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I think my skin is congested, what shall I use?

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DarklisAndIsa Wed 14-Aug-19 11:39:00

I've been fighting a losing battle for a few years, initially with hormonal acne which now seems to have settled but I'm still prone to breakouts and my skin especially on my chin is rough and bumpy and feels as though there are always spots brewing.

I have to use a heavy moisturiser (currently Aveeno) as my skin is so dry otherwise, but I think this might be making my skin more congested. I use an oil cleanser to wash with, a glycolic toner every other/couple of days and then Aveeno to moisturise.

Would I be better to strip it right back and just use soap and water?

cloud1183 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:42:34

Try niacinamide. I use the ordinary one and it’s great. Don’t just use soap and water as I think it may make it worse. Clay masks also dry out spots

Make sure your foundation/moisturiser/spf is oil free and non comedogenic. Salicylic acid is also more effective than glycolic acid. I have the clinique blemish clearing gel and put it across my chin where I get hormonal acne. It doesnt clear it entirely but it really helps and the spots never turn into huge cysts

0pheIiaBaIIs Thu 15-Aug-19 17:35:53

I discovered this peel from The Ordinary two months ago after a lifetime of congested skin. I'm 47 now and have fine lines to add to the joy. This stuff has COMPLETELY transformed my face. I've tried everything and spent so much money over the years but this has been as close to a miracle as it's possible to get and it's under £7 for a bottle which lasts months! It's zapped milia, smoothed lines, reduced acne scarring, killed spots and congestion overnight and brightened my skin. And if I sound like an advert I don't care because everyone needs to know about it!

DarklisAndIsa Fri 16-Aug-19 20:33:22

OpheliaBalls I have literally just ordered this after seeing your recommendation on another thread, then I remembered I'd posted on here the other day blush thanks, can't wait to try it.

cloud1183 thanks for the tips, I'll have another look at the Ordinary stuff.

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