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Brow enhancement make-up?

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LittleMissEngineer Fri 09-Aug-19 10:19:47

What are the current favourites?

I get my brows tinted about every 5 weeks, but it doesn’t last that long. So looking for a “pick me up” to get me through the last week or two.

Just had my brows tinted again yesterday and reminded how darker brows make me look younger and everything so much better defined and framed. I am 45, brows are good, just too fair (therapist says that they are not going grey yet).


LittleMissEngineer Fri 09-Aug-19 10:20:15

Eye brows obviously grin

CruellaFeinberg Fri 09-Aug-19 10:22:07

whats your budget?

I have this one and I like it, its like a brow mascara

here are some dupes

yikesanddang Fri 09-Aug-19 10:22:20

If your brows are good but just too pale then it's easy. Just any of the tinted brow mascaras would work. They are all very similar. Just depends on your price point.

LittleMissEngineer Fri 09-Aug-19 10:33:14

Thanks 😊

I am not on a tight budget: am happy to pay for what looks good and is effective.

Badabingbadabum Fri 09-Aug-19 10:39:38

Eyebrow mascara is great for just more colour and a little shape. I've used Maybeline and Rimmel (I think) and been really impressed with both, so much so that I haven't felt the need to try a more expensive one . I don't wear much make up at all but it gives me the 'defined' look you are probably after

heydiddlediddle21 Fri 09-Aug-19 10:42:59

HD brow powder palette is good.

Its2oclockinthemorning Sun 11-Aug-19 08:08:11

I don’t like eye brow mascara. The best product for eyebrows I’ve tried is brow zings

Its2oclockinthemorning Sun 11-Aug-19 08:08:23

Benefit brow zings

LittleMissEngineer Mon 12-Aug-19 23:11:29

Thank you very much - I will look at the suggestions and try one smile

ZazieTheCat Tue 13-Aug-19 00:21:56

Glossier Boy Brow

Badabingbadabum Wed 14-Aug-19 08:56:01

zaziethecat is Boy Brow worth the price? I keep looking at it but wondering if it is going to be that much better than Im using now. Ideally I'd like something where excess on the wand does not need to be wiped off before applying.

MustardScreams Wed 14-Aug-19 08:58:40

Sleek makeup do a palette with a wax and a powder for about £8 and it is so good. The colour match is spot on, and the wax keeps everything in place. It’s the only thing I buy now.

Hannah9176 Wed 14-Aug-19 09:03:45

Would you consider microblading? Best thing I've ever done, I have really blonde hairs and they have made a huge difference for me.

LaVieilleHarpie Wed 14-Aug-19 10:17:28

Depends how dramatic you want to go really.

I've tried pomades, but found them too harsh. (only tried Revolution ones)

Powder + wax somewhat better, but still rather dramatic, I leave them for the evening. Bourjois does a really good one, by far the best I've tried at various price points.

Currently using Revolution pencil with a microblading effect, and it's the dog's bollocks. Super easy to do neat brow strokes, and it's nicely visible but not too harsh, just elegant sculpted perfect eyebrows. I finish off with their clear brow mascara. Definite repurchase.

ZazieTheCat Wed 14-Aug-19 14:07:34

@Badabingbadabum I think it’s worth it. With a little practice, it is literally a couple of swipes and you’re done, saves so much time and gives such a brilliant result.

Re wiping the brush, I do that the first one or two times I use a new tube, as I guess the brush has been sitting in there a while and the product has had time to settle on the brush, but not after that.

It is a fairly small tube and doesn’t last forever, but it is the only brow product I have ever repurchased (on my fourth or fifth now and I keep a couple of back ups in stock).

I don’t bother looking at anything else now when I’m out browsing in shops or browsing online.

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