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Has anyone used any Frezyderm products?

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TooOldForThisWhoCares Wed 14-Aug-19 18:05:00

I'm in Crete and tried to buy retinol but ended up with Frezyderm night cream (with retinol, but it's not the prescription strength stuff I was after). The pharmacist said they didn t have pure retinol because of the sun in Crete confused. Anyway, I will give the Frezyderm a go but am wondering if anyone on here has tried it and has any opinions?

Branster Wed 14-Aug-19 23:49:58

I am not familiar with the cream you mention. Try it, it might be good.

Maybe try a different pharmacy for and Ask for Airol Tretinoin it’s about 5Euro and it comes in a 20ml tube. It is a pale yellow thick cream. Either 0.25 or 0.5 strength. - it depends on what you want. Most sell this product without prescription and if not (enough) in stock they get it in next day.

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