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That time you inadvertently went out dressed as...

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CheckingOutTheQuantocks Wed 14-Aug-19 14:23:38

Today, because the weather was so generally dull and wet, I thought I would try to brighten myself up a bit by wearing pink trousers and an orange and white striped top. I thought it looked cheerful. However, a colleague has just commented that I look a bit like an ice-cream sundae and I'm making him want to go out and get a strawberry Mivvi. Oh well, at least ice-cream is a nice thing.

I have also in the past gone out in wide-legged navy trousers, a red and white striped Breton top, and a pair of navy deck shoes, and realised when it was too late that I looked like I was on shore leave.

Please share your tales of when you inadvertently went out in fancy dress so I feel a bit less embarrassed about looking like dessert!

Summerunderway Wed 14-Aug-19 14:27:49

Once while pregnant and on holiday abroad, I wore a pink top and pants.
At the local zoo declared I looked like a flamingo!!
Doubt I could have stood on one leg tbh..
Maybe on reflection a pink hippo??
One Christmas I got a fake fur /suede hat for myself in the sales.
Ds announced I looked like a lovely sheep!!
Not even the same ds.
Still at least I have honest dc!

margaritasbythesea Wed 14-Aug-19 14:29:07

I once went out looking like a French fancy. I had a pale pink blouse with a cream cardigan with a ruffle. It did look quite good, but once my colleague had opened their lunch box to find one of Mr Kipling's finest, no one could unthink it.

brittlestar Wed 14-Aug-19 14:30:26

My dh sees nothing wrong with looking like a Christmas elf in summer wearing a green top and red shorts or vice versa. I regularly have to tone down the nautical look as my style seems to mainly be sailor as well!

EatenByDinosaurs Wed 14-Aug-19 14:30:46

Haha grin it sounds cheerful to me too Checking

I wear leather leggings a lot, and in winter often with knee/over the knee black boots. I also have a cape coat which I love. DC have repeatedly asked if its my Kylo Ren Halloween costume hmm grin.
I have a white dress I particularly love too, and made the mistake of wearing it with a silver belt and my hair in a bun, DH and DC were in hoots saying I'd moved onto Princess Leia instead hmm. No way am I ever wearing gold!!! grin

dudsville Wed 14-Aug-19 14:31:28

"shore leave"!

I once managed to rock a highland dancer look. I still cringe to this day. What on earth possessed me to wear a plaid skirt with a cream jumper and cream cable tights? I can't remember what shoes I wore but I'll bet you anything they were tassled.

Drogosnextwife Wed 14-Aug-19 14:31:29

A ned, from around 2001-2003. I was only 11-13 and in my defence tracksuits were the in thing, well where I lived anyway.

CheckingOutTheQuantocks Wed 14-Aug-19 14:32:47

Summerunderway at least it was a lovely sheep though! Not one of those mucky ones with winnits and a big patch of fluorescent marker on its back from where it's been tupped.

ShirleyPhallus Wed 14-Aug-19 14:36:34

Two occasions:
1. Once I went to pizza express in a striped Breton top and a black beret (it was about 2001!), realised I looked like the chefs there
2. Went to B&Q in black dungarees and a red t-shirt which used to be the staff uniform too. Man asked me where drill bits lived. I was about 11 and disgusted!

ImportantWater Wed 14-Aug-19 14:38:02

As a teenager I attended a NY Eve party wearing black hotpants, tights, a white shirt and a waistcoat (it was the early 90s!) Basically principal boy in a pantomime.
I also recently bought a long black cardigan which I now realise turns any outfit into Hogwarts robes.

CheckingOutTheQuantocks Wed 14-Aug-19 14:39:35

dudsville aw, sorry, I do feel your pain, but I just had to go and shut myself in the toilet to have a good laugh about your tassled shoes. I feel very cheered up now, thanks!

LittleAndOften Wed 14-Aug-19 14:42:54

OP, no, but you make me wish I had something in my wardrobe that resembled a Twister lolly! 😂

IHeartKingThistle Wed 14-Aug-19 14:43:00

"Mummy, why are you dressed like a minion?!"

I had put a yellow t shirt under my blue dungarees. I wear glasses. Thank God I didn't leave the house.

CheckingOutTheQuantocks Wed 14-Aug-19 14:54:44

LittleAndOften the green and yellow striped one? I could probably achieve that from my wardrobe, tbh. I like colours. Not sure how I'd get the effect of the strawberry centre, though, unless you counted me as the pink bit.

NameChange84 Wed 14-Aug-19 14:54:58

I was out and bumped into a friend who kept congratulating on me on my amazing costume and telling me I looked “just like her”. She said she couldn’t remember her name but I’d done a great job. I kept telling her I wasn’t wearing a costume. She kept insisting I was and she thought it was cool that even at my age (late 20s) I was dressing up for Halloween. I was grieving a family member’s death and haven’t even twigged it was 31st October. It got quite heated. She thought I was insane insisting I wasn’t wearing a costume, I thought she was being really rude taking the piss out of me. I kept saying “I AM NOT WEARING A COSTUME I AM JUST WEARING MY NORMAL CLOTHES.”

I got home, fed up. Looked at my pale face and dark rings under my eyes (i’d been up for several nights with my relative whilst they were dying), my black shift dress with a cream collar, black tights, black Mary Jane type Brogues and twigged. She thought I was Wednesday Adams. My hair was nothing like her though!

Another time I turned up a Christmas meal out with friends wearing a green dress, gold shoes, gold chandelier earrings and gold necklace, bracelet etc. A girl that was there as someone’s plus one burst out laughing and said “haha, the Christmas Tree has arrived!” The rest of the night I was referred to as Christmas Tree and throughout the meal they kept bursting into rounds of “Oh! Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your branches!

There’s loads of other stupid stories. I’m a bit of a fashion victim.

DontCallMeShitley Wed 14-Aug-19 14:57:31

I stopped buying brown jeans when I realised I looked like a tree, most of my tops are green, including my hats, jackets and scarves.

LittleAndOften Wed 14-Aug-19 14:59:42

@CheckingOutTheQuantocks that's the one! I'd love to see that outfit, and there has to be some kind of layering over pink wink

mrsfeatherbottom Wed 14-Aug-19 15:02:44

I work in a primary school and have had the following gems from kids:

Wearing orange jumper dress - you look like you work in B&Q

Wearing short dungaree dress - what are you wearing? You look like a farmer!

Wearing a lovely new Boden jumper - my granny's friend has that jumper!

HCHQ Wed 14-Aug-19 15:02:50

It was at a funeral of a friend who was a lovely bright vivacious lady - the instruction was to wear something bright.

Chose black tailored trousers, top & an multi coloured Italian jacket (think Versace - esq) and heels.

Seems only I got the memo blush shock. Still think I looks great, if not a tad out of place!

Stationeryqueen Wed 14-Aug-19 15:06:24

I once inadvertently went out dressed as a Halloween pumpkin.

I had nipped to my friends house and still had my green bobble hat on, with my skinny jeans, brown knee boots and orange jumper dress on. She was setting up for the kids Halloween party and had a witches hat on, commented how pleased she wasn't the only one getting into the spirit of things. I wasn't dressed up.

DontCallMeShitley Wed 14-Aug-19 15:07:28

When I first went shopping in IKEA I was wearing a yellow T shirt and navy trousers. Quickly put a sweater on when I saw the staff uniform.

BruceAndNosh Wed 14-Aug-19 15:08:18

Nothing as colourful as yours but I went to a Chinese restaurant wearing a black skirt and a white shirt and got stopped on the way back from the loo by a bloke who asked me for more prawn crackers.

elephantoverthehill Wed 14-Aug-19 15:08:57

I was going out wearing quite a short dress, as it was raining I put on my trench coat. When I arrived at the pub someone shouted across the bar 'The stripper's arrived at last' blush

onemouseplace Wed 14-Aug-19 15:09:10

Sometime in the mid-90s I bought myself a pair of red tartan trousers. My Dad pissed himself laughing every time I wore them saying I looked like one of the Bay City Rollers. This was pre-internet days so I had no idea what this meant I looked like so carried on wearing them regardless.

Doing an image search now, I see he kind of had a point.

CheckingOutTheQuantocks Wed 14-Aug-19 15:35:41

onemouseplace I love tartan, but I tend to restrict myself to Black Watch rather than Royal Stewart, because the Rollers association is still very strong.

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