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Anyone else looking forward to Autumn/Winter clothes?

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woodenchair Tue 31-Jul-07 20:26:32

I know it's still July (just), but I'm already looking forward to buying a new pair of boots.

Hi, wanted to join in.

Gobbledigook Tue 31-Jul-07 20:29:38

Er no.

Have worn jeans in the p*ssing down rain for the last 2 months. Frankly, I am jumping for joy at being able to wear a dress/skirt, with bare legs and flip flops at last!

KTeePee Tue 31-Jul-07 20:30:06

Looking forward??? God God, where I am I've just got the summer clothes out - was still in winter clothes last week

3Ddonut Tue 31-Jul-07 20:32:54

Normally I am looking forward to Autumn/Winter, I feel like it's a fresh start in the Autumn and look forward to cosy-ing up a bit, but not NOW, not now the sun has finally put in an appearance, now I am embracing all that is summer!

JackieNo Tue 31-Jul-07 20:33:55

Have to say I am looking forward to Autumn/Winter clothes - I like them better than summer ones anyway.

Triwizardcupcakes Tue 31-Jul-07 20:37:27

I'm torn between getting excited about boots and jumpers and coats and wanting to finally wear my summer clothes.

Am bored of summer clothes in shops though - it's too late to buy anything now. Want to see new clothes.

MotherFunk Tue 31-Jul-07 20:47:19

Message withdrawn

woodenchair Tue 31-Jul-07 21:03:52

Thanks for replying.

I'm not ready to give up my summer clothes just yet, esp as they have hardly been warn, but I do like planning my winter wardrobe.
Particularly shoes and boots!

JackieNo Tue 31-Jul-07 21:39:39

Opaque tights. Love them.

Pinkchampagne Wed 01-Aug-07 11:15:03

I have only just got my summer clothes out, so looking forward to wearing some of them! Feel I have been in long sleeves & jeans forever with all the bad weather we have had!

Furball Wed 01-Aug-07 11:23:08

sorry - I'm with gobbledigook and everyone else. Yesterday was the first day I haven't worn socks for god knows how long

MrsBadger Wed 01-Aug-07 11:25:07

but mostly cause it means I'll be out of my summer matwear (which I am so fed up of) and back into things that stay up and/or have more shape than a sack...

anniemac Wed 01-Aug-07 11:32:36

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 01-Aug-07 11:32:39

yes - I much prefer autumn and winter dressing - layers and scarves and whatnot - oh and cardies !

bundle Wed 01-Aug-07 11:33:28

I was looking at my new shoes this morning, thinking how nice they'd look with a pair of black opaques

anniemac Wed 01-Aug-07 11:33:45

Message withdrawn

anniemac Wed 01-Aug-07 11:34:26

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 01-Aug-07 11:50:09

was thinking of my nice thick cardy - though I wear my lighter ones in winter -
my mum used to have separate summer and winter wardrobes for us as children and we were always very excited when she changed them over - obviously seasons were more defined then !

paddingtonbear1 Wed 01-Aug-07 11:53:00

I generally prefer autumn/winter clothes to summer ones. Don't prefer the weather though!
Have seen some of the new stuff in Next, it doesn't look that exciting imo...

anniemac Wed 01-Aug-07 12:02:22

Message withdrawn

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