easy to apply.

Have a look on QVC if you haven’t got a stockist near to you.

ElizabethMainwaring Mon 26-Aug-19 07:41:59

QVC is an excellent suggestion as you can use it and return it if you don't like it.

barney11 Mon 26-Aug-19 10:55:35

I hate the feel of wearing make up but have found that tinted moisturiser e.g Laura Mercier feels and looks natural on my skin. No suffocating effect that I get with foundation. It also gives you something to help blend concealer in to as well, if you are worried about dark circles under eyes. That's usually all I wear so the rest is a case of trying out what you fancy e.g I have mascara, eye shadow and lipstick if I feel like I need to make an effort!

CaptainWarbeck Mon 26-Aug-19 11:03:59

I would visit a make up counter (possibly book an appointment although often they will do for free if you purchase product), explain what you want and ask them to recommend which of their products is best and how to apply. Ask them to apply to you, explaining you need to be talked through make up for dummies! I did this with a friend who doesn't wear make up and wanted to start and she found a lovely woman on the Lancome counter who really helped and explained all the basics.

Bobbi Brown is probably a good idea for lighter products. I would avoid Charlotte Tilbury, Estee Lauder, MAC etc as they tend to make heavier products.

Tbh all I would think you would want and actually use is a skin base - possibly not liquid foundation as that might be too full on for you, but maybe a cream/powder compact or a BB cream for light coverage. A mascara and a blush. Easy barely there make up which would brighten up tired skin!

SpeckledyHen Mon 26-Aug-19 11:14:33

I love the Lisa Eldridge tutorials.

Pepperwand Mon 26-Aug-19 11:21:36

I've stopped wearing foundation but if I want a bit of a glow and light coverage I use BareMinerals complexion rescue tinted cream. Then just eyebrow pencil, mascara and lip balm. If I want to look a bit more done I use the tattoo eyeliner pen from L'Oréal and some Benefit Dandelion powder as blusher although you can also use that all over the face as a brightener.

WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles Mon 26-Aug-19 11:32:33

I don't like make up that looks like you are wearing make up. I want to look like me, but as though I sleep like a normal person and eat healthily wink

I give you...Perricone MD no make up. It just makes you look...better but still very natural. The lipstick is amazing. It's just one shade that melts to a rosy sort of colour but not as though you are wearing lipstick. It's expensive (by my standards) at £25 but lasts a long time and is one of those things that I will save for and rebuy as soon as it runs out.

Summerdays2014 Mon 26-Aug-19 11:45:22

WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles, that’s exactly what I want to look like!!! Some great advice here thank you. I’m worried that I’ll start wearing stuff and it’ll be really obvious and everyone (the kids at school!) will think I look ridiculous or that I’m trying too hard or look like mutton!

WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles Mon 26-Aug-19 12:04:45

Honestly the lipstick is the best thing I've bought this year. I think if you normally don't wear make up, you definitely need to "start slowly" smile I started with the lipstick and now wear mascara and a brightening powder thing (hourglass, was a present as it's expensive too) and to be honest I've been amazed how much more "awake" I look especially with the mascara.

I like my skin and foundation doesn't look natural on me (I'm so pale I could pass as a vampire) but the mascara and lipstick just make me look a bit younger (I'm in my 40s). I spent my 30s not wearing any make up after wearing eight pounds of black eyeliner each day for years and I think some days I look younger than I did in my 30s. Probably deluding myself grin

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