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sunhat for ds who will not keep a hat on

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nappyaddict Sun 05-Aug-07 12:48:43

any ideas?

i was imagining something like a party hat with the elastic under the chin but in the style of a sun hat. does such a thing exist?

XcupcakemummyX Sun 05-Aug-07 12:50:01

try jo jo maman bebe

bristols Sun 05-Aug-07 12:50:45

nappyaddict - I hope something like that exists! I need one too. Even considered sewing velcro inside the hat so it stuck to his hair

Peachy Sun 05-Aug-07 12:52:04

Cab be virtually impossible sadly

a alrge shade does the job fine in the bugyy but otherwise difficult

one that ties under the chin- would that do?

nappyaddict Sun 05-Aug-07 12:54:55

i got one from gap with a tie under the chin but it fastens with velcro and he can undo it. need something i can actually tie myself i think. bring on the triple knots!!

EscapeFrom Sun 05-Aug-07 12:55:17

might settle for a bandana?

MrsBadger Sun 05-Aug-07 13:15:05

do you wear your hat?

v good tool IME
'only people wearing hats can go to park' etc
like seatbelts

NKF Sun 05-Aug-07 13:16:21

Stay in the shade?

mistypeaks Sun 05-Aug-07 13:25:41

I 'stole' my daughter's hat while we were indoors. Kept it on all day (actually forgot and aswered door to postie wearing it - couldn't work out why she was looking at me funny - but I digress). She wanted her hat back sooo badly. Try that one.

bran Sun 05-Aug-07 13:26:53

If you can sew at all then try sewing ribbon or strips of fabric or elastic onto the inside of his current hat. I think you'll find that he still pulls it off though. I bought a hat with ties from Pumpkin Patch, but they don't have summer hats in stock any more.

I don't know how old your ds is but what worked with ds when he was younger was to replace the hat once saying "you must wear your hat". Then the next time he took it off he went into the pushchair with the sunshade down for a minute. Then out of the pushchair and hat back on, and straight back into the pushchair for another minute if he took it off. There was a fair amount of screaming for a few days but then he got the message. He's still fairly good about hats now at 3 yrs.

nappyaddict Sun 05-Aug-07 13:50:00

hes only 13 months so wouldn't understand that only people wearing hats can go to the park.

don't think the pushchair thing would work. he doesn't mind going in it.

DreamtOfMandalay Sun 05-Aug-07 14:10:45

DS has a great hat with ties and a flap down the back to shade his neck, it's in his room and he's napping at the moment so I can't check the label but I think it's australian.

DreamtOfMandalay Sun 05-Aug-07 14:13:28

It's somethign like the ones on this website, though with a more exciting pattern.

So yes, they do exist and my DS (15 months) has not yet worked out how to get his off, though I am sure he will soon. He does wiggle it around so the ties are over his eyes though!

WanderingTrelawney Sun 05-Aug-07 14:28:47

Best sunhats are the wide brimmed sort with a strap that fastens with poppers - velcro useless imo.

Bran's strategy will work with a slightly older child, in the meantime just silently put it back on him every time it comes off, and slather him in suncream too.

However, some children are excellent hat-escapologists, and the only thing likely to stay on is a gimp mask with full strapping and padlocks.

As well as being too hot in this weather, they provide little eye shade, so you would have to put sunglasses on him too, which would just look daft.

potoroo Sun 05-Aug-07 14:31:31

DS can still get his one off that ties underneath the chin .. but will quite happily wear it at nursery where all the other children do.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 05-Aug-07 14:32:56

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Sun 05-Aug-07 14:35:07

Use gaffer tape

nappyaddict Thu 09-Aug-07 13:48:38

well think im gona try one with poppers or a tie on one and then i can rest my conscience if that fails too.

so anyone got one they wana sell me

fluffyanimal Thu 09-Aug-07 13:56:22

My ds 17 months pulled off most hats but is quite happy with a cotton 'Foreign Legion' style one from Mothercare. It is like a regular baseball cap but the head part covers the whole head snugly and is elasticated at the back, and then it has the foreign legion flap at the back that covers the back of the neck and the ears. The peak shades his eyes well.

nappyaddict Thu 09-Aug-07 13:58:09

do you have a picture? i don't really know what you meanc

Fennel Thu 09-Aug-07 14:11:40

dd3 at that age would only tolerate her bike helmet. She did look a bit strange with it on the beach but it did the job well enough.

TheodoresMummy Fri 10-Aug-07 12:17:13

DS won't wear his 'proper sunhat', but was pestering for one he saw in Fat Face (bit like a straw hat in a cowboy style ). They do them in mens, ladies and girls !!! So he had a girls one (it only had pink trim inside) and he loves it. Supose it's more like dressing up hat than something he is told to wear. Half price sale on at the moment so it was only £6.50....

Gosh, I do waffle....

MrsBadger Fri 10-Aug-07 12:26:13

nappyaddict - legionnaire's type hat

nappyaddict Sat 11-Aug-07 12:01:01

oh iv got those sort. he pulls them off too!!

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